Glossy black leather shoes photography tutorial

– Hey guys. In these three
minutes I’m going to show you how I just made this
shot with these lights. First, the composition. We
have glossy table, okay? It’s a glass, it’s a mineral
glass but completely black. It’s super cool, it’s
reflective, but scratch less because it’s not a Plexiglass. You can buy it in IKEA. And Photigy Gear page,
there is a link to it. At Photigy, we have two premium tutorials where I show everything from scratch. How to shoot this shot
on the white background and this one on the black. But for you, for our dear subscribers, it will be an easy and fast shot. When we shoot glossy, what do we need? We need to make sure that
we do not make mistakes by blowing too much, by diffusing
too much with the light. Glossy meaning sharp reflection. This is really important guys, to make sure you have sharp
reflection from your light, even when you use diffusers. Here I’m using diffusers, but
usually it’s not a good idea to use diffusers for glossy shoots. Just use softboxes. No umbrellas. No octaboxes. Just a square or strip boxes okay? But I’m going to use diffusers
because it’s a creative shot. So one light there, let’s
take a picture and see. What we got here? We have reflection, we have
a diffused reflection right? However, why it still looks
glossy, the surface of the shoe. Because its sharp cut-off line. It’s really important to
have sharp cut-off line here. How I’m creating it? I’m touching, with my softbox
I’m touching the diffuser so it creates a sharp cut-off line. Without it, it will be matte look, and it’s not going to work. It’s not good. So next light, what the best addition? Background light. I want it to be slight
halo on the background. I have a light under the table. It’s just little box light,
brown color box light, so basically a little softbox. It hits and we got some halo right, on the background. Now let’s add some glossiness to it. How we add glossiness? Sharp light from top. If you turn on this light,
you will see immediately, okay this is the camera view, you see how it creates reflection. I really love this reflection. I like this one and I like that one. It shows that glossiness
really really really well okay? You have here, next on that
side, we need one more light. I have a diffuser. Again, I’m not recommending
you to use diffusers. Go simpler. If you want
to shoot it for clients, use just softboxes. This is
little bit more advanced stuff. Again, if you want to learn why, why we didn’t use diffusers
on the women’s shoes, why we use it here, it’s all on Photigy. Okay, now we have two diffused
light, one sharp light, all looks good, but something
is missing. What is missing? Let me check. What is really missing here. The frontal area, you see how dark it is? We need one more light to
make it little bit nicer, little bit distinctive look for the boxes. I have it here, spotlight
in front of lens. Okay and here we go. It just little bit highlighting this area. And well the final shot, this is what exactly it look like. So if you want to learn everything, Join us at We are the best place to
learn product photography. I’m Alex Koloskov, your instructor. Like this video. Subscribe to our channel. The link to the whole workshop is up here, and I see you on the next video. Goodbye.

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