Forest photo session BTS used AD200PRO Geekoto GT200 test adapter Commlite CM-EF-EOS R

Hello guys today in this video we will also see how this Commlite adapter behaves is a adapter for Canon R or RP allowing to use lenses with EF mount All the photos you will see in this video have been made using this Commlite adapter I tell you immediately which is built really well has nothing to envy Canon model without any ring in the without any filter standard model, however, costs the half compared to the Canon model, the cost is $ 60 instead of the Canon 120 $ this is the Commlite package this is the packaging that will come to you so let’s open let’s see what content we already know 🙂 there is certificate of guarantee Commlite instruction booklet in English and Chinese and then the thing more what we are interested in is obviously important the Commlite adapter How can we immediately notice the difference from the model Canon here we also have support for the tripod hen we mount enough lenses important type 70 200 or 85.12 which are quite heavy this will of course be very useful if we do not like it we can remove it I can tell you the construction which is not for nothing chip like I’ve heard some say! has nothing to envy On the Canon model, bayonet fitting they are all in steel so it’s ok for the moment it’s promoted I’ll show you this is the Canon model how heavy we are we are around 140 145 grams more or less both are with aluminum bayonet couplings therefore very resistant The only difference that can be noted is that the Canon model has flaps that they are used to retain dust but the Commelite model is everything smooth we are at the end Video I hope that the photos and the shooting there is liked if you have questions do not hesitate to do it below in the comments the conclusion that many of you will ask but does the Commelite work as well as the Canon? the answer is yes ! The Commlite is no better than the Canon but it isn’t either worst, so if you want to save 50 $ I wait for the model with the ring, which interests me more that I had thought of buying so guys thank you for having watched the video up to this point and you have questions do not hesitate to do them see you at the next video

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