CSUN Arts: Episode 3 – Photography

Parian: Look at light. When you see light,
beautiful light, take pictures. You know, if you’re
inspired by something take pictures. You’ll find yourself excited again about
your work and doing what you have to do which is to
shoot. It’s the only way to get good at anything is to do it. (Music) (CSUN Arts) Krane: I teach students that
photography is a mediated view of the world and when we make photographs or look at photographs we are looking at a very small segment of the world. We are translating the
three-dimensional world into two dimensions. And the frame both includes and, I think more importantly,
excludes elements. Parian: We teach all the basics here. We emphasize the mechanics
first. I ask my students to use SLR
cameras so that they learn about the aperture, shutter speed. We’ll go have assignments that force them to use the camera in those
terms. It really is about seeing light and how to
capture light in whatever system you’re using. Krane: There’s a handful of students that run
with it and they just take to the medium and
they love it and they’re gonna keep doing it whether
they’re in school or not. And I try to teach to those students but I also try to model a certain
level of responsibility and
professionalism so you might not make good photographs but
your presentation is clean and you know how to speak about the work. That’s important to me too. Parian: You look at all of our society it’s all based
on visual communication. What I try to emphasize my students is to become clear and visually
literate and to be able to let other
people understand what they’re talking about in such a way where they can convince people. Krane: I think about my students going out in the
world and saying, ‘I studied with Lesley Krane. I went to CSUN.’ and hopefully the skills and professionalism they learned in the class, they bring out into the world with them. Parian: I have my students stand up and
talk about their work. I think it’s very important because then they start to
develop an understanding of who they are. Most people are young and it takes time
for them to understand those things. My name’s Levon Parian. I’m a part-time
lecturer here at CSUN. My name is Lesley Krane. I’m a professor of photography in the art department at California
State University Northridge. (Music) (CSUN Arts)

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