Dark Utopia (Short Film)

We have been abandoned by the very thing that
gave us life. Without the sun, without the stars, we know only darkness. But we remember the warmth of the sun. Search inside and you will find a spark. Reach beyond,
and you will find the light in others. Light grows from all beings. Now, ride your exhale,
and return to your surroundings. We will now move into a cooperative practice.
Please partner with the person behind you. I am aware that you are sitting on a pillow. I am aware that you are looking at my pillow. I am aware that you have goosebumps. I am aware that you have brown eyes. I am aware that I like your eyebrows. I am aware that I like your smile. You. And you. You. Come with me to find the light. *Repetitive chanting: “tolle solem”.* *Repetitive chanting: “tolle solem”.* Get in. So what’s your plan? What? What’s your bloody plan? You almost ruined everything. He took someone you know? Yeah. Well not really, a friend maybe. Granddad? Sorry darling, did we wake you? What time is it? It’s night time, Laury. Just go back to sleep. He took her father. My son. They say they’re finding the light. Oh finding the light. Since when do you have
to dress like a tree to find the light? Since when do you have to leave your family to find
the light? You listen to me. Forget about your friend. Don’t go back there. What’s your plan? That’s just it. My plan. I’m aware you are distracted. I am aware that you are skinny. I’m aware you have a weird nose. I am aware…
…that something is wrong. I am aware…
…that when I know something is wrong… …that I have to do something. What are you doing? Hey, I, uh… I couldn’t tell if your wink was like a, “how
you doin’?” wink or like a, “come break me out” kinda wink. Think I kinda hoped it was
the latter. Stop. You were not invited. I came for my son. Please, just come home. Why would he want to? I thought we cleared
this up last time. Dad? Lauren? We’ve been looking for you. Your father doesn’t miss you. He has seen the light. What light? My light. I am God now. You should have seen
me before. I was just a man. But then, I reached up into the sky and folded the light into my fist, and it became mine. Can you imagine, little girl? Do you get what that means? I literally clasped the light in my hand, and sealed it, in a jar… What are you doing? It was both. What? The wink, it was a, “how you doin’?” kinda
wink, but also a “let’s burn this psychopathic motherfricking cult down” kinda wink. See you in the light. He’s got it! Get him! How dare you take that which belongs to me? I found it! It’s mine! This light? It belongs to everyone.

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