Gremlins (2/6) Movie CLIP – Multiplying Mogwai (1984) HD

I had to come. So I see. Now I see. It takes a certain
kind of guy. And that guy needs
a certain kind of dame. Varoom! Varoom! Varoom!
Varoom! Varoom! [imitating engine] Pete: I hate wearing
this stupid costume, But my dad thinks… That’s no problem,
pete. You can leave it
up here. What are you
gonna tell him? I’ll just tell ’em
a bunch of bikers Stole it from me
on the way home. Wow!Hooded menace.
Issue number one. Pretty neat, huh? Yeah. Where’d
you get it? Oh. Dr. Fantasy’s,
I think. [chattering] What’s that? Here, I’ll show you. This is my new pet. My dad
gave it to me. Neat!
What’s his name? His name’s gizmo.
He’s a mogwai. Hi, gizmo. Mogwai. [purring] Cute. Blink your eyes. Go like that. Can you do that? Hmm? Go like that? Now, watch, pete.
Maybe he’ll sing. Come on, giz. Let’s go over
to the table. I’ll be careful. There we go. Gee, billy, where can
I get one of those? I don’t know. It’s the only one
I’ve ever seen. Can I hold him? Sure.
I don’t see why not. He seems to like you. Aah! Great.
Thanks a lot. Sorry. What was
in that jar? Nothing! Just water! Why is he
making that noise? [squeaking]

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