Creative Photography Hacks – Hack It: EP95

In this episode, some fun photography hacks! This one is to create an illusion of your hand
going through a wall. It requires no editing at all. All you need is the panorama function on your
phone camera. To do this, just hide behind the pillar and grab
your friend’s shirt. Have the photographer start panning the camera until she reaches the pillar. After that, run to the other side and push your
elbow against the wall. Just make sure you angle your elbow properly to get the most convincing picture. Here’s a cool trick you can try for fun. Sit on a stool and pose as if you’re floating. Then ask your photographer to get the same
picture without you and the stool. Once you’ve taken your photos, go to the
Snapseed app. Next, just open the photo with you in it. Head down to “Tools”, go to “Double Exposure”. Now add the photo where you’re not in it. Align the 2 photos as best you can. Adjust the opacity to 100. Next view your edits. Press “Double Exposure” and push on this thing in the middle. Erase the stool. And then once you’re done, press the tick! Viola, your stool is gone and now you’re
floating! Have you seen people posting on Instagram
with the #pixeldanceoff? Google recently launched the Dancing Childish
Gambino Playmoji and you can include it in your photos and
videos. Just head to the Google camera app, more and
then playground. Then launch the playmoji mode. I can’t dance! Most people take photos of their subject at
shoulder height. Next time try taking a photo from a lower
angle, That way, your subject will look slimmer and
taller! When it comes to posing, instead of facing the camera straight on, why not angle your body and move your shoulders
forward, that way, you’ll have a better shape. Another hack you can try is actually using
the 6-4 rule when taking a full-body shot. Instead of just placing your subject in the middle
of the photo, step back and go a little wider. Your subject should occupy around 40% of the
photo while 60% is empty space! Combining both these hacks will make your
photos look so much better! If you gonna take some photos, why not make it interesting by finding something
to put in the foreground? That way, you will be the focus and the foreground will be in soft focus. So this is how most people would take a photo. But now, what my friend is doing is actually
positioning the flower in front of the camera so that it becomes
soft focus. This way it’s going to make your photo so
much better, and then you can show off to your friends! Most of the new phones these days have the
wide angle selfie mode which is absolutely fantastic to take group
photos. Why not up your photography game and use it
for sceneries as well. What I like to do is go up to a tree and take a picture from below looking up. All you need to do is set it to the widest
angle and you frame your picture up and you’ll have a beautiful shot. Don’t take photos straight on, always explore
different angles. For example, if you gonna take a photo in front
of a wall, most people take it like this. It can look a little flat so why not try a
different angle and make your picture more interesting. Did you know that you can use portrait mode
on your phone to make your non-portrait photos look even
better? For example, when you’re shooting a puddle, try using portrait mode to make that perspective
really pop! Now when it comes to glary days like this
one, sometimes it can be a little hard to open
your eyes. So the trick is to close your eyes and then only open them when your photographer
friend is about to take the picture. So 1, 2, 3, open. That way, you won’t be squinting in your picture. Did you know you can make stop motion videos really easily using Google Photos? Now the key is you have to make sure your camera is not going to move. The next thing to do is to position your object
in the frame. Take his 1st photo. Now, let’s move him to his next position. Continue this all the way through till he’s out
of your frame. Alright, so I’ve created the pictures that
I like. Go into your Google Photos, and then you want to go into the 3 little dots
at the top and then go to animation and then select the photos that you want to animate. Press create and then it’ll do everything itself. You can see, it has made a very cool stop
motion video! And we’ve come to an end of yet another episode. Now if you didn’t already know, I’ve started
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