Get Started in Film Photography!

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  • Wonderful Upload!!

  • Thanks for this video. Can you do a video on the Pentax Super program film camera ?

  • Video Timestamps for mobile users:
    Intro/Timestamps- 0:07
    How does Film work?- 0:41
    Film Formats- 1:25
    ISO- 2:07
    DX Coding- 3:17
    Which Film to Buy?- 3:36
    How does a camera work?- 4:17
    Light Meters- 6:02
    A Stop of Light- 6:18
    Which Camera Should I Buy?- 8:14
    Where to Buy a Camera?- 12:06
    All About the Shutter- 12:27
    All About the Aperture- 14:35
    All About Lenses- 18:51
    How to Load Film- 21:07
    Composition- 24:15
    P,S,A,M & Presets- 25:40
    Exposure Compensation- 26:56
    Shooting a photo in Manual- 28:23
    Unloading Film- 30:33
    Developing Film-31:26
    Editing Photos- 33:05
    Accessories- 33:59
    Final words of Wisdom- 34:35

  • This is one the better videos on film cameras. Break this video down to multiple videos. Basically a video for each of the topics. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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