Episode 4 : Choosing Wedding Cinematographer

Hello, I am Chin Siang from Motion in Style Motion in Style has been in the industry for 9 years We have started since 2010 We specialize in wedding cinematograp as well as commercial In the last episode, Junor asked me a question Let’s see what he asked “My question for next episode’s cinematographer is” “How are you going to justify the differences between” “photography and cinematography/videography” “because both are used to record moments” So what Junor asked me is the difference between cinematography and photography their similarity is a media to capture wedding moments For me, the obvious difference is that cinematography has both audio and visuals while photography is more of still moments Nothing wrong about photography, it’s just that having both in comparison photography can hardly relive the audio of the wedding and happening actions of the life changing day So with the combination of music and the visual of video it can narrate the story dynamically What should the customer prepare before approaching us? During the meeting before wedding the most important thing to is to share wedding itinerary, inform us what what to take note, what to be captured and what not Sometimes customers will have special requests or preparation like unique wedding gift, accessories that has a meaning behind, gift exchange or even a surprise event These details are very important, particularly the wedding surprises Sometimes couple intend to have surprises for each other or for friends but has not inform us beforehand End up, we will have to surprise them in return for missing out that moment… (jokes) So, usually we will be concerned of these details When should couple confirm your service? This is very subjective Motion in Style can only take 2 weddings on a same date It will be the best if you can reserve the booking as early as possible but some couples tend to book in the very last minute then it will depend on the luck There might be times we are still available even if you reach us 2 weeks before your wedding you might still be able to engage our service Some tips for couples when you are looking for wedding cinematographers You need to know what you really want Let’s say you saw a wedding cinematography held in Australia or New Zealand with beautiful sceneries, lush greeneries, touching ambiance, and this is exactly what you want for your wedding the couple might refer the wedding to us and ask whether can we make it or not Yes, why not, but can your guest be this emotional? Can they bring out the ambiance that you like? Or can the decoration be the same as you refer to? This expectation VS reality should be taken as one of the concerns What we usually see online is the bright side of the wedding but when it comes to our own wedding can we make it the same This need to be planned properly Next, I’ll pass to two of my senior cinematographers to share with you more about wedding cinematography My name is Jack I am the senior cinematographer from Motion in Style Is it okay if the client request to follow their preferred style? I will check out what kind of style they want if it’s close to what we usually do I will try my best to meet their requirement But if it is completely different from what we usually do I will not force myself to follow blindly My style is more on the emotional approach To me, couple’s vow is very important Sometimes if the couple’s vow is funny and it’s a casual joyful scene then it’s impossible for me to use the sentimental approach Some might be very expressive and heartfelt then I will follow the feeling of the wedding to find a suitable music for their wedding cinematography If I come across photographer that we have never worked with the first thing we do is to communicate with them let them know our camera positioning our crew’s camera angles, coverage, range So we will discuss with them before we start shooting This can prevent us from blocking each other during the event I am Jing Ming I am the senior cinematographer of Motion in Style Everyone can access to the internet now they are able to reach out to different works the more references they see the more inspirations they get If there is only 1 cinematographer the coverage angles will be limited and the cinematographer will have to stop for a few times if he/she wish to switch to different angles or different lens It takes time to change lens If there’s a touching moment, for instance the bride is crying and there are 2 different angles simultaneously we can cover both the groom and bride and won’t miss out this precious moment It’s impossible for us to ask the bride to cry again Usually during the shoot I’m concerned of the composition My style is more to minimal, clean angles and try to avoid those unnecessary objects in order to compose elegant shots For fun couples who have Chinese wedding ceremony (gate crashing) we will choose upbeat music to suit the style If it’s a garden wedding we will go for romantic music instead For next episode’s Keith, Wedding is just once in a lifetime Should we rent or custom made a wedding gown?

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