Conservatory Close-Up: Photography Struggles

Alright, guys, remember Homework this week: We’ve got the three-point lighting setup Have it done by next week Thank you! Matt gave us an assignment to do some three-point lighting setup, and that’s pretty easy stuff We’ve been doing for a while now, like, at least a week? So, I think I’m ready to step it up, you know? Do something a little more complicated Wait, what are we doing? Alright, so what I’m gonna have you do, is I’m gonna have you make this face Like, you’re noble, Oh, okay Can you move that light two centimeters So I can’t find the light switch I’m like, trying… Let’s try just doing all-natural lighting We’ll just use the fluorescents Little more Little more Little more Little more Little more Can you be a little bit, Like, look a little less annoyed Let’s try turning the lights back on! We have been here for two hours! And we have not gotten one picture! Can we please speed this up a little bit It’s taking a little bit too long to get this interview done Mmm… I think Matt can fix that one in post Um, maybe I can lighten it… with the exposure mask…no

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