Google Pixel 4: How to Manage, Open and Close All Apps

Now, as you can see here, the Google Pixel 4 is a stunning, stunning device however it’s notably buttonless, leading many of you to ask us how to close, open and manage all of your apps. Well, we’re here to show you. So, in order to access all of your recent apps, all you need to do is swipe from the bottom of your Pixel 4 screen to the top As we can see here, they’ve all loaded Now, as you can see, you just need to touch and scroll through all of your apps with ease and you can select each one If you want to open an app, then simply scroll to the one you want to open and tap on it This will open up in full screen Now, if you want to close a select app, then similarly scroll through and find the one that you don’t want anymore So, I’ll go with Google Play Simply swipe up and it will disappear from your notifications Now if you want to close all of your apps then go all the way to the left and you can see here, select Clear All And, all of your apps will be wiped away So, this really is a simple way to manage all of those applications Now, I hope that this has helped you to manage all of those apps; open them, close them but if you have any other questions then please comment below.

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  • Swiping up brings back to Home screen, always… that's what my phone indicated in the "opening tutorial" and this seems to be the case.

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