Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Camera Demonstration

Hello, this is Brandon Remler of Fujifilm
USA, and I’m here at the Unique Superstore out at in Fairfield, New Jersey. Today we’re
going to introduce the new Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S camera. The Instax Mini is the second
in our Instax line, and you can see here we have the Instax Mini which comes in white,
like you see, and of course the film for it, which is the twin pack. Two sets of ten pictures
in the box. Which we’ll get to in a minute. The Instax Mini is an incredibly cute and
fun camera. Very simple, easy operation, and we’re going to go through that with you now.
As you can see here now from the camera, the controls are pretty much an on/off button,
which is… set like this. On and off. And then, we’ll show you in a minute, a little
closer, the controls for shooting if you’re indoor or outdoor depending on cloudy or sunny
days. And of course, the camera is powered with four double A batteries, which are in
the side here. The Instax Mini is handled as such: We have
our twin pack of camera film, which we can just open up… easily, as you can tell. Two
packs in each. We’re going to load the film into the back of the camera. So the Instax Mini has the indicator of film
counter and whether there is film inside, which I’ll show you in a minute. So you just
pop open the back. When you pick your film you have a yellow indicator, and a yellow
indicator stripe right there. You match the two up by sliding it in. Close the back. And
then you can see that there is film in through here. You turn on the camera. Wait for the
green light. The first picture is just.to remove the cover of the film. And now the
indicator shows you that you have 10 frames. And, back here, of course, is the indication
of the symbols on top, which are indoor, cloudy, fine, which would be a mostly sunny or overcast
day, and then clear, which would be a clear, sunny day. They correspond to the switches
right up here as well. For all indoor shooting, of course, I would make sure you’re on the
house scene, since you need a flash where you’re indoors with the Fujifilm Instax. And
that’s the operation of loading the film. On and off.

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