Dramatic Portraiture & Lighting with Chris Knight | An PRO EDU Photography Course

one of the most important concepts for any photographer no matter what they are trying to create is purpose of the shot what is it about the image you are trying to capture what are the creative decisions we are making what are the technical decisions we are making and why are we making them if you think about portraiture in general we’ve been making portraits for about 15,000 years the oldest one is this carving from the Ice Age and so the more we can explore what different people have done over time and how they’ve done it it’s only going to make us better because it can inspire us are we creating something that uses the classic sensibilities that shape how we view images or are we creating something that is uniquely modern with multiple light sources and so the more you know the more you will have in your repertoire the more you’ll have in your toolbox to create stuff that is uniquely yours you’re going to learn how I light you’re
going to learn the language of light and the tools that we use to make things simple or complex shadow is super important the way you shape shadow contrast, mood, expression the concept of light is easy put light where you want it block light
where you don’t the hard part is knowing what you want we’re going to talk about storytelling and how to craft an image that has meaning and backstory and then
finally we’re going to take those images into post-production and I’m going to
show you how to make an image even better and so you get the whole
experience not just of being on set but you get to see the hows and the whys to
all of the things that we do

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