Fujifilm X-T2 vs Fujifilm X Pro 2 | Comparison Review Video | Best Fujifilm Camera 2017

Hello again! Izzy at Digital Goja showrooms and here I have two of Fujifilm’s most popular newest versions of their mirrorless cameras: The X-T2 and the Fujifilm X-PRO 2. If this video helps you out remember to hit us up with a like button underneath and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for future unboxing sessions and tutorials such as this and to share with fellow photographers. And don’t forget, when in Miami, come visit me at Digital Goja showrooms. Well again, we have the X Pro 2 that came out in January of this year, one of Fujifilm’s flagship cameras and then what do they do? They also upgrade the XT line in July and come out with the X-T2, very similar, they’re both again their flagship cameras. They both have a 24-point 3-megapixel x-trans CMOS sensor, that means it can capture tremendous detail. They both are weather-sealed, both can shoot up to 8 frames per second. This one, which is their XP Pro lineup, comes with the hybrid view finder, where you have the capability of having an optical and an electronic view finder and you can even switch it so that you have inlay based on the type of millimeter lens you’re working with and helps you with your focusing. They both have a three inch size screen, they’re not touchscreen but they do give you a little bit more detail on this one, this one is almost 2 million dots compared to 1.04 million dots on here. Now the big difference is, this guy does have the articulating screen so I can actually swivel it and angle it to my liking. Again, not a touch screen, don’t keep complaining about that, Fuji wants to maintain this design because they’ve had better results with the weather sealing. Very nice size screen, but it does not articulate. They have very similar dial set up and Fuji is world-renowned with giving you actually dial so you can do your settings. So you can set your aperture on the lenses if you choose to and you have your separate shutter speed dials on top of the camera and even your exposure compensation. They went a little bit further and they gave you a separate dial on the X-T2 for your ISO. Some people have complained that could have been used for something else but no, honestly I think it’s a nice setup, very well-thought-out. You have the x-series lenses available, this one of course was stepped up to a 4k video capability, full HD on the x-pro 2 some people said well you know why doesn’t this do it I think it has to do with a heat sink built up in here that allows you to dissipate the heat that’s going to be an issue with all cameras that are recording now in 4k but the beauty of Fujifilm is they gave you a new software update, this is version 2.0 on you owners of the X-PRO 2, so that means they gave you the same amount of focusing points that you have on its newer brother 325 focus points, which are again accessible with the little joystick that they put back here. I really like that feature, I sometimes prefer it better than using the touchscreen to be able to control your focus points, much faster focusing I believe, again, mode allows you really improve tracking and continuous focusing, you do have a little bit more customized system in the X-T2 when it comes to your focus tracking but all-in-all both of them are going to allow you to do very fast action shooting the X PRO 2 now has with the new software update the capability of working with Fujifilm’s new flash that’s going to be coming out the EFX500 which has wireless TTL and the new high-speed sync. Speaking about high speed, they both have mechanical shutters that allow you to shoot all the way up to 1/8000 of a second and again at eight frames per second these guys are not going to leave you in the dust when it comes to doing fast action photography. Beautiful lenses here, I happen to have their 18-55 standard kit lens which is considerably better than most kit lenses out there believe me and here you have the 23 mm 1.4 Fujifilm is very renowned for their prime lenses. They are state-of-the-art, again Fujifilm cameras have been around for quite a while and they’ve brought it to a new plateau now in the world of mirrorless did in the world of mirrorless digital cameras. So if you are in the market for a mirrorless APS-C camera take a closer look at the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 and the Fujifilm X-T2 camera. Happy shooting!

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  • +Izzy
    Izzy you are the best. And so is digital goja I recently had to deal with customer service to resolve an issue I honestly would give them 10 stars if I could actually 10 Stars plus I was just blown away what the courtesy and caring the resolution of the issue Thank you

  • Nice review/comparison Izzy. Why cannot Fuji put X-Pro 2 LCD on X-T2?

  • Until mirrorless sorts out it's over heating problems I'm staying away.

  • Hey ? I'm looking to get my first fujifilm, Im torn between xpro 2 and xt 2 i was wondering witch cam would you recommend.

  • Close but no cigar. For anyone watching the video to see which camera might be better for them it just didn't give any substantive information. I can compare specs by reading the literature. Did anyone actually shoot with each camera and compare the experience? There is no shortage of people comparing the published specs which, in my opinion, is a pretty useless addition to the plethora of useless YouTube videos. Dare to be different and actually do some hard work before you pick up your video camera. Do that, and you will set yourself apart from the rest by actually adding real value to your viewer's watching experience and knowledge. My 2 cents.

    Best regards,

    A frustrated consumer

  • This is the best xpro2 vs xt2 video! I use canon system for a long time and have been considering switching to Fuji. I like xpro2 design, classic. But the faster AF of XT2 really attracts me from the xpro2. I haven't made the decision yet.

  • thank you very nice review and good comparison

  • Awesome review!

  • I use GH4 and I really don't like its viewfinder and screen. Is the X-T2 any better?

  • Im a wedding photographer, so the X-T2 is better for me, right? Sorry, but I still dont know which one to buy, haha

  • I still don't know which one to buy…

  • i was wondering about which one to take for street photography and a bit of architecture/minimalism. I'm probably going to buy the 35mm f/1.4 and next 23mm f/1.4. Which one would be better ?

    Thanks 🙂

  • I'm coming to Miami this weekend but unfortunately the store is closed on weekends. 🙁 I wated to try these two cameras because I cannot decide. My concern is the quality of the pictures. I had a chance to use Fuji X-Pro2 for a while and I absolutely like the quality and colors, I'm in love with it. But I want an X-T2. They have the same sensor and processor, so the pictures should be the same, I guess. I have Fuji X-T10 now and I'm pretty disappointed with the mess, you know. Pictures don't look detailed, at times it looks like an oil painting, not a photograph. X-T10 is not able to capture big amounts of trees, it looks like a stain of different shades of green. While X-Pro2 does a perfect job and draws the smallest details. I also like that it does not divert the colors and makes them look neat and very tender, you know. X-T10 always shifts either to yellow, or green, or blue. Well, I know that they have different processor and sensor. But my point is to show how much I adore X-Pro2 and how much I want to get the same with X-T2. No comparison reviews say anything about image quality, only about different features, controls, grips, screens and stuff. That makes me pretty sure that in terms of image quality these two cameras are the same. But I'd like someone to confirm my guess. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the vid 👍

  • Excellent, intelligent review. Thank you Sir!

  • Wich is better? X-T2 or X-PRO2?

  • Great informative video thanks

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