Hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandez
and today’s video is a good old-fashioned behind-the-scenes video
where I show you guys an inside look into not just one but a couple of photo
shoots that I did using the new sony a7r for while I was over there in Sun River
Oregon for the sony Kendal 3.0 trip if you get you’re not familiar with what
that is the Sony Cano trip it’s basically just an annual event that Sony
created back in 2017 where they just basically invite a lot of content
creators not just people who shoot Sony but a lot of content creators to go and
do that to create content amazing photos and videos and they give you a lot of
awesome opportunities to do so and it’s always a lot of fun the first one back
in 2017 was only open to artisans and collectives and I had just become a
collective so I was very fortunate to attend that event the ones after that
until has an 18 last year and this year in 2019 we’re open to anybody I’m not
gonna lie it is a bit expensive I still think it’s highly worth it to go to one
of these events because there’s so much opportunity to do various different
things you can network for a lot of big names in the photo industry you can
learn from them with the hands-on classes that they offer you can read
some of the latest Sony gear like this year they let you use the Sony a7r form
and it just came out a couple of days ago so home month earlier you could have
used a camera for me personally I just rent some of the lenses that I can’t
afford such as the 7200 G master I rented the 85 G master in 2017 which led
me to buy it and this year I actually did you rent a camera I rented the Sony
a7r 4 and I absolutely loved it it made me want to buy it which is why I bought
it you can also rent out a lot of other
photo related equipment which is exactly what I did this year when I rented the
Manfrotto be free tripod the sony version i also checked out a ND filter a
six top ND filter that was also a circular polarizer by breakthrough
photography and although i didn’t check these out myself i did borrow Jason
bongs LED light setup it was the stellar Pro LEDs which are a
little bit expensive it came with a little octobots and a light stand but I
used it on a tripod you guys gonna see that in the video in a second but it was
just a lot of fun you can rent so much gear that I didn’t mention right now and
it was just insane and you can do so much of these events that again I still
think it’s highly worth it to go I realized at this point this video kind
of sounds like an ad for the sony condo trip but it isn’t
to disclose that to guys otherwise I’d be breaking the law I just can’t explain
this trip without being enthusiastic about it because I looked forward to it
and I was actually in a bit of a crappy mood for a couple of months this past
summer and this kind of trip really really helped it was just amazing I had
lots of fun I met a lot of consecrated you guys will see that in this video
right now I met Irene Rudnick a photographer and youtuber that I highly
highly recommend and look up to and I also met and shot with Dan and Sally
Watson of learning cameras I’ll link their channels in the description area
below I met a lot different people and I had a lot of fun so I highly recommend
it to you guys one last thing I wanted to mention is that although I did order
the Sony a7r 4 I don’t think it’s necessary for most people it’s not even
needed for myself it’s definitely a want I don’t need 61 megapixels since I share
online on social media which is smaller resolution but I just wanted a lot of
the benefits that I’m about to let you guys know are although I don’t do video
work for clients or anything the feature that I was really looking forward to in
this camera is out of focus for video this is something that is definitely
gonna benefit me whenever I do intro videos like I’m doing right now I’m
filming with the Sony a7 3 which doesn’t have a autofocus and if you’ve seen my
videos in the past you might have seen when I’m talking with different items
around me like a camera for example like this camera here this is Sam Young 35
with the a7 or 3 you might have seen me bring up to the camera like this or
something and then it focuses on the camera and then I have it like right
here somewhere next to my face and then it just doesn’t focus on my eye again
well I’m not gonna experience that now with the sony a7r 4 in video whenever i
do the intros the second reason of course is the extra resolution that it
offers 61 megapixels compared to 42 megapixels on the a7 r3 and the a7 r2
I definitely don’t need all that extra resolution I don’t print billboard ads
or ads on side of buildings but I just definitely wanna date so I want to
really emphasize that it’s a want not a need for me cuz again I just do a lot of
stuff for social media which is very small on small screens on phones and
again like I said before I was looking for a camera that had higher resolution
files and now I have that with the Sony system with the a seminar for so I don’t
have to kind of look away and get the Pentax 645 Z because
from what I could even justify the price of that camera and to it was not gonna
have a lot of the features that Sony has which I really really enjoy the third
reason was the autofocus box that you have on the Sony cameras previous to the
eastern air four were ones that were just great you couldn’t really see them
very visibly whenever you wanted to use those focus boxes or especially if they
were really small and you had a similar color like a gray background to see the
box you would just be hard to see it but now with the Sony of 7/4 you can change
it to I believe white and red maybe one other color probably that but you can
change it to those different colors which is gonna make it a lot easier to
see those focus boxes the fourth reason that I wanted to get to a seminar for
was the better grip that it offers this is something that I experienced over
there in condo when I rented out to a seminar for and I honestly didn’t expect
to really enjoyed the feel of the grip because I was fine with my a seminar 3
my a seminar 2 with the better grip and my a 6,500 if you guys experience that
it’s too small I would recommend getting a pinky grip there’s third-party options
out there or there’s the Sony official grips out there so I would recommend
that but for me I just didn’t have an issue so I didn’t really think that I
would want the a Center for the grip but it actually really did want it for that
the fifth reason is a bit of a two-part reason and one of those reasons is the
exposure dial on top of the camera you can now lock it in place that you don’t
accidentally bump it and it messes up your exposure compensation on the Sony
a7 3 and the R 3 whenever I would do video work for my photo shoots or
whenever actually would have Ashley do my videos thank you
sometimes when I have her on auto mode and the exposure dial is not on the
right mode it’s supposed to be sometimes it’ll be overexposed or I’ll be
underexposed so now that you can lock that it’s just overall better the second
part of this region is actually something that can show you right now on
all of the Sony cameras that I’ve had up to the hour for I never really had
compartments or whatever you want to call these little doors here I never
really had them I never really liked them and they were just a little bit
flimsy like this I can actually open up all of them and usually I do that on the
a7 3 whenever I’m attaching cables to it but I just never liked how they were
organized and you’re just very flimsy like this right now let me see if you
guys can see yeah and I just never liked this setup so the a7 r4 is just a lot
neater and feels a lot more firm and actually has
better weather resistance so I’m gonna really appreciate that on the r4 okay so
I know I’ve been talking for forever now and I’m gonna go ahead and just skip and
go into the video of the photo shoots but before I do that I just wanna thank
you guys for watching so far and I hope you guys enjoy the photos and the videos
that you’re about to see and also thanks to the people that are in the video that
participated in this video I’m working on a behind the scenes video or not
behind the scenes but a vlog for the whole Sony condo trip so look forward to
that all right take care guys and I’ll see you in the next video okay I was
actually about to end the video but I just remembered for something I forgot
to mention I have this peak design backpack is what carried my lighting
setup that I used throughout the video when I wasn’t shooting natural light and
I am working on a video showing you guys exactly what it consists of the lighting
setup I can tell you right now it’s the 8200 pro or the 8400 Pro with maybe
everyone inside the bag as well 24 by 24 inch softbox and a tripod that’s exactly
what I use if you guys are curious about anything that I use in the video
definitely let me know in the comments I’ll link as much as I can about all the
gear I used in a description area below alright now take care and I see in the
next one but you never can do it again and we won’t end up his
friend do it again do it again do it again
I trusted you wants but I won’t do it again do it again or we won’t end
up his friend do it again do it again hey guys I just
want to say thank you to Irene for joining the shoot she’s not the only one
so stay tuned for the rest of the videos you guys can see what’s going on yeah
thank you so much for having me on your channel got me up all night putting things on
the side what do you have in mind she’s suing all the time I find out I think so many things hey guys I just shot with Sally Watson
after all of them introduce themselves so I’m Sally Watson I’m Dan they have a
YouTube channel it’s very helpful to help me a lot so you guys definitely
check out the channel I just wanted to give him a thanks for joining me on the
shoot and you too Irene it was a lot of fun I enjoyed it yeah we’re learning
from him we learn from each other are you tryna you

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