Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS: CAMERA Test Comparison

this is a camera comparison test of the
new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus starting at about $1100 versus last years iphone xs, a year ago costs about the same but of
course it’s a year old unit so keep all that in mind now I’m Ben from authentech
and let’s jump right into it starting with some daytime photo side-by-side
here’s what I noticed so far both cameras aren’t seriously pretty dang
good I love to see how far these smartphone cams have come in just the
last few years the HDR or high dynamic range look really good on both sharpness
and clarity is fantastic and I’ll zoom in for some pixel peeping in just a
second the warm sunrise glow looks beautiful on both and honestly I’ll say
it right from the beginning if you already have or are going to get either
of these phones you’re gonna have an awesome camera in your pocket and
remember a lot of these results come down to personal preference and taste
everyone has a different preference and that’s okay now a few more finer details
I notice first the obvious the note has that ultra wide angle lens on that
triple camera setup while the iPhone 10s only has that medium and telephoto lens
it’s on that brand new iPhone 11 pro that also has an ultra wide coming to
the table and since you know I already pre-ordered mine consider hitting that
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comparison video coming very soon the ultra wide is awesome in my opinion in
both photo and video mode more on that shortly but without taking a single step
back look at just how much more we can squeeze into camera frame another
repeated theme I found the iPhone has a slightly darker image overall it’s a
little bit more crushed in the shadow areas now on that same side of the coin
the Samsung seems more often produce that brighter shot across the board all
without blowing out or clipping the highlights in photos which is great to
see it’s always funny and interesting when you place two images side by side
my eye personally more quickly jumps to that brighter more punchy image it’s
just a little bit more pleasing to look at a quick zoom
that 400% and while the iPhone doesn’t look horrible that note 10-plus just has
a slightly sharper image but it’s impressive how they both are capturing
those tiny details like that spiderweb across the branch another pixel peeping
starting with that ultra wide on the Samsung that looks so cool then a
side-by-side on the primary lens on both cameras pretty similar image on both
with just a tiny colour difference then jumping to the telephoto lens on each
slowly zooming into those two swans the Blues on the iPhone look a tad more
vibrant or saturated then zooming way in with the digital zoom on each camera
they both again look sort of similar with the Galaxy Note coming out just a
tad sharper like in those water ripples or the tree branches in the background
now switching to some front-facing selfie shots first a few without
portrait mode turned on in these first three shots we can see that same theme
again with the note producing a bit brighter image which I definitely like
my face looks a bit more brightly exposed and keeping my skin tones pretty
natural and realistic sharpness looks pretty great on both but I think the
note wins in the fight overall in this shot with the camera facing towards the
Sun is brightly backlit funny enough the note is darker on my face and the iPhone
is a little brighter now I kind of wish the HDR was better on both of these for
this photo turning on the portrait mode with the background blur they both
produce an overall really pleasant looking shot field of view is almost the
exact same and each phone does a great job in my opinion with edge outlining
and the background bokeh colors and exposure look really nice too it’s a
little bit better on the note on the note selfie camera we can punch out to
go a little bit extra wide which is nice for those group shots I like the option
to zoom out wider to capture a bit more into frame
and we can see how slightly wider the note is over the iPhone this is another
feature that the new iPhone 11 will have so we’ll have to see which one is wider
in just a few days and then there’s a few low-light photos firstly there’s a
little bit of light coming into the room from those closed blinds but it’s like
night and day difference between the two nope
intended the note 10 has this night mode which looks to be doing an awesome job
and you might not even tell it’s really dark in there if not for the dark and
blurry iPhone shots even the grain and sharpness still looks pretty great on
the note then I went pitch-black in the room and still amazing how well the note
did at least capturing an OK exposure of detail and image though it’s a bit noisy
and maybe out-of-focus funny enough the iPhone looks totally black showing you
what it really looks like in there then again we can’t forget that the new
iPhone 11 it’ll be coming out with a new night mode as well so I can’t wait to
see how that performs and compares now on to the video comparison and some of
my favorite tests here starting with some 4k 30fps just look at the sparkling
water reflection on the tree branches and the leaves on the note 10 versus the
iPhone 10 s we can see a little bit of that shimmer but maybe a little bit less
looking out over the lake the Blues in the water and the skies look a little
bit more saturated and vibrant on the iPhone
sharpness and clarity and the leaves look really good on both punching out on
that ultra wide on the galaxy note I love to see how much more fits into
frame when using this angle over the primary medium focal length now it
doesn’t look as sharp as the primary lens which is normally the case with
these phones I’ll be intrigued to see if that new iPhone 11s ultra wide is a
little soft in video as well or were they able to keep it sharp all around
white balance and colours look pretty great on both and the note looks a tad
more reddish in the hues where the iPhone 10 s leans a little bit more
green I think when moving in close to the tree trunk we can keep an eye out
for the HDR on each side and even though they both again look pretty pleasant
staring right into the sunlight I think it’s a repeated theme you’ll notice that
the HDR on the iPhone in video mode is better over the note 10 plus just look
at how much more blown out the Sun is versus the iPhones much smaller ring
around the Sun jumping to my quick patent-pending autofocus test this was
another key area that I found the iPhone outperformed more consistently and
responsive over the note there’s no trickery or anything going on here
we can just simply see how fast the autofocus is snap
back and forth on my hand and the background while the note tent is
flickering back and forth searching for focus but failing pretty terribly now I
can only hope that a software fix or maybe an app update could resolve this
in the future but until then the iPhone surprisingly
wins in this test now try not an optical and digital zoom comparison a few things
here firstly that note 10 has quite bit more zoom range offered in the app but
you can see that the quality degrades pretty harshly so I’m not sure I’d
actually recommend it secondly when pulling back out a little
bit we can see the stabilization is better on the iPhone since these are
just handheld shots when I switch over to just the telephoto lens on each
camera with zero digital zoom I found quality to be about the same on
each with the field of view a tad wider on that iPhone 4k 30 on each this is a
rear stabilization test one thing I’m noticing is the stuttering issue on the
iPhone and I’ve seen this before and I’m not exactly sure what causes it it might
be the camera mount but I don’t think so when switching to a jog well it gets
really bad pretty unusable the galaxy is looking fairly good overall in 4k
wide-angle on the note the ultra wide actually looks pretty smooth and stable
here as well which is good to see the iPhone again pretty terrible another fun
stabilization test on the Galaxy Note 10 percent mode we can turn on it crops in
goes down to 1080 on the iPhone just to be fair let’s switch it to 1080p as well
let’s sync them up and see if that makes a difference for stabilization starting
with a little walking test the walking looks a little bit closer here
and now a little bit of a jog but then of course switching to the jog the
iPhone doesn’t look as horrible as in the previous test so I’m guessing that
jello wobbles might be because it was shooting in 4k but now that we’re both
shooting in at 1080 they do a little bit better though the Samsung blows the
iPhone out of the water in this super steady mode jumping to the front-facing
cameras this is 1080 on both cameras now the note can go up to 4k on the selfie
camera which is nice we’ll jump to that in a sec but how does the 1080 look and
compare on each both cams look pretty good at 1080p about the same field of
view as for skin tones or the note clearly wins iPhone has been known for
this weird softening oranjee skin effect it doesn’t look very realistic
stabilization also goes to the note here and then when I pick up the pace we can
clearly see that there’s just too much wobble on the iPhone all right and now
we’re at 4k on the note still 1080p on the iPhone how does the quality compare
and of course the note wins on this one again 4k will just look sharper over the
1080p on the iPhone it’s just another little example though that the 10 ass is
a little bit outdated with that new iPhone 11 coming out it’ll be able to
shoot 4k even up to 60fps on that new front-facing camera both cameras
recording at 1080p this is an audio test on the new Samsung
Galaxy Note 10 and this is audio on the iPhone 10s how does the audio sound and
compare between the two how does the audio sound and compare between the two
let’s live authentic let’s live authentic in the audio test
they both sound very similar in my opinion both are good enough each get a
pass in my book and then for a slow-motion test both cameras recording
here at 240 FPS and I’d say the note looks to be adding a little too much
over sharpening in its image but the iPhone looking a little bit too soft a
nice middle ground could be nice the fluid motion looks nice
smooth and the only thing I’d say that the iPhone should work on or hopefully
be fixed in their next model is that slight stuttering effect that happens
here and there also note that note 10 plus can do up to 960 fps insanity
slo-moes which is super fun to play with and even though the resolution and
quality is a bit lackluster the new iPhones are still capped at 240 FPS I
find that a bit of a shame and lastly some low-light video samples I find that
the galaxy no is winning it here as well both sides look pretty noisy and grainy
the iPhones is a little bit blocky and soft
whereas in at least we can see more detail and clarity on the note side so
here’s my concluding thoughts on the results for photography well the note 10
plus hands down wins killer dynamic range and sharpness low light blows the
iPhone out of the water even the selfie cam and portrait shots look better on
the note now I didn’t even get a chance to compare the camera apps and the
galaxy kills the iPhone in my opinion there’s just so much more versatility
and power in their app while it doesn’t even seem like Apple’s trying to update
their app it’s been forever it’s way too minimal and lackluster of control as for
video mode well funny enough it’s a little bit of a tie or back and forth in
my taste for me I’d like to have consistent and accurate autofocus and
that extended HDR looks better in my opinion on the iPhone however the
clarity and stabilization on the note 10 plus is really nice and that’s not even
talking about the triple camera versatility which just clearly beats out
the iPhone 10s I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how that new 11 pro
iPhone stacks up after all the 10 as is a year old so I guess it’s a little
impressive in itself I’ll say it again a lot of it comes down to personal
preference so let me know down in the comments which one you like better and
why let me know of any other phone comparisons you want to see and until I
see you next time let’s live

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