Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale | Super Scene | Harish Kalyan | Reba Monica John | 4k (English subtitles)

And you say she’s ‘Just a friend?’ Looks like you had a great time
with her with duets and what not Stop talking like my wingman! I am… I mean…I am your
maternal uncle not wingman Remember we are attending this wedding as
friends. So, let’s not wait for the rituals We’ll get there, congratulate
the couple, pose for a photo… then head to Empire hotel,
have Biriyani and take off! Got it? Not Biriyani! Not again, Lord Muruga! So, why did you and
Anitha break up? Let me hear that story too We all know what
booze does to us… Cheers! Dude! What’s the rush? Well, that’s how I approach
everything in my life One drink and he is already blabbering Didn’t Anitha promise you a job in
Bangalore? Why are you refusing it? Dude… This IT profession won’t suit me My horoscope says that only
mechanical industry jobs will suit me So, that’s the matter? Shall I try
talking to Anitha about this? Dude, how well do
you know Anitha? She is a Leo and her
star sign is Magham She’d like to rule! She will
convince others that she is right She won’t even mind you So, don’t risk it Joseph! No, thanks Play some music please – Sure
– Life’s so dull I’ll play now Hi Hi, Arjun Shwetha, right? I know You look very beautiful in this Saree Thank you Don’t mistake me Don’t mistake me Uh-oh! No! Ani… Arjun! Come to me Drop me off at Palavakkam!
Faster please Well, then don’t blame me Palavakkam stop is here. Get down Here Shwetha Damn! Arjun! Oh God! I heard about last night I didn’t expect this from you What did you hear? Joseph told me everything Uh-oh! – Joesph, you…
– Arjun! – Joesph, you…
– Arjun! Do you think I’m an emotion-less idiot? Couldn’t you have just told me that you prefer
only jobs related to mechanical engineering? I fought with you unnecessarily Sorry Arjun No, I must be the one to apologise Why should you apologise? Well, last night… So what if you were drunk? Does it give you the
license to go crazy? Stop yelling Didn’t I apologize? I hugged her just like
the way I hug you So, you say I am the same as her? God! Why am I screwing this up? I hugged her
imagining it was you Don’t cook up stories now I’m so done with you! Anitha… A day will come when
you’ll miss me really bad Hey…why… – You will regret this and miss me for sure!
– Anitha… – You will regret this and miss me for sure!
– Anitha… If I had apologized the next
day, she’d have forgiven me Later I found out that according to my
horoscope, that day was bad for me I should have just remained tight lipped Dear nephew… I’m really proud of you Ok, now give me that leg piece But then… your belief that, she left you because
your horoscope said it was bad day… sounds rubbish… Waiter, one Biriyani parcel please I’m a customer here Err… customer? The meat must have been deep
fried with Ghee! Dear nephew… The meat must have been deep
fried with Ghee! Dear nephew… What is it? Shamless girl! She invited
you to her marriage You too, like a shameless fellow,
are going to attend it? You too tagged along like a
shameless in greed of Biriyani Well, my honor is in tact All I’m saying is I don’t
understand you, the modern youths Uncle, it’s very simple Marriage or love, we’ll always
remain a husband to our girlfriend In love or breakup, our ex will
always remain a girlfriend to us 70s kids like you will never get
even a zilch of what I said – Whatever – Anitha will always
have a special place in my heart! The day technology took over our lives;
everything has changed since then!

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