GoPro Goalie Hemet Mount Cam | GoPro Hockey [HD] – GAME 46

First game with GoPro on the glass, and another one on the helmet. To give you an idea, we are playing the first place team, They always smash us, so it’s going to be a busy night. Thank you. Ahhhh Who’s covering him? Yeah! Nice goal! Not much you could do about that one. Who’s in front here? Who’s got him? In front boys, in front, in front! Boy’s we got to cover them, stop chasing them. Lets pick up watching in front boys. Let’s watch in front alright, lets go. Watch in front boys, watch in front. Ahhhhh. That was a brutal goal. I was hesitating. I wanted to play it but I didn’t want to mess up. So I was in this limbo. SAM: I gotta make one save. PLAYER: That’s gonna look good on the highlight reel. SAM: Oh yeah! It’s in your feet, in your feet. It hits my head, why doesn’t he blow the whistle? You gotta blow the whistle, it hits me right in the face. Backdoor! Ahhhh. Behind you, behind you. Alright, back camera is back in action. You got it, you got it, you got it. Ahhhh. One day I am going to get a shutout against these guys and it’s going to feel amazing. Today is exactly what I posted on Instagram. No matter how hard a goalie tries, if your team doesn’t score, you can’t win. We got 1 goal, technically we got 2 goals because my defensemen scored on me so. So go figure. I feel like the front of my net is like a Seven-11. It’s always open. Nice try boys. Well, when you play the first place team and your whole team doesn’t show up… Well, half the team. That’s what happens.

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