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someone sent me an email a few weeks ago
asking can an introvert become a good photographer I’m not gonna name this person, let’s just call him john smith. well this series of photography they’re about exactly this kind of thing. It’s about finding confidence in yourself your abilities and indeed the
others around you. Let me just read you the email. One question about photography that’d i’d really appreciate your advice on is this
can introvert become a good photographer and are there any ways that you’d really recommened to become less shy when taking photos in
public I would really love to gain more
confidence in taking photos in public, places I’ve watched a few videos on street
photography and would love to get to that level of confidence, I’ve signed up to number forums where I can upload some pictures and ask for critiques I would love to do photography as a hobby. however my general lack of confidence is what stops me, part of me feels that i’m too old to get into photography in brackets twenty-five years should I
have been brought up with a camera this would be
something that may have come more naturally I would love to have a good
understanding photography as this could be something that when I
get older and plan for family could be a shared interest however and I don’t feel I can be a role
model if I don’t have the confidence to do it
myself in a way I would be watching the game from the
sidelines whereas I would rather be playing the game. Well, age i’m too old to get into photography at 25? well I was about your age when I got my first SLR they weren’t DSLR’s in those days, no you’re never too old to start photography there are people doing my courses right
now who have taken up photography in their retirement if you double the time you have lived
and then spend the next 25 years learning you will still be younger than
I am confidence is an issue for a lot of
photographers so you’re not alone. especially when they’re starting out
somebody posted on our facebook page, about this a couple of weeks ago. Melissa who now administers the page
wrote a very moving piece about an experience she had when someone very publicly slammed her
and her photography they didn’t just say I don’t like this, they were really nasty now I can see from the number of
responses we’ve got to that post how much this actually affects people but think about
it actually very rare someone will be openly nasty as in this
instance and it probably sent him something
completely unconnected from you or Melissa’s photography but whatever if this happens to you ask yourself a
couple of questions does the opinion if someone this
unpleasant actually matter what would most people think
about someone who would be so rude and the rubber tree
in such a public fashion I’m pretty the most people would say
will forget them you know if they depend on what you’re doing to be happy and fulfilled
that is their problem now a lot of photographers feel self conscious when they’re in public place with all that kit, tripod, etcetera because they’re scared someone will ask
them if they’re a professional. Well what’s wrong with the truth? what do you think would happen if you were to say no actually im learning photography and I’ve come out to practice and figure out what all this stuff does they’d probably say to you, oh that’s cool you know i’d love to do that where are you studying? and then a conversation is born, and you never know where that conversation will end up. you could have just met love of your life, or the very least a new friend to go photographying with photographying whatever that is, but you never know the thing is it’s okay if you don’t know everything, do you think Ansel Adams Steve McCurry Cartier press
on surpassed your Salgado who is an absolute hero of mine me or anyone else didn’t have to start
somewhere so is a beginner you in some very fine
company there john also said I would love to have a
good understanding of photography well in another this series of videos I’ve asked the question how dedicated to photography are you is a link in the text below and
on screen my question back to you is this how much do you love to have a good understanding
of photography, let me rephrase that, how much would you love to have a good
understanding of photography enough to step over the shyness and go
out into the pitch and do it been I know it can be painful
if you naturally shy but all the best lessons and
achievements they always begin in scary land just take it one little step at a time if you wanna go shoot street scenes
don’t try to emulate someone who’s been doing it for years begins slowly, maybe with buskers or street perfromers who are used to being the center of attention try talking to them first, I know that may be scary for you but you’ll probably find they’d love you to
take their photos and if they don’t the worst they can say
is no and then it’s up to you to either let
that no stop you dead in your tracks or to politely say okay no worries sorry to trouble you and then you can go often come find
someone else to photograph the No doesn’t mean you’re bad and wrong and crap, it just means they have their own issue with something now as you practice this, there may be a few no’s along the way but I bet they’ll be more yes’s and as you collect yeses your confidence is going to grow now it’s always best to be honest tell
people you’re learning tell them you feel really shy and awkward and they’ll usually be able to relate to that and make an effort to help most people are great if you give them the opportunity it may take one person to start a war but it also takes any one person to be
open and friendly and in my experience that’s contagious if you’re into street photography and had someone act badly to you taking a picture is possibly because you are nervous yourself and you acting
strangely now we can all smell other peoples discomfort and they could probably smell it toand it probably made them feel uncomfortable and possibly suspicious of what you were doing, the only way to build confidence is not
to be stopped by your fear what people might think about you as you
take small steps and do things which are uncomfortable
for you now you’ll find that fear begins to diminish fear rarely real or justified in societies which most of us live in thes days th place to begin is that first small step out onto the pitch with everybody in the
stadium looking at you and that probably a scary place for some of you but these people looking at you they
probably just thinking this is an interesting person I wonder who they are now of course inside you the self
conscious part is shouting but no I’m no interesting stop looking
at me but that’s not your choice to make
because to them you might be interesting and maybe just maybe they’re right. subscribe to our YouTube channel to be
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da pace

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