Episode 3 – How to Shoot Non-Moving Subjects | Learn Photography in Tamil

This is a continuation of the previous episode We are just going to discuss AF – S just forget the Auto focus Auto henceforth we will never look back at it 🙂 when to use AF-S?? Subjects that don’t move.. Buildings.. Wedding reception – stage It is highly unlikely that anyone would move fast in that situation If you make a person pose for a portrait.. group photos of your friends,.. no one moves in these situations.. that’s why.. AF-Single servo is more than enough the features of AF-S are… One shot needs one focus one focus takes just one photo if you lock your focus.. you may take just one shot.. If you want to take another shot.. you need to re-focus that’s what the mechanism of Auto Focus Single Servo To take a picture, you need to focus once.. Let’s take a picture of the tree behind us.. We are focusing it once.. .. focus is locked.. So.. one picture.. Next shot.. another bark of a tree.. we have focused it once.. in order to take the next shot.. I will have to focus again.. we discussed Auto Focus Single servo today stationary objects keep this in mind please go through your manual to see how to set your camera in AF-S mode Let’s discuss Auto Focus Continuous Servo in the next episode.. If you liked this video, please give a thumbsup Do not forget to Like V2K Photography page on Facebook. and also, share the pics you shoot on the V2K Photography page. Subscribe on YouTube Will meet you all with an interesting topic in the next video.. Until then…. bbye

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