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Ahoj! This is Zdenka. I shoot stock
since 2007 and I have roughly 12,000 images in my portfolio. You are looking
at my stock shoot plan for my next lifestyle fitness photo session. Plan
which will maximize the potential of getting the most out of one single shoot.
Today’s video might be very helpful for those who are contributing to stock with
photos and videos or both. I’m gonna show you exactly how I prepare for the shoot, how
I prepare my shoot plan and you might consider hitting the subscribe button
because there will be part two where I will actually take you with me to such
stock shoot, then I will show you how I edit the photos, how I do the keywords
and all that, yeah, actually there might be more parts to this. It is fall. Colorful season started and
it is literally screaming to take the shoot outdoors to do lifestyle fitness
session. There are two reasons why I prefer doing shoot outdoors. Number one,
stock buyers love lifestyle sessions because they are more real. Number two,
Stock buyers love also sessions on a white plain isolated background in the
studio but it takes much longer to edit the photos, to retouch them properly so I
personally prefer to do simple outdoor shoots. The next shoot I am doing is
fitness and health. I’ve shot fitness and health many times before, so I’m quite
experienced in it and also I’m quite an active person myself so I feel very
comfortable in that setting. I would not shoot something I know nothing about or
I don’t feel comfortable because I could make a lot of mistakes. For example a
photographer in the past took photos of a doctor looking at x-rays like this.
Well the photos didn’t sell because doctor would normally look at x-rays like this
against the light. So it is very important you pick a theme you know
everything about so you cannot make these realistic mistakes, or bring a
professional to the shoot so the person can supervise and overlook the whole
process. Once I am set on the theme, next I usually choose a location and I am
looking for a location which offers a lot of variety. Shows a season like right
now. So I’m looking for something where are trees with leaves, a lot of greenery
where I can see the fall, the season changing and also I’m looking for a
location which is quiet so there are not too many people because I will be doing
a lot of video as well and I don’t want them in a background. I don’t want to be
always constantly making sure there are no people in the background.
The location I have in mind for this shoot is just south from here. It’s on
the beach and has big beach, also has a lot of trees so
it kind of looks like woods from certain angles. Then there are stairs, there is a
little lake where we can do some yoga shots, there is a running track perfect
for fitness and also basketball courts. So this location offers a lot of variety.
And when you are choosing location, make sure the background is not way too busy. Stock
loves simplicity so something plain and simple, very easy backgrounds
are always the best. We have a theme, we have a location, let’s pick the right
model and that is very crucial. It’s very important you pick the right type. Now, I
have over 100 models in my database I photographed in the past for stock and there is one a model, his name is Peter which is what I call a fitness perfection. He
will be absolutely ideal for fitness and health shoot. You want someone who truly
looks the part and he is also an actor, so he’s a very
good actor actually, so he can give me absolutely any expressions I need. The
shoot will go very quick and since he is a professional model, this is going to be
a paid shoot. I’m not going to disclose how much he’s gonna get paid because
it’s just not fair towards him. And models have their own rates, depending on
their experience. Sometimes photographers have their own rates, they pay to models
as well and it’s up to the photographer and the model to go either way. I have my
own rate set for stock shoots, they are very well thought through to make sure
I’m not gonna lose the money. Now since this is a paid shoot and I’m gonna have
quite a bit of an expense already, I have to make sure I have a very solid plan
and a very strong shot list so I get the most out of this shoot. And if I don’t
have that certain type of model I’m looking for in my database, then I create
an ad I post all over social media and all over the places on the internet.
I always make sure I do a proper casting, I never just grab
a random person. And again, when you are choosing a model, choose appropriate
looking models. So for example, if you are shooting a chef in a kitchen, you are not
going to grab most likely 19 year old super skinny model. You need somebody who looks like a real chef in the appropriate age category. So when I
thought about fitness and health, I grabbed Peter because Peter looks like
someone who goes to gym all the time. That person looks exactly like a fitness
model. I am NOT going to choose someone who is just starting out going to the
gym or who is kind of halfway there. I’m not going to choose somebody who is
the opposite of fit. Those images simply would not sell. Wardrobe is equally
important. When it comes to stock shoot, I am going to ask Peter if he can bring
any wardrobe he s at home which is fitness looking like, appropriate for
this season and will fit in the background very nicely. So whites, grays,
beige, creams, maybe blues or red which could pop. I have to also make sure there
is no logo or no prints on the wardrobe. Especially, when it comes to video, that
would be very difficult, because I cannot show them in the photos or in the
footage. The ideal time of the day to do outdoors lifestyle session is either
early in the morning, shortly after sunrise, such as mornings or later in the
afternoon until sunset, but in my case I’m very limited with my time. I can only
work between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. so I’m going to aim for 9:00 a.m. till
12:00 noon. Those are my only options I have here. I generally keep the
shoots shorter, maximum three hours because I get tired after three hours
and I lose concentration. And the same goes to the Peter. I usually find looking
at the models that after 3 hours of very intense shoot, they are
starting to lose that spark in the eyes and they start to look pretty tired, so I
rather do few short sessions than one huge full-day session. In those three
hours window I have for the stock shoot, I would love to get 50 to 100 amazing
photos and 50 to 100 amazing videos. Can this be done? Yes it can with a proper
shot list and I’m actually thinking I might get even more out of it. It takes a
time to create one proper shot list, that one proper shoot plan but once you
actually create one, you can save it and you can reuse it for the future shoots.
You can just add few things to it or remove few things to it as you will
start selling photos from that shot list. You will see what sold and what didn’t,
so you can just kind of change it as you go. So what I usually do, I go to
shutterstock and I look around. I see what the images are selling right now,
what’s popular. I’m looking at the colors, I’m looking at the poses, I’m looking at
the way the images were created. I’m looking at different themes, just get the
feel out of what’s out there right now and what’s popular. So I’ll type in this
case “fitness men outdoors”, very general term and see what comes. Then I click on
some images which would fit the theme I am planning on shooting to help me
expand my shot list. Once I click on the image, I click on same model images to
see the full set here. I can get the feel of different possible poses angles and
all that here and there. I save an image for my reference if I get stuck. Visual
references is always the best, at least for me. I also send these sample photos
to models, so they know what wardrobe to bring. And let’s use my own photos from
past I took of Peter two years ago I think. So let’s click same model and here
is the full set. So let’s go ahead and create the shot list. Let’s start with the big five. Number one. Full body showing off the location,
number two, action shots, number three, expressions, number four
body parts and number five props. So let’s look at the first one. Full body
showing off the location and I’m going to shoot the same way this with the same
angles, all the other stuff, so I usually show the person standing up, sitting down,
then I shoot from the front, I should from the back, I shoot from the
side, I shoot from above and I shoot from below up. Let’s look at the next group
and that is action shots and here I’m gonna create another list below action
shots of all the actions he can possibly do. So it can be just standing around,
relaxing, looking around. It can be yoga, it can be stretching, so neck, torso, arms
and legs, it can be whole bunch of exercises he is doing from push-ups to
sit-ups, all that, it can be running, it can be jumping and it’s usually the
shots when he’s jumping from rock or something like that looks very very nice.
On a track, he can be showing appropriate start or he can be showing finish line.
On the basketball field, obviously he can play basketball so shooting at the net
or just dribbling, all kinds of stuff there and again all these action shots
will be shot from all these angles I mentioned before. Let’s move on to
another big one and that is expressions and here you can create another big list
so it can be just a calm relaxing expression, then it can be happy, maybe
over the top just kind of like a winner style happy, then he can show frustration
and anger and the last one is pain. Sports injuries are quite common and
when it comes to Peter he can do any expression just look at this one. Let’s
move on to another big one. Body parts and here you can shoot maybe just a head with shoulders and then you can shoot the whole body without a head, kind of
unknown and stock loves unknown. Then you can move on to shooting arms and hands.
So arms on hips, arms resting down, hands doing something, tying shoes or maybe on
the ground during the start and then let’s move on to legs. So legs
stretching, legs running, then we have feet just showing off the shoes, just
walking running. The last group we have here is props and you can’t prepare
whole bunch of things like I’m going to prepare for this shoot. Bottle with water,
I’m going to prepare basketball, maybe a towel. He can show towel as he is
sweating. Obviously running, doing sports. Phone, headphones and maybe a
watch. Now once the file is organized and printed out, it looks like this. The
first section I call the variations. All these variations will be shot for each
action, expression, pose I have listed below. Well, I calculated 24 different shots and if I shoot them in all different angles
and different variations, then I’m gonna get over 100 photos and the same thing
is for a video. If I’m gonna do them actually in just regular 24 frames per
second speed and then also in a slow motion, I’m gonna probably get even more than 100 files. Now the question is, can I
shoot all that in 3 hours? We shall see. This shove list will help me not to
waste any time whatsoever. This shot list will help me maximize the potential of
getting the photos and videos I need to actually sell successfully. Now the plan
is finished, all I have to do now is send email to Peter where I will include date,
time, location information with possible photos if I have on-hand, compensation, in
details what he is getting out of this. I will include shot list, I will also
include sample photos which I saved from Shutterstock, where he can see the theme
and what wardrobe he needs to bring. So I will include list a wardrobe for him
to bring. I will ask if he has any of the props but I will prepare what I have
myself here as well and if that would be a new model then I would also send
information about what stock photography is, where the images could be possibly
used and copy of model of release. Now some models do request copy of model
release because they just want to read it and that should be respected. The
proposal I’m gonna save and also the shot lists for future use and you can
absolutely do the same thing with female models and groups of models so you are
saving yourself a lot of time. Just place it in your archive and pull it
out whatever you need to and you can absolutely shoot this with any type of
camera, even smartphones. They have a great gimble’s these days so you can
build your passive income literally with any camera. Well, I would be very thankful
if you would hit the thumbs up button if you liked today’s video, if you got
information you are looking for and subscribe to all future videos like
these. Remember there will be actual videos from the shoot with Peter. If you
have any questions, comments or simply want to say hello, you can do so in a
comment section below. You know I read it all and I always try to respond and I
will see you all my friends and the next video. Cau….. Ahoj…

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