GOOGLE PIXEL 4A Leaks? Yeah, about those…

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Much like last year when I leaked out the existence of
what would end up being the Pixel 3a, rumors and
rumblings of another a series pixel device is here. Many of
you asked me about the pixel 4a, so we’ll talk
about what Steve from OnLeaks has leaked, that Dave2D
leak, and some of my thoughts or what we may see,
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new video. I’d really appreciate it. And thanks to
all of you who commented on my last video asking me to
make more videos. So I’m going to try to make two a week but
the videos may be a little bit shorter. Notorious leaker Steve, or
OnLeaks leaked out information about the upcoming design of
the Google Pixel 4a. OnLeaks has a great track
record has accurately leaked the designs of the iPhone 11
Pro and the Google Pixel 4 this past year, before anyone
else, so it would be reasonable to believe that
this leak is credible as well. In this leak the most obvious
things that we can tell about the Pixel 4a is that it has a
design that makes it look like it has a less bezel than even
the Pixel 4 XL, at least on the top of the phone, but the sides
do look a bit thicker than on a Pixel 4 XL. But the most
interesting part is how the lack of a top bezel or notch
leads to Google’s first hole- punch design. There’s just a
single camera on the top corner like what we see on the Samsung
Galaxy S10e. That also means that we’re once again missing
out on the ultra- wide selfie camera that was so
nice and the pixel 3. I really loved that. The leak also said that it was
unclear whether or not it’ll support Motion Sense
or Project Soli, and face unlock. I’m
personally highly doubtful that it will happen for a
variety of reasons, one of which is the lack of space for
a sensor that large, you know, the Motion Sense one. However, there is a fingerprint
reader on the back which we’ll look at a bit in the moment.
The screen is rumored to be about 5.7″ to 5. 8″ big which
is a slight bump from the 5. 6″ screen in the pixel 3A.
The screen will be flat so screen protectors will work
quite nicely on it. despite having a larger screen
the overall frame and size of the device is rumored to take
up a smaller footprint. If that is true it’s amazing how
slimming the bezels helps with overall device size and
screen size. The only downside is the loss of additional
features like face unlock, which I really like a
lot on the pixel 4. On the back. We have that
familiar square camera design that is a good example
of the design trend of 2019. But unfortunately this camera
square doesn’t equal multiple cameras. Instead we
have one single camera there and a camera flash. At
least it makes the models look consistent? consistent? Despite
not having multiple cameras, I do have to say that the camera
on the pixel 3A is fantastic and some may even prefer over
the pixel 4, like my friend Dave maze over on this channel,
“Kinotika.” He let me know that he’ll have an in-depth look
at that. The comparison between the pixel 3A and the pixel 4.
so I’ll link it up in the card up here once it’s up or his
channel for you to check out. The reality is that the camera
sensors haven’t really been upgraded for two generations
now in any of the Pixel phones. For the main lens they are
still all just using that 12. 2MP camera and the only main
differences are the software and the visual core chip.
What that means is that the camera quality on the pixel 4a
will likely bring the same great experience and results
that we’ve seen with other Google pixel devices with a
few minor differences, and that kind of comes down
to preferences. Maybe we’ll find that will prefer even more
than the pixel 4 like my friend Dave Maze. Along the sides, we also had
the well-known pixel volume button with that colored
power button. We also have USB-C and down- facing speakers
which we’re surprisingly really great on the pixel 3A and
phenomenal on the pixel 4 despite it being an unusual
design choice because of physics and how audio is
shooting away from you, down, and not at you. I
explain audio physics in my video about smartphone speakers
up here.All that to say I bet the sound quality would be
quite nice and the pixel 4A as well, but if it’s not
good we”ll at least have a 3. 5 mm headphone jack. As for specs it’ll likely have
4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage and use either are Snapdragon 730
or 765. Whether or not it’ll have 5G is unsure but
I have major doubts about that. One source for a pixel 4A leak
recently came from Dave2D, a source that I don’t think
many of us were expecting. Maybe they mixed the
two of us up? Not all asians
look the same! Ha! But I have some
thoughts and concerns about it. Anyways he claims that he has
some info on the so 4a and that will only come into the normal
4a size and not the 4A XL size. He claims that this is likely
because the XL models didn’t sells well as a normal model,
which may actually make sense in this budget tier level.
Remember Google is a data- driven company. So cutting out
one model out of the equation but surely save them a ton of
money by not having to spend money on design,
manufacturing, administrative, and Supply
Chain expenses for another three SKUs.
That’s three because there are three different colors on
the bigger model. Now speaking of colors,
he claims that there will be three colors just like on the
pixel 3A but they’ll come in the normal white and black
variants with an arctic blue color and not pink power
button. Now all of this has a level of logic to it
that makes some sense since Google would likely prove to be
more profitable if they cut even more costs by simply
removing the XL model. However, 9to5Google stated that
their source has already hinted at that there will be
an XL model, which is consistent with what Google has
done with all the pixel phones. The only thing that may be
providing weight to Dave’s claims is the lack of
two code names for the four a device.
Currently, “needlefish” is the only code name that is
potentially the name for this new generation of A devices,
but that also has yet to be confirmed. All that to say this would be
super cool for Dave if he did indeed leak valid information.
And I have no reason to believe that he would ever leak any
information maliciously or knowing that it was wrong.
Even I have made some mistakes while leaking information
despite my intentions not to mislead. But it is good to
take this with a grain of salt for now because of what other
sources are hinting at. If he ends up being wrong, give the
dude some grace. It’s a lot harder than you’d think to do
this thing. I’ll be reaching out to some my sources to find
out more information and see if they will tell me anything.
And if you happen to have any information and you want to
contact me feel free to either hit up my email
([email protected]) or on wire @ Of course, if any of you have
any questions for me to ask my sources please let me know and
I’ll see what I can do. I’m always here to find
information for you. Before I share with you what I
think we may see in the Pixel 4a, I have to show
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10% off your first purchase of website or domain. The biggest thing that I want
from the Google pixel 4a is what I have described as a good
delight to dollar ratio. I use this description for my pixel
3a preview video which can check out up here. There’s a
BrandoMOM in there and it’ll makes sense when you watch it
and you’ll probably laugh. Trust me. Just click click on
it after this video. Now a good delight to dollar
ratio is one where the things that matter the most and affect
the experience of most for most people in everyday use
are there. Yet the price is so low that you often think of the
world as is only X Y Z dollars. That is exactly the experience
I had with the pixel 3A and so many others’ experiences
as well. This is also why the pixel 3A helped Google double
their Google pixel sales this past year. Along with
that, the pixel 3A has shown many people that they
honestly don’t need more than what it can do. It satisfies
your needs and wants very well. If you want something more
premium and refined feeling, you look at the price and
realize how much more that extra benefit is, and realize
that it isn’t a big enough difference to pay for it,
for most people. Honestly, I use the pixel 3A
for a while and strangely preferred it over the Samsung
Galaxy S 10 plus. I know it sounds crazy but I’m just going
to be honest. Yes, it doesn’t have decked out specs,
the highest resolution screen, and a fancy yet fragile
glass components. No, I has a fantastic camera,
great battery life, surprisingly great speakers,
snappy performance, a durable and great feeling frame despite
it being plastic. Fast software updates,
great Google pixel software features, and a
price it makes you feel like you’re getting a great deal. That is the
delight to dollar ratio! So what can Google add that
goes beyond what we have at the pixel 3A besides some spec
bumps and a processor bump. The hope is that the screen is
better than last year since it was a little bit dim.
I personally prefer a brighter screen more than a higher
resolution screen as the pixel 3a a screen resolution wasn’t
really distracting to me. And I have my doubts about being an
old display because of the costs and the hole punch design
can actually work on LCD tech. But if we get OLED, that would
be pretty crazy having another storage tier other than 64GB
will be nice as well as that was a bit of
a bummer on the 3A. Logically, this lack of options
is probably a cost- saving measure. Having multiple
models creates a lot of additional production costs and
supply chain labor like I mentioned before. Another thing
I’d like is waterproofing but we know that IP certification
adds about 30 dollars per unit sold. That is unless
Google waterproofs it without an official IP certification,
just like OnePlus. And the only other thing that I
can think of that they could add is wireless charging,
which is actually possible with a polycarbonate frame as long
as it’s not too thick. And I don’t think we’ll see 5G
because it’s a new technology that we don’t even
see in their current flagship, the Pixel 4, and it adds a lot
of extra cost to the device. Google would be foolish to
increase the price from what the pixel 3A launch with. If the
pixel for it comes in at three hundred ninety nine
dollars without any discounts or sales, I think
Google have another hit on their hands. So what do you think about the
google pics are for a so far? What kinds of things would you
like to see in it to give you that incredible delight to dollar ratio? And
remember we’re trying to land in that three hundred and
ninety nine dollars range. Are you looking to upgrade to
the google Pixel 4a, And what did you come from? Are you
upgrading from an older phone? Pixel 3a? Pixel 4? Let me know in the comments and
in the This is Tech Today community Discord Chat Server.
We’d love to have you. Thank you for watching This is
Tech Today where we talk about the intersection of technology
in our everyday lives, in business, and
in all things creative. Until next time.

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    🚨 ️QOTD: What do you think about the Google Pixel 4a so far? What kind of things would you like to see in it to give you an incredible delight to dollar ratio? Remember, we're trying to land in the $399 range. Are you looking to upgrade to a Google Pixel 4a?

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