Google Pixel Back Camera Lens Replacement – CLEAR Back Camera Mod!

Since Google started pumping out new color
combinations with their Pixel 2 this week, I figured I’d take matters into my own hands
with the original Pixel and assess some of our own color options by swapping out the
back glass. This also works if your camera lens is broken
of course, and you just want to replace it like a normal person. It’s surprisingly not that difficult of a
project. Let’s get started. [Intro] Now, breaking your glass camera lens on purpose
would be pretty dumb. Only a crazy person would abuse a perfectly
good phone. But I am going to stimulate this repair on
a phone that does have glass that’s already broken, and I’ll let you know what to watch
out for as I go along. Heat is going to be our best friend during
this repair. It does soften the adhesive under the glass
– which there’s actually not very much of, surprisingly enough. But it is pretty strong stuff. Apple honestly should have attached the back
glass of their iPhone 8 with this same method, and saved everyone some major time and money. But I’ll save that conversation for a different
video. Once I got that tiny gap open by using the
sharpness of my razor blade underneath the glass, I was able to slide my slightly thicker
metal pry tools around the edge and then lift up a pretty major chunk of the glass. There are a few different important ribbon
cables that you have to watch out for under that glass slab; one being the fingerprint
scanner ribbon, which I’ll show you in a second. And the other is this little antenna thing
on the right side of the back. Avoid these fragile ribbon cables as you’re
peeling off the glass layers because they can tear. The adhesive is only along the sides of the
back lens, so the glass is pretty easy to lift up and off of the phone. Also remember that glass is the same hardness
as glass and can scratch itself, so try and keep the glass dust and larger shards of glass
out from underneath the screen. Getting closer to that fingerprint scanner. I’ll very carefully push it down with my finger
and then lift up the rest of the glass up and away from the back of the phone, leaving
the home button in place. If you pull too hard, it will tear and stop
working. Applying the replacement glass is pretty straightforward. I’ll link these replacements down in the video
description. The Pixel and Pixel XL are both different
sizes so make sure you buy the right one for your model of phone. I’ll pull off the little but of adhesive protection. I forgot to move over the flash diffuser from
my previous glass, so maybe you’ll want to transfer that before pulling off the adhesive
protection. Also, needless to say, make sure the inside
of the lens is clean, because you don’t want no dust specks in your pictures. I’ll just set the glass down in place inside
the phone, making sure it lines up with all sides of the rectangle cut out before the
adhesive can grip too hard. Once it’s in place, it’s hard to remove. This is the black and blue version which looks
pretty solid, and I like it. But I also want to try out the white glass. The picture taking capability it still working
great. The exterior glass of any cellphone is there
for protection and not for focusing, so as long as the lens is visibly clean and clear,
it won’t be messing with the functionality of the camera. If the camera itself is not working or focusing
correctly, it’s a hardware issue inside of the phone. And now it’s time for the white lens. I think this one’s going to end up looking
pretty cool. The back glass was already adhered pretty
tightly to the phone body, so I’ll apply some more heat and lift it off with my metal pry
tool. And then again, prematurely pull off the adhesive
protection on the white lens before adding the flash diffuser. I’ll orient the diffuser like shape of an
upright 8 to line it up with the dual LEDs right below it. I also cleaned out all the extra black adhesive
out from underneath the glass so that the new lens will sit super level and flush with
the phone body. Getting that fingerprint scanner lined up
in the center of the white lens here, and I think this color combination looks pretty
awesome. The white and really blue combo is legit. I’m probably going to keep this visually appealing
set up. But I do want to try one more lens and it’s
pretty clear what it’s going to be. The coloring on all these Bonafide Hardware
glass lenses can be scraped off. It wasn’t totally perfect, but it still looks
pretty clean. What color do you think looks best…the black,
white, blue, or this new clear version? I’ll still need to add some of my transparent
double sided adhesive to hold it down, but it’s ready to go. I’ll link all these replacement lenses in
the video description right below this video. Come hang out with me on Instagram and Twitter
to see some of the projects that don’t make it all the way to my YouTube channel. And thanks for watching. I’ll see you around.

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