Film Production – University of Sunderland

(Ian Mcpake) On the Film Production course, we give
the students an insight into the film industry from a crew point of view. They learn about the roles of director,
producer, editor, sound recordist. (Woman crying) (Jo McCullock) Students will write scripts,
they’ll make short films, they’ll make documentaries. There are students who are interested
in crossing the line, so factual drama High concept short films, and that’s
even before we go into genres. (Roaring) Horror, sci-fi, comedy. As they move through Hey! Ho! As they progress through the degree they can
write something for television or streaming, So, for Netflix or for Amazon. Having a good script, having a good story, is the basis for any good film. Action! (Gary Stubbs) Here, we are an Avid
learning partner. Avid is a manufacturer of post-production
hardware and software. Every Oscar nominated film in the last
two years has been edited on Avid. It’s key that students understand the
higher end post-production software. So what do you
you think that tune for chances? Oh it was delicious babe. (Ian) We’ve invested heavily
over the years and we now have a number of
Blackmagic cinema cameras, Blackmagic Ursa cameras
which record 2.5K and 4K. The students can take a moving camera
module in second year and third year, in which they can be trained up as grips
or Steadicam operators. We have tracks, dollies, cranes. The students have a multitude
of lightning equipment: Roto lights, Arri Lights for example,
which are industry standard lighting equipment. We have DaVinci Resolve, which the students can
colour grade and colour correct their footage. We have Pro Tools for sound. The students have a lot of equipment a lot of
software, they can use in their productions. But, that’s not to say there’s
no theory involved at all. Students need to know a bit of the history, a bit
of the cultural aspects of film making. What’s popular at the minute, and they
can apply them to their practical work within the programme as well. We want them to really care and be
passionate about film and film production. (Patricia) The lectures on this course are
actually very approachable. They always motivate us to to think
about our creative ideas. (Samuel) One of the things that I’ve
benefited from, being on this course, is seeing people who have developed
their filmmaking skills. It’s given me a standard to reach. (Isaac) This is a full-on 24/7 non-stop course if
you want to get good results and good marks. Prepare to put an extreme
amount of work in. This isn’t a traditional degree. (Ian) The modules have been structured
across the three years, to make the students employable. That is what we want from students
at the University. (Gary) So a lot of our students have
gone on to pre-production roles, script writing, to recent students where
they’ve worked on Downton Abbey. Some of the Marvel movies. (Jo) Setting up their own companies,
doing advertising. One of our ex students is
a video producer Who’s actually making this film. 🙂 Oh, I do like tha… (Speech glitches)

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