Graphic HD Video: Marines in combat firefight against enemy in Afghanistan

it’s an early morning in Kajaki Afghanistan a platoon of Marines with 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment are awakened by the sound of mortars impacting their position near the Helmand River Patrol Base Georgetown Without time to fully dress, the Marines rush out to engage the enemy. “Everyone throws gear on and runs out, we get our positions established, and the squad leaders take control.” “It gets out of nowhere. I’m in a sleeping bag still all of a sudden you hear a flare go off, RPG, then fire just starts going off.” “Just to the northwest, across the Helmand River they have a ridge line up there and there’s caves in the ridge line that they’ll crawl into and engage us from there.” “We’re the most forward unit in the green zone from FOB Whitehouse from the battalion with us here lockdown regional uh… alot at at the end of the named david
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