Fujifilm X-T3 : FujiGirl Photography series (Official Trailer)

It makes a lot of sense to go out and
practice shooting in manual that’s when you can start mastering that’s when you
can start controlling your photography right now I’m standing in front of Lau Pa Sat, which means own market in Hokkien what is used as the marinate for the
suffering you draw these hell you’re down there for fear is actually a
three-way relationship today we’re in Little India and we’ve
just passed the festival lightly properly and there’s two decorations are
around and we’re going to photograph all that colour or the detail to fool the
people so today I’m photographing with a couple
of the most extreme Fujifilm lenses which is the monster glass it’s sixteen
millimeter why and also the longest lens which is a 200 millimeters f2 I’m gonna
sit on the back of the lorry with two other of our film crew we’re gonna head
to the most easterly point of Singapore so it’s kind of like rough and gracia
it’s always a Holly nothing else why not like a Ducati

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