Dollar Store Photo Challenge + Fun Photography | Marissa and Brookie

(bouncy music) – Hey guys. – I’m Marissa. – I’m Ellie. – And today we are at the Dollar Store and we are going to be doing the Dollar Store Photo Shoot Challenge. – Woo hoo – I am so excited. You guys seem to love photography videos and Ellie here, is like
(Ellie Giggles) a pro photographer. She wants to be–
– No, no. – Yes, yeah. She wants to be a photographer,
when she grows up, right? – Oh yeah.
– Oh yeah. So, she’s really good. Like every weekend, when we hangout, it’s like every weekend, pretty much
– Yeah, it’s so fun. – We just love doing photo shoots and so, I made like a personal Instagram and then she has a photography Instagram, if you guys wanna go check those out. – Check it out. (giggles)
– It’ll be on the screen, right here somewhere. It’s really fun, we have some cool photos and we’re gonna be posting these photos on those Instagram accounts, so make sure to follow those,
if you wanna go see them. Anyways, enough talking,
let’s go into the Dollar Store and yeah.
– Woo hoo. (bouncy music) – We’re here,
(Ellie laughs) at the Dollar Store and we’re just getting our
creative juices flowing and we’re just like, what
would look good in a picture, just like any,
– Yeah. – any little props, so what
do you think catches your eye, calm it down a little.
(Ellie laughs) Yeah! Oh, we could use bubbles. – [Ellie] Oh, that is a good idea. – [Marissa] Yes!
– [Ellie] Get ’em. – [Marissa] Blue! (bouncy music) – [Ellie] Here’s something. (bang) (both laugh) – [Marissa] Got some paint. (thud) (bang) – [Ellie] Marissa!
(Marissa laughs) (bouncy music) – [Marissa] Last time
you came, you got, what? – I got these, they’re scented Orbeez. – [Marissa] Aw, yes. Focus. My favorite, I used to love Orbeez. – [Ellie] Me too. – [Marissa] They’re trendy. Spray this and it will look misty. – [Marissa] That would look cool. (Ellie laughs)
let’s put it in. – Woo! I guess blue is the favorite color today. – [Marissa] That would look cool. If you like, held that up to the sun and then it like,
– [Ellie] And then you could have like a–
– [Marissa] Shadows. Yeah! (rhythmic music) Alright, you can’t really see me, but we just finished
up at the Dollar Store. Ellie is driving, very nicely here, on this very nice road. (laughs) Why am I doing that?
– [Ellie] Can’t take my eyes off the road. – And so, we are gonna
go back to her house and take the pictures
in this really bright room, you said? – [Ellie] Yeah, or and,
maybe some outside. – Yeah, so, let’s go back to her
house and take some pics. Yo, let’s, go So yeah, the first one we’re gonna do is this shadow one. This is what it looks like. This is a little behind the scenes for ya.
(Marissa laughs) Now, we’re gonna get to work. Alright guys, so for this first one, have you ever scene those
photos were they have a cool shadow in the face. Well, we are trying to do that right here and we’re using this little Doily, to cast those shadows and it actually turned out super cool. I love this one. ( upbeat music) We tried it outside, we tried it inside, just to give it some different effects, change the background up a little bit and it probably worked better outside because the sun most present, instead of inside by the windows. So if you ever try
this, outside works best and you can literally get a great photo, with a doily, at the Dollar Store. (uplifting music) Woo! – How cute, okay. – Okay, we got it. (buzzer sound) Next one.
– These ones look good. – (scoffs) It’s hard to work with shadows, like in direct sun.
– Yeah. – So.
– Yeah. – We’re gonna go–
– Let’s get the strainer. – Get some strainer photos. Here are the end photos. And now we are using a strainer. This one was actually a really
good find at the Dollar Store because it was another one where you cast the shadows in direct sunlight. Woo ho ho ho. That was good. This is her strainer. The Dollar Store one,
like, isn’t quite working, but it’s still a strainer, so that’s okay. Can make some pasta in this. – Yeah, I think this is our best one. – [Marissa] These are super cool and we ended up actually using her home strainer too,
and that worked great, so you probably don’t even
need to go buy a strainer, if you already have one. – Woo!
– Yeah! Okay. We are successful! Here is the favorite
photo, using the strainer. Okay, guys, next one. We have some sequence. (Ellie laughs)
You’re like, bending over. It’s like changing color, so we’re hopefully gonna get like a cool, like, reflection off of it. – Yeah. We’ll see how it is.
– Let’s go. We’re also gonna try some fake glasses in this one. – [Ellie] Woo! – [Marissa] So here, it took us a while– – [Ellie] Until they’re on your face, then move them back. ( upbeat music) Yeah. – You see it, guys. To get it to where the sequence
were actually on my face but, that’s what it’s gonna look like. Using the flashlight to
kinda reflect it off, it ended turning out really cool. (upbeat music) – [Ellie] This is hard. – This is a rip off. Actually no it’s not,
it’s a dollar, (laughs) but it does not work. – Rip off. Now we don’t know how
to angle it correctly, to get, like, the sequence, ’cause they’re not very strong. – Yeah, You need like, a bigger surface area of sequence,
You know what I mean? – Maybe we should just
take a picture with this? – Yeah
– we could incorporate this into the picture. – So like, are you gonna hold it up to the lens? – [Ellie] Oh yeah, let’s try that. – Yeah! Here is my favorite photo from this shoot. – [Ellie] Oh my gosh.
– I don’t know how to– – Dude, I’ve always
wanted to get inside here and take pictures. It’s so bright. Does that sound weird?
– Well, let’s do it. – If we get in here, we can get some bright light. Just for fun, we can take a quick picture. – Shower time! ( both laugh) Yes. – Okay, let’s see. – [Marissa] If you do
anything in the mid-day, you can find locations around your house and people would never know, if you were in your
shower, in your bathroom or just some crazy
locations in your house, and based on the end result, you would never guess that
this was taken in a shower, which I love. – Yeah, it doesn’t even look
like it’s in the shower. What the heck. – Look at these, guys. See, look at that, cute! – [Marissa] Here is my
favorite photo from this shot. – [Ellie] This is our next little thing. – [Marissa] We have petroleum jelly and we’re gonna put it on the saran wrap. I don’t know why this came into my mind, when I was at the dollar store. – [Ellie] Yeah. – [Marissa] I was like,
yeah, this’ll be cool, and then we’re gonna put
it over the camera lens. Hopefully, their like, foggy of something.
– [Ellie] I wish we had a rubber band, or my scrunchie.
– [Marissa] Yeah. – [Ellie] First, you
start, by getting the wrap and putting a scrunchie over it. – [Marissa] Yeah.
(Ellie laughs) – [Ellie] Okay.
– [Marissa] Get it tight. (upbeat music) This is her camera. – [Ellie] all bedazzled up. (laughs) – [Marissa] Yeah, it’s
actually not that bad. It’s kinda cute, the scrunchie, like,
adds a little something. (Ellie giggles)
Cute. Let’s go, take some pics. – [Ellie] So. (laughs) – [Marissa] Well, I think we
should just use one of those. – [Ellie] Oh! – [Marissa] Like, that is not bad. – [Ellie] Yeah?
– [Marissa] Yeah. – I mean, we can do better. – [Marissa] We can do better, but, we can’t, at the same time. (laughs) – This lens cannot focus. – [Marissa] It wants to focus on the fog. – Yeah, so it’s moving. – That’s all it just does, so, we’re gonna have to scratch this one and try some cooler ones. – Yeah. – It’s not working.
– It’s not. We should go, to the other – We’re gonna go to,
like, another location. – Yeah. – And it’ll look cooler. – We’ll spice it up a little for you. – [Marissa] Here is the end
photo for the Vaseline prop. It’s a cool effect because it
makes it foggy on the outside and that is super different
and unique, in a photo. Oh, so we’re, we got some paint, from the Dollar Store and we’re just gonna
splatter my face with it and then take some pics, so. (laughs) Oh, it’s cold, it is. (energetic music) – Am I doing this wrong? No! I think we need to start over, Marissa. – What were we doing wrong?
– I just, I think we need to turn
off the mic (laughs) or at least take some off, ’cause I don’t.
– Yeah. – I think I, yeah, I’m
just gonna do lines, not like, paint it like a skeleton. (Marissa laughs) What was I doing? So we’re gonna use this bag
and put it over Marissa, so when we splatter with paint. – We’re gonna splatter, instead of like, drawing it on.
– Yeah, that first time did not turn out good. – So, here we go. – Poke some arm holes
if you want. (laughs) – Oh, true. (laughs) (pop)
Erh! (both laugh) – Wait, wait, wait. (both laugh) (bouncy music) okay, anyways. You’re a little itchy. (laughs) I’m sorry. – This is it. – Whoa. – I can tell that’s a good one. – That was a good one and it’s making some cool lines. Oh yeah, that looks cool on your lips. So. (laughs) You know what, I’m just gonna, yeah, Marissa, look. (screams) I like it. (laughs) Like I flinch, like every time.
– Whoa! That one was cool.
– Yeah! – Yeah, if you shut your eyes, there’s some on your eyelid
and it looks so cool. Alright, Marissa, we’re ruining your makeup.
(Marissa laughs) – That’s okay. Look at it, guys. (engine running) These ones turned out super cool. I love the paint, on the face, adds a little bit of color, from far away and from close up. Both of them are really awesome. Alright guys, we are
at a different location because we wanted to come at like, sunset hour.
– Yeah. – So we have bubbles, a mist
thingy and some flowers, so, that is what we’re–
– Gonna goes – Did we bring scissors, for this? – No.
– Shoot! – Okay, wish us luck. (laughs) – Um, yeah. Let’s just roll the clips, okay? So in this one we switched
up the location a little bit, I love this because it was golden hour and you can see the sun in my hair and there’s more of a natural lighting, instead of the lighting in the house, but I love this one. These turned out awesome. They are cute, guys. Dollar Store flowers.
– Alright, I love that one. That ones cute. – [Marissa] Another fun thing to do, is placing an object
close to the camera lens. This created, like, a soft pink glow. Okay, if the camera dies, sorry, but now we’re gonna do bubbles! – Bubbles! Yes! Woo! – [Marissa] If you’ve never
played around with bubbles and photography, it’s so fun, it creates another cool
prop that you could use. The way the light reflects off
of the bubbles is really cool and here is the end photo. I love this one, so much. (bouncy music) That’s a wrap for bubbles. Now, mist. Alright, so we have this
bottle and we have some mist? So, the mist one was kinda different because we were trying to create something like either water droplets on my face or water droplets in the
foreground in front of me. This was a different photo and I think this is called
abstract photography, where it’s not something
normal that you would do. This is funny because it kinda looks like I just got off from a workout or something and I’m really sweaty, but I think this is a super cool photo and it turned out great. Here are a coupe more
photos that we came up with. The sun in the hair was super cool and we found a prism, or
like a rainbow reflection, off of Ellie’s mirror. Alright guys, that is the last part of it. Come on, Ellie. Thank you guys, so much
for watching. (giggles) If you guys liked this
video, please subscribe and give us a big thumbs
up if you liked it and I will see you in the next video. – She’s soaking wet.
– Sadly, Brookie, was not in this video but,
– I know! – Next video see will. Um, yeah, bye!
– Woo! (energetic music)

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