Developing Disposable Cameras from Early YouTube Days

(camera snaps on palm) – Did you know you can do that? (chuckles) Hi everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley, and today, I have a fun
little thing I’m gonna do. I have wanted to do
this video for a while, I’ve been, like, hoarding a
bunch of disposable cameras for years and years and years and years and years and years and years? And now I got them developed. I always have disposable
cameras in my house, since I lived in San
Francisco, and college, and now in Los Angeles, and I’ve had a stack of them
that I have left around, and I let people just take pictures when they wanna take pictures. I had no clue what was
gonna be on the cameras, so without further ado, y’all wanna go through
my pictures together? I’m a little nervous. First up: Good times, clearly. See, this is what you dealt with when you developed pictures, you did not know what you were gonna get, you did not know if it was
gonna be a good picture. For all I know, this could’ve been a very special moment to me, and it’s lost forever. Thank you disposable camera. Oh. (laughs) Oh my god, I was literally
about to pack this shirt last week when I was going
to see Lady Gaga in concert because this is my
favorite Lady Gaga shirt, still to this day. This was my first home in Los Angeles, when I first moved to LA, when I first went full-time YouTube, and I can see Korey behind me in his hat that he still wears to this day. I guess we never got
rid of any of our stuff, because I still love this
shirt, he still loves his hat. This apartment was a little
different from my current home. Now, I love my home. This, I thought I loved, but girl, there were stains all over the carpet from filming collabs with
a bunch of YouTubers, there was no air conditioning, so I would always be dripping sweat any time we filmed a
collab in this living room. But a lot of happy memories
in this living room. I wrote my book in this living room, I filmed scenes from
“Snervous” in this living room, a lot of happy memories. This is another terrible picture, but if I can see correctly, that is Troye Sivan, Zoe Sugg,
Tanya Burr, and Tyler Oakley. This is probably how I’m gonna know when or where these pictures are from, is what outfit I’m wearing. I know I wore this exact outfit, it was a Topman T-shirt
with a brown leather jacket and a green beanie. If I remember correctly, this is when we all
flew to London to visit the Wizarding World of
Hogwarts at Universal for the grand opening, and they closed it completely and only let a bunch of
YouTubers run around, and they did a huge
banquet in the great hall, and we all got really fucking drunk. This was a fun day, good times. Aww! This is a classic picture, I have this picture also not
in the disposable camera form, so somebody had a iPhone or something and took the exact same picture. But this is the British crew. This is backstage at VidCon, this is right before, I think, Troye and I were about to go onstage and do some type of reveal, and they were all backstage
watching the screen behind, and then we all came back outside, and… Oh my god, we look like babies. This is when I went to the UK to film a whole bunch of
collaborations for Auguest. Here are two people I’m
assuming are Jim and Tanya, because they’re holding up plates with Jim and Tanya’s faces on them. This was us doing a collab that was, like, the newlywed game to see how
well they knew each other or something like that. Some time has passed. (laughs) I cannot… Why am I laughing at this? They broke up since
then, so, you know what? I love them both separately, I love them both together, God is good, wish them the best. Jim and Tanya, love ya. Oh my god, this is when I went and spent maybe a week or a weekend
with Zoe and Joe Sugg at their dad’s house, for, like, vacation. And we were walking around
their little tiny village, and we found a gay porn stop. And here’s me, of course, finding the only gay porn in the city and taking a picture with
it, because of course. Oh, wow, Marcus Butler. You know, before you were
walking runways as a model, you were this cute little
chubby faced little critter, and I was… Can I just get real? I was in love with Marcus Butler. Like, I was in love. I had to talk myself down
off the ledge and be like, “Honey, she’s straight.” This is my boy! This is my man! And look at him now, even hot… Somehow, hotter than this. Back in the day, I was all about it. And now he’s a model. Well, we have found the first… Is it a nude? I don’t know if it’s a nude. But it’s not my nude, and
I know it’s not my nude because this is my face next to the nude. It’s somebody’s butt. I think it’s Alfie’s butt. I have vague memories of
him always mooning us. I think it’s Alfie’s butt. That’s a nice butt, hello. I should text Zoe and be like, “Do you know this butt?” Oh! Dan Howell and Jack and Finn and me. We have all really grown up. Jack and Finn don’t
even do YouTube anymore. Jack is an environmentalist
activist filmmaker, Finn is an architect, Dan Howell is a hunk. Oh my god. This is, like… (laughs) We have Anthony Padilla with
his emo hair back in the day. Here, I thought he was so hot, and look how hot he got since then. It’s like everyone really
knew how to glow up. This was from… Okay, so Playlist Live,
y’all remember Playlist Live. Playlist Live was like
the competitor to VidCon, another convention, but it always fell on my birthday. This is one of the years
I went for my birthday, because this is when I blacked out and I went down to the
hotel lobby on my birthday, and I have zero recollection of it, but when I woke up the next morning, I saw everyone tweeting
me pictures and videos of me twerking in the hotel lobby, and I realized maybe I
don’t need to drink so much. One of the last times I really partied at a YouTube convention. This is unclear. I don’t know what… (laughs) Here is Miss Joey Graceffa, pregnant? Or something? Pregnant with what? Four huskies, Daniel Preda, and “Escape the Night” season four? (laughs) Well, nothing has changed. Mamrie, Grace, and me, we look like we are having an evening. This could be anything. This could be any time. I’m trying to figure out context clues. I think this might be from the night of one of the most
iconic vines of all time, when Grace and Mamrie were very drunk in my hotel room at Vidcon, and Dan and Phil were also there, and it was the first time
I think they all met. And Mamrie had… You know when you get
room service at a hotel and they have a little
thing on top of the food? She had that on her head, and she pulled her hair through the hole, and she was dancing and singing, and I think Dan and Phil were petrified because they were like, “Who are these drunk crazy people?” And she was singing… I think the words of the song
she made up at the time were, “Daddy was a cater waiter,
didn’t know what to do, “so he took his little
kid to the industry, too”? Or something? Here’s the vine: – (man offscreen) Oh my god.
– Daddy was a cater waiter, didn’t know what to do, so he put his little girl in the indust… – I can’t remember what I did yesterday, but I can remember that? Oh my god. No! Somehow, both of the people
in this picture are me, and yet, neither of the
people in this picture are me. It’s Troye and Hannah Hart in
Tyler Oakley cosplay uniform. They’re both wearing my glasses, both wearing my short-sleeve
button-up shirts, both wearing flower crowns, couldn’t tell you the context but something was going on this day. Something needed to be stopped this day. Can I give you guys some tea? This picture is of two of my friends who I don’t think y’all
know went on a couple dates. I don’t know if they would
consider themselves dating, or especially boyfriends, but they went on at least a date. Joey Graceffa and Korey Kuhl. Oh, Korey! Korey Kuhl! Here he is, sauntering at the camera. This looks like my living room. Couldn’t tell you what he’s doing, but he’s really feeling himself. (laughs) Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness, my hair looks terrible. It’s so bad, this is
when I was dying my hair, bleaching my hair, not knowing I should cut it often, but also not knowing I
should redye it often, my hair’s getting long and
it’s bright orange-yellow. With the one and only
Connor Franta and JC Caylen. One third of O2L representing, we miss you O2L, rest in pieces. Oh my god. We are all babies. I don’t know where this is, maybe the O2L mansion or
something back in the day. I’m wearing a professional
fangirl T-shirt, my merch, because of course I am. Here is Andrea Russett, Ricky Dillon, Kian, Marcus, Jen, all of
the crew back in the day. This is vintage. If you recognize half the
people in this picture, you get a senior discount. Oh my god! Okay, so this is the
worst picture of all time, but if you look really closely at the tiny little speck you can see, it’s a stage with five boys on it. This is my first One Direction concert, and for some reason I
thought a disposable camera was really gonna get the angle. But here we are. A whole bunch of YouTubers, we got a box, we all got tickets for
the One Direction show, and it was one of the most
wild and surreal experiences of my life because of this clip: – (people chanting) Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! That, hands down, boggled my mind. No human will ever get used to something like that happening, an entire arena all chanting my name while I twerk my ass off that ledge. Why not? This! This is my friend Paolo. He has a show on YouTube
called “Spoonful of Paolo.” This is the day I shot my interview, and this is the exact
day that I got in a fight with Liam Payne of One Direction. And I remember because he left after filming the interview
in my living room, and then I checked Twitter, and all fucking hell broke loose. This is the day when I… I was trending number one
in the world on Twitter, and it was
#DirectionersWantTylerOakleyDead. This is the day my mom called me crying, asking if I was gonna be okay. This is the day I thought my entire life and career was over. (sighs) And this is like one hour before, still, like, smiling. I honestly thought it was all over. It was like no big deal. If you’ve ever stressed about something, trust me, it’s not as bad as, like, a boy band member that
is beloved in the world coming for you, and then all of teenage
Twitter coming for you and wanting you to be dead. It gets better. Wow. This picture. Okay, so this is the day that
we filmed one of our collabs, me and Troye. And I think Mamrie got me this T-shirt? And for some reason we
had paint on our faces, I don’t even remember the collab. Surely this was for a collab. Troye and I painting our
faces rings zero bells, but honestly, I’ve blocked a
lot of my early YouTube years out of my head. This looks like it’s not
really anything in particular, it’s just a night in my living room. Here I am with my laptop,
here’s Connor Franta. I think these pictures
are probably my favorite, of us doing nothing. I know all the convention pictures and everyone getting together is a lot more fun or eventful, but this was really my day-to-day life of all of us just hanging
out in my living room, every single night, chilling, sending Tumblr links to each
other, and just being like, “Ooh, reblog that, you’ll like that.” Aww! This is a memory! And why am I wearing a denim vest? Like, who did I think I was? What was I up to? I thought I knew fashion. I still think I know fashion. This is a really special memory, honestly. Me, Zoe, and Troye, we used to have so much
fun, the three of us. Now, I love, obviously, that we’re all going and doing our things, and we’re all grown up,
and we’re living our lives, but this is a cherished memory. And the last two pictures, I could not end this with
anything more iconic or epic than this exact day. Here is the day when I
filmed my favorite video I’ve ever filmed in my life: “Edward Fortyhands” with Mamrie Hart. We are absolute drunk messes
on a Tuesday afternoon, forties taped to our hands, and that day was so much fun because this was when people
collabed because they wanted to and it was just fun ideas
and idiots on the internet doing the most with the least. We did not know what we were
up to, we were just having fun. And this day was especially
special because Grace was there, Troye was there, Kevin McHale. Another picture, you can barely see him. He was there. Everyone just came over
while we were filming a bunch of collabs in my house, and it was the golden age
of YouTube and collabs. Here is me with all of my
tattoos from me and Troye, when we did that collab. Well, that was fun. All I really got from that
is I really appreciated my first few years as a YouTube
creator, as an LA resident, when I was really growing
up really fast as an adult. This was right when I got out of college, right when I was falling
in love with YouTube, some really special memories, and y’all were probably
there for a lot of them. If there’s anything that you recognize, or any moments that you recognize, or any videos or collabs or funny little things that
this brought to your mind, let me know in the comments below, I’m gonna read your comments of maybe some of your
favorite YouTuber memories or memories from the past. If you liked this video,
give it a thumbs up and be sure to subscribe, new videos every Tuesday. Or if you want, maybe
I’ll put a bunch of links in the description of videos that I referenced in this video, so if any of those were like, “Oh my god, remember that collab?” I’m gonna put those
links in the description. That is all, have a good life, I’ll see you guys next time. Until then, mwah!

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