Commercial Architecture Photography With Tony Roslund | PRO EDU Photography Tutorial Trailer

– I think it takes a special eye to see spatial
relationships in a building. And I think that
architecture photographers share that with architects. I think the story that we
need to tell is two-fold. One is that original
vision of the architect. The second part of that
is really how it feels when you’re standing inside of that space. So, this tutorial really
does contain everything. Not only do we have pre-pro and a scout We could back up and do a 35. We gotta move this, probably. But we also talk about pricing, shooting and a lot of
the different challenges that you’ll encounter
in commercial spaces. Now, both of those conference rooms are wrapped in glass,
so we have some glare we’re gonna have to handle. And we go through post-production not only my process, but
we bring Barry Mackenzie to go through that process,
which is really how I work. – I think if we made a
selection around this in post, all the way around that,
dropped in an office view, at least have it. – [Tony] Okay, let’s do it. I have someone take my images 80 to 90% and then I put that last,
finishing special sauce on them before I deliver them to a client. First deliverable image. I think it looks good, client
should be stoked with that. (upbeat electronic music) The space we chose for this tutorial is a space that I think a lot
of architecture photographers are gonna be able to relate to. There’s a lot of breakout
spaces and bold colors and glass windows, natural daylight. We have a lot of glare down there. We’re going to have to close the blinds. Polished concrete floors, these are all design elements
that I’ve been seeing over the last couple years
on a repetitive basis. Concrete is picking up all
kinds of reflections and glare. I felt comfortable that
this space would present enough challenges and enough commonality in the types of spaces
that people would find when they got out there and
started photographing spaces. The problem with this is
that those bold colors are contaminating those white walls which means we’re going to have to do some post work to get
rid of that color cast. The other thing is pricing. And that is something that
you just can’t find anywhere. I’m gonna break it down
here in the tutorial, teach you exactly how cost-sharing works so that you can go out, implement it to your business practices and build your client base as well. Emotion and story-telling really are what commercial architecture
photography is all about. It’s our job as photographers to translate the emotion of a space into
a two-dimensional image. If you can invoke emotion in an architect, that really is what will set
you apart from the competition. Make images that architects
can connect with.

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