Episode 10: Dummy Camera | Taxi Take Off Landing | First Multilingual Indian Web Series

Kathir: Ohhh dream? Still unfair.. what did I do? [Tamil] Devi: Baby look here Rudra: Wow Sweet! You prepared? Devi: Ya! Rudra: Hmmm ♪ Phone rings♪ Devi: See here.. Rudra: Hi Daddy! Daddy: Hi dear.. How are you? Rudra: Oh, new T-shirt? Daddy: Yeah, becasue it’s my Birthday! Rudra: Oh, Happy Birthday! Daddy: Thank you sweetheart Daddy: What are you eating? Rudra: SWEET..! Daddy: Ohh, who prepared it? Rudra: Mom prepared.. see mom. Devi: Oh God, why? Rudra: Whaat? Rudra: You are not talking & you are not allowing me to talk. Devi: He is coming every weekend, right ! Devi: What more do you want? Rudra: Hhhmm ! Askar: So her husband comes every weekend.. hmm. [Malayalam] Vamsi: You jobless guys ! [Telugu] Vamsi: Why bothered to know about Devi’s husband [Telugu] Vamsi: My family thinks I live a royal life here [Telugu] Vamsi: If someone sees, what will happen to my reputation [Telugu] Vamsi: My dad told if not engineer then I will become a watchman [Telugu] Vamsi: Now you guys turned me into watchman, all my fate [Telugu] Kathir: Who is it..? Who is it..? [Tamil] Kathir: It is Devi’s husband. [Tamil] Kathir: Who is it..? Who is it..? [Tamil] Kathir: He should definitely be a saint. [Tamil] Kathir: Sounds like a poetry. [Tamil] Kathir: Bro where are you? Kathir: Come fast, it’s your turn. Kathir: How is he managing that rowdy [Tamil] Kathir: That husband, a holy guy, where is he now?
Tell me! [Tamil] Kathir: You remember what Askar said right? Sanjay: Ya, I remember Sanjay: If I see Devi’s husband, I am gonna shoot him Kathir: Bro, be serious bro ! Sanjay: Hufff…What should I do? Kathir: Hit him with this mosquito bat ! Kathir: Officer !! Take the charge. Askar: How late it is, taking turns and looking for him [Malayalam] Askar: Who’s her husband? [Malayalam] Askar: Why do we have to be bothered,
still let’s see [Malayalam] Askar: Definitely he should be an exorcist
to deal with this evil spirit [Malayalam] Askar: I should cook also, Kathir! come here man. Kathir: Yes bro? Askar: You wait here, I will go inside. Kathir: Hey, I stood the entire afternoon. [Tamil] Askar: No no no, or else do one thing, you cook I will wait outside. Kathir: Yo go buddy, you go ! Askar: Have that fear [Malayalam] Kathir: Look how he locks me [Tamil] Aadhya: Askar, do you want any help in cutting? Askar: No Aadya, I’ll take care. Vamsi: Actually, I thought I’ll really suffer a lot to cook food here… Vamsi: ..but having someone like Askar as a roommate
is really a jackpot. Aadhya: Ya, but he really tortures a lot to keep the house clean.
That’s a drawback. Vamsi: I also like to have my house clean. Vamsi: I don’t have an issue with that. Askar: Vamsi ! Wash your legs first and then keep it on the couch. Kathir: Aadya, come and stand for a while,
my roomate is calling me downstairs. Aadya: Hey, NO WAY Aadya: I am not interested in knowing about Devi’s husband.. Aadya: Yo get lost..!! Kathir: My dear friend Vamsi.. Vamsi: Hey.. Six hours man.. I stood for six hours Vamsi: If you ask me again, I will leave to India… for sure![Aadya chuckels]Kathir: Sanjay… come and stand here man,
I have to go down, my roommate is calling. Kathir: Askar ask Sanjay to come and stand here man,
I have to go down. Askar: SANJAY !! Come out fast ! Sanjay: Ya ya ya, coming I am… Bottle Uncle: Hey Sanjay.. Sanjay: Hi uncle.. Bottle Uncle: STOP. Where are you going? Sanjay: I will be back Uncle… 0ne minute.. Vamsi: Aadya.. Aadya: Hmm Vamsi: I saw this guy, sleeping here that morning,
who is this guy? Aadya: Oh, he is Uncle Vamsi: Sanjay’s Uncle? Aadya: No no, everyone’s Uncle Vamsi: Ohk.. WHAT?? Aadya: [chuckels]One day Kathir and Sanjay saw him in the building lawn. Aadya: He was chilling out with beer in his hand. Bottle Uncle: Oh shit ! Bottle Uncle: Hi guys! Kathir: ha? Kathir: who is this?[Tamil] Bottle Uncle: Hello Kathir & Sanjay: Hi..hi.. Bottle Uncle: Guys, can I have one Beer? Kathir: Umm, yeah.. Sanjay: Hey..we have only 12 Kathir: It’s okay, we can manage. Sanjay: How can you manage? You gonna mix water or what? Kathir: Chuck it man [Tamil] Kathir: Have it Uncle. Bottle Uncle: Thanks guys…I appreciate it ! Sanjay: Uncle you want ope….ner… Sanjay:what a drunkard?[Kannada] Bottle Uncle: Sorry guys, I forgot my wallet and keys. Kathir: No no no. No problem uncle, no issues.. no issues Bottle Uncle: Okay.. then where do you stay? Sanjay: Hey, what if he comes home for free beers? Kathir: hey.. we stay at 68 Uncle Sanjay: Ya, because we didn’t get 69. Uncle mind voice: SIXTY EIGHT.. Bottle Uncle: Oh 68.. Kathir: Yeah.. Bottle Uncle: Okay.. and which floor? Kathir: Second floor Uncle. Bottle Uncle: Oh second floor, ok okay ok.. Sanjay: Let’s go, with this drinking speed
he will ask for another one. Kathir: Hmmm hmmm Botle Uncle: Guys.. if you don’t mind, can I have one more beer? Kathir: Umm.. sure uncle. Kathir: It’s my mistake, do something, let’s run away from this place. Kathir: [fake laugh] here Uncle Sanjay: Hey wait, I am getting a call. Kathir’s mindvoice: He planned something now [Tamil] Sanjay: Hello.. hello Askar.. Sanjay: Oh Shit ! Dude Askar fell in the bathroom Kathir: Oh Shit ! Sanjay: Come on, let’s go, we have to run.. Kathir: Bye.. Bottle Uncle: See you soon guys.. Sanjay: You keep your hands on the beer, I will kill you! Kathir: It’s social service man. Vamsi: Oh.. then what happened? Kathir: you should have seen his heroic entry [Tamil] Kathir: Uncle uncle uncle.. careful uncle.., Super uncle. Vamsi: Oh.. for alcohol you declared him as your family? Kathir: No no no… we declared ourselves as his family.. Kathir: Askar… Askar.. Kathir: What happened to our surveillance for Devi’s husband? Kathir: He is totally sloshed ! [Tamil] Kathir: Uncle! Askar wants little more uncle! Kathir: Some more for me also uncle! Bottle uncle: Kathir ! Come! have it ! Kathir: Coming ! Coming ! Coming ! Bottle Uncle: Vamsi ! You too come ! Have ! Vamsi: Yay! Coming Coming.. Sanjay: Aadya you want to try? Bottle Uncle: Hey! What are you talking? She is a girl. Kathir: Oh God! He is going to talk like Aadya’s father. Bottle Uncle: Aadya.. What you doing here? Bottle Uncle: Go to home, guys are drinking here right? Kathir: Uncle uncle, she herself will go when she is sleepy uncle..
leave it, leave it.. Bottle Uncle: Yeah… Ohh.. then Aadya Bottle Uncle: Go to kitchen, make one half boil for me. Kathir: Uncle uncle wait, I will go get.. Bottle Uncle: Hey Kathir! You are a boy, what work you have in kitchen? Bottle Uncle: Sit ! Askar is not listening and you are also not listening [Hindi] Sanjay: What did I do? Bottle Uncle: Huh.. these days girls… Vamsi, you want? Vamsi: Yeah ! [and the session begins…] Sanjay: Uncle.. you are the best ! Bottle Uncle: Why Sanjay ? Sanjay: I thought I will waste all my money on cigarettes and liquor. Sanjay: But.. you are there..
Kathir mindvoice: look how frank he becomes after drinks Bottle Uncle: No Sanjay, you are the best ! Sanjay: Why Uncle? Bottle Uncle: I thought.. I will die… alone.. with cancer, liver failure..
now you are there.. Vamsi: Uncle, where are you from? What do you do? Bottle Uncle: You know who I am? [Telugu] Vamsi: Oh you know Telugu? [Telugu] Bottle Uncle: I know Telugu [Telugu] Bottle Uncle: I know Tamil [Tamil] Bottle Uncle: I know Kannada [Kannada] Bottle Uncle: Malayalam… Kathir: Askar is alseep [Tamil] Bottle Uncle: Malayalam… I know Malayalam as well [Malayalam] Bottle Uncle: I know all languages Vamsi: Ohh.. Bottle Uncle: You know Chiru.. Kathir: Chiru? What language is that Uncle? Bottle Uncle: Mega star Chiranjivi.. Kathir: Hmmm Bottle Uncle: you know.. he is my close friend.. Bottle Uncle: Last time when he came to Frankfurt, he met me.. Bottle Uncle: You want to see the photos? I can show.. See ! Sanjay: Ohh Kathir: Hmmm.. super Uncle ! Vamsi: Oh wow ! Sanjay: Umm.. you know Ramu? Vamsi: Who? Ram Gopal Verma? Sanjay: No.. Baba Ramdev.. he is my close friend. Sanjay: We went to the same yoga class. Sanjay: Infact, I drink only Patanjali beer..[Sarcastic laughter around]Bottle Uncle: Hey what? Why are you laughing? Sanjay: Then what? Chiru it seems.. childhood buddy it seems.. Sanjay: If he is your close friend,
you won’t be here alone struggling.. Sanjay: You will be with your friend who is on top ! Bottle Uncle: Top? Bottle Uncle: My life is like a bungee jumping Bottle Uncle: I tied a knot and jumped.. Bottle Uncle: If that knot was not there…
I would have been on top.. sigh..[Group chuckels]Sanjay: Yeah true, if you jump without the knot,
you will permanently go to the top.. Vamsi: Uncle, you still didn’t tell me.. who you are..
where are you from?♪ If the sea breaks then you can find another ♪♪ Oh my god, I wish no one plays with a heart ♪♪ What will be the outcome if the heart breaks ♪♪ What we call as love ♪♪ It’s the work of those people ♪♪ Who when it comes to their beloved ♪♪ Simply go on chanting their name ♪♪ They’ll die and get destroyed ♪♪ They’ll get defamed ♪♪ Just leave it, forget it my friend ♪♪ I won’t fall in love ♪♪ Just leave it, forget it my friend ♪♪ I won’t fall in love ♪♪ I fear that my eyes will get locked on someone ♪Vamsi: Kathir.. Kathir. Hmm ? Vamsi: Kathir.. Kathir. Hmm ? Vamsi: Uncle is going buddy.. Vamsi: Should we go and find where is he staying? Kathir: Will check some other day buddy.. [Kathir snores]

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