HACKER DARES CHAD & REGINA to Twin Telepathy, Floor Is Lava & Fortnite Dance Challenge PZ9 vs Daniel

– Spy ninjas! Daniel is being held captive by PZ9. We need to go rescue him, right away. Guys, you ready? – Yeah.
– Yeah. (panic sounds) Our TV’s getting hacked. – [Chad] We’re getting hacked. – (laughs) Guess who hacked your TV? It’s me PZ9. (laughs) Chad and Regina, where’s the feisty one? – Wait PZ9, what are you
doing on our TV screen? How’d ya get there? – Yeah and we don’t know where Vy. No idea where she is. Just Regina and I are down here. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s it. – Only two of you, well
it must by Vy’s lucky day, cause I have some challenges
for you to participate in. (laughs) And if you fail them,
I got punishments for Daniel. (laughs) Here he is. – Ah, guys I defiantly don’t
want to do any punishments. You guys gotta complete
the challenges, okay? I got faith in you guys. You can do it. – Okay, fine we’ll
complete your challenges. Just don’t do anything to Daniel, okay? – [Chad] Yeah, yeah, yeah,
we’ll do whatever you want. We’ll complete your challenges. Yeah, just don’t do anything to Daniel. – Yeah.
– [Chad] Yeah. – I can see your every move. So no funny business. – This place is totally secure. – Yeah
– You can’t see us. Okay, fine if you can see us,
what am I doing right now? – That’s a tough one, you’re
holding up three fingers. – Ah, wait, ah. – What, wait? – It there a camera in here? – [Chad] There’s gotta
be cameras somewhere. Where’s it coming from? – I don’t see anything, do you? – [Chad] Yeah. – Let me see if the
security cameras are hacked. – [Chad] Okay, yeah, get them. Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait. – Get back here or Daniel
gets his first punishment. – Okay, okay, okay, we’ll
do whatever you say man. Just whatever you do, don’t
do anything to Daniel, okay? – Yeah, hang on tight, Daniel. – Tell us what you need man,
so we can let Daniel go. Just don’t hurt him, don’t do anything. – The first challenge is
the fruit basket challenge. – Wait, a fruit basket challenge? That’s easy enough. – Yeah, you just chop some
fruits, put them in the basket. – Yeah, I’m great at making fruit baskets, you know, I can chop them real nicely. – Not fruit baskets, you
idiots, fruit basketball. Sheesh, it’s pretty self explanatory. Take a fruit and shoot it
through a basketball hoop. – Wait, basketball? I mean I am really tall, so
I’m pretty good at basketball. – Ooh.
– How about you, Regina? – I played in the eighth grade once. – [Chad] You did? – Mm-hmm, I made a shot in the other the person’s team, though. – (laughs) That sucks. Well let’s see if you
can make another shot. I’ve got some fruit over here. – I’ll take the pineapple. – [Chad] Oh, sure, take the light one. Okay, we’re outside. – I’m checking the security
cameras right now, on my phone. – Okay, we’re good, awesome. – He doesn’t have access to them. – I don’t see any other cameras, besides your security cameras. – Is he bluffing? – After this challenge, Regina, let’s try to find his
cameras, and let’s break them. – I don’t know what I’m doing, Chad. – [Chad] The basket is right there. All you gotta do is jump
really high and slam dunk it. – Slam dunk time.
– [Chad] Slam dunk. (intense music) (scream) Wait, what happened? – I couldn’t slam dunk. – [Chad] Oh, oh, okay. – You told me to do that, Chad. – [Chad] Oh, at least try a layup then, if you can’t make it that high. – Three, two, one. – [Chad] Go. – Layup. – [Chad] Ahhh! – [Both] Whoa! – Okay, now I gotta do a watermelon. Take the camera, Regina. – Good luck. – Okay, spy ninjas give me
a thumbs up for good luck, because this is really heavy and I don’t know if I
can get it up that high. We’ll see.
– [Regina] I believe. – Three, two, one, layup. – [Regina] Go Chad. – [Both] Oh, yeah, whoa. – Ow, I just got stung by a bee. – [Regina] Really?
– [Chad] Ow, on my finger. – Let’s get out of here. There’s a big bees nest up there. – I bet PZ9 set that up. – He did, he probably tricked us. – He tricked us.
– Ah! I don’t think there’s
any cameras out here. – [Regina] I don’t see any, but let’s look everywhere, just in case. – Yeah, yeah. Nothing down there.
– [Regina] No. – What about over here? There’s a nail.
– [Regina] Oh. – Right down here. There’s a hole, you see a camera in there? Hmm, nope. – [Regina] Maybe you gotta
stick your finger in. – Ow, just kidding.
– [Regina] Oh, shoot. – No camera. I think he’s totally bluffing us, Regina. – [Regina] Yeah. – I don’t think it’s him. – [Regina] Careful about
where you’re going. – Did you see that, PZ9? We easily completed your challenges and I even got stung by a bee. – Stung by a bee, it’s probably because of all that honey you’re consuming with all those chicken nuggets. (laughs) Hey I saw you two snooping
around for those cameras. That’s not the challenge. Even if you made this
shot, you all cheated. Daniel still gets the punishment. Are you ready, Daniel? Daniel, I hope you’re hungry. (laughs) – Oh, no, what are you gonna do to Daniel? No, don’t. – He’s gonna get punished because of us? – [Chad] Oh, what is that? (coughs)
(laughs) Ah, that looks– oh. – Daniel is gonna go, Daniel, no. – [Chad] He farted in his mouth. Oh, oh, he’s like gaging, oh god, oh gosh. – [Daniel] Oh, wow, it’s so bad. I’m crying.
– [Chad] Oh geeze. – Why’d you take such a big bite, Daniel? – [Daniel] What the heck, PZ9? – Daniel, it almost looks like spam. – [Daniel] That was horrible. – So maybe he could pretend it’s spam. – Now if you don’t want anything else to happen to your precious Daniel, then participate in the
twin telepathy challenge. I’ve always wanted to be a game show host. I’m gonna give both of
you guys some categories. If you guys can read each others minds, and write down the same thing, then nothing bad happens to Daniel. – Chad, me and you, we gotta think on the same wavelength, you know. – Yeah man, no problem. – You think what I think. – I mean we’re both spy ninjas here. – Yeah. – We can both think the same thing. – Yeah I think so. – Your first category will be colors. – I aint to yellow to
try this competition. That means scared, by the way. That’s just, you know, just
phrases, popular phrases. – You’re obviously cheating, okay? And that’s not good, is it? (scream)
(sigh) Okay? – Oh, sorry PZ9, I’m
just joking around, dude. – The color I’m think is the
color of your favorite color, which you know.
– Oh, my favorite color. – Yeah, yeah, so write that down. – Yeah, yeah. – Don’t look at each other’s papers. – We’re not looking. – Are you ready, PZ9? – [Both] Three, two, one, go. Yeah, whoa. – You’re welcome Daniel, yeah. – Got it, next one.
– Telepathy. – You guys got that one correct. Next category, a nom nom
nom nom, snacks. (laughs) – [Both] Snack. – Like a snack that I eat a lot? – I know you recently talked about it. – Snack that I love very much. – Oh shoot. – Keep near and dear to
my heart and my pantry. – I really have no idea. – Come on Chad use your noggin. – Hey, get that outta here. Oh, you dropped your marker. (laughs) – Regina get back in frame, you idiot. – What do you mean get back in frame? What you can’t see her right now? – No, no. – What about now? – What about now, can you see me now? – Yeah, yes. – [Regina] And now? – [PZ9] Just sit down
in your chair already. – [Regina] Oh gosh.
– He can’t see you over there. – Sorry, sorry, PZ9. – He should just chill out, dude. – So angry. – I know where the camera is now. – It’s somewhere around here.
– Somewhere around here. Okay, snacks. I’m so sorry Daniel.
– Oh my gosh. – I know gonna get this one wrong, so I apologize in advance. One, two, three, flip it. – Scooby snacks. (laughs) – (laughs) Takis. Hey Scooby snack, that’s got
the word snack right in it. – I guess so, we only
had it once with Dack. I have a whole pantry filled with Takis. – That’s right you do. I don’t ever go in there
cause I don’t like Takis, so I don’t even open it. – Chad, you don’t even know
Regina’s favorite snack. Even I knew that her
favorite snack was Takis. Chad, Regina, you failed. Daniel, time for another one. (laughs) I hope you don’t get shocked by how electrifying this
next one is gonna be. Oh you feel it? – [Daniel] Oh it’s so weird. – [PZ9] You feel the energy? – [Daniel] It’s like pulsating
through my whole body. – [Chad] Oh, that looks painful. Oh he’s spilling water.
(screams) – Oh no, they’re making him pee. – He spilled it. He keeps going like (pain noises). – Oh my god. – That one hacker looks like he’s having a little too much fun. We tried our best, buddy.
(screams) I’m so sorry they’re doing this to you. – Next category is YouTuber. – [Both] YouTuber. – (sniffs) Ew, phew, what’s that smell? – I think it’s pie. – It is pie. I hope I don’t die if I eat it. Ready – Ready. – [Both] Three, two, one. – Go. – [Both] PewDiePie! – Whoa, same wavelength,
same wavelength, right here. – We get each other. – PZ9 eat that. – Eat, you know what you
can’t spell without eat? Cheat, and that’s what you
did again, you cheater. Daniel, Daniel, you know what time it is? You know what time it is, Daniel? (laughs) – No, no, no. – Are you serious? – That was happenstance, we
were just talking about pies. – Yeah. – It’s fine, Daniel we’re sorry. We’re screwing this up
for you big time, man. What are you gonna do PZ9? – Daniel, we’re about
to get messy. (laughs) – Oh, I’m so sorry, Daniel. They’re putting something in his hair. – Oh, no not his beautiful hair. – I love Daniel’s hair. – Is he gonna be bald after this? – He might have to shave his hair off. – Oh my gosh. – Daniel’s gonna look
really different after this. – Oh, no. – I’m so sorry Daniel. Okay, ready for our next challenge, PZ9. Oops, oh my marker.
– Oh, gosh. Oh, no.
– Did you drop yours too? – Yes, I did.
– Let’s go get our markers. – Okay. – Okay, so the camera is
some where over there, because we’re off frame right now. – Wait, Chad, what is this right here? I’ve never seen it before. It’s not Mr. Bear. – That’s what PZ9 gave to Daniel and I to bring to the safe house
to give to you and to Vy. I don’t know why he gave– (gasps) – That’s the camera. – There’s a camera in the bear. – I’m pretty sure that’s how he saw us. When we were lifting up our
answers, that’s how he knew. And when my marker fell
over here, I was off frame. – Yeah, he can’t see us right now. There must be a camera in
the other stuffed animal that he gave us and the
flowers, which we put outside. And that’s how he saw us
shooting the basketball hoops. – He gave you more stuffed animals? – Yeah, there’s one over
there in the kitchen, and the flowers are outside. – [PZ9] Hey, get back here. – [Chad] Oh we gotta go.
– Okay let’s go. – Okay, PZ9, yeah, yeah.
– Sorry. – We just had to get
our markers, that’s all. – Yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, nothing, nothing. – No big deal, they flew over
there some how, you know. What do we do next? – What’s our next challenge? – Next challenge is the floor is lava obstacle course challenge. – Obstacle course, wait. – But there’s no obstacles. – There’s no obstacles out there. – That’s because you’re gonna
make the obstacle course. But at the end, you better
show me your best ninja move. (laughs) And you must
complete the whole challenge in under 30 seconds. Otherwise, Daniel. (laughs) – We gotta do work too?
– Okay. – Daniel you better appreciate
what we’re doing for you. Just kidding, we’ll do it for you anyways. – Yes.
– Let’s go. – Okay PZ9, Regina and I just finished the floor is lava course. – [Regina] Look at this. – It starts right here. So if you can see us anywhere,
we’re just gonna go for it. All right Regina, set
the timer on the clock. – [Regina] All right.
– Here we go. – [Regina] Timer’s set. Are you ready Chad? – I’m ready. – [Regina] Three, two, one, go. (intense music) – Oh shoot. Okay, all right. Here we go, this is the tough part. Oh my gosh. – [Regina] You got this. – I don’t wanna fall in the water, though. – Careful, don’t fall. – Here we go, here we go. (intense music) Now I gotta do five hulas. – [Regina] Do five hulas, Chad. – [Both] One, two, three, four, five. – [Regina] Yes. – Here we go, here we go. – [Regina] And your ninja move, whoa. – Boom, boom. Ah, yes. That was defiantly under 30 seconds. – No problem. – The real question is
whether I can do it or not. – I believe in you, Regina,
you are a spy ninja. – Okay. – [Chad] You got this Regina. – I got this, I got this. – [Both] Three, two, one, go. (screams)
– [Chad] Oh, you’re fast. Holy cow.
– Oh, shit! – [Chad] What, oh my gosh.
(screams) You’re fast.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Chad] Oh my gosh, you got five. – [Both] One, two, three, four, five. – [Chad] I knew you could do it. – Thanks. – [Chad] Geronimo, whoa, yeah. That was so fast.
– Nice. – I’m pretty sure you beat my time. – Whoa.
– That was really fast. Wow you are a spy ninja. PZ9’s gotta be super happy about that. – What do you think about that PZ9? – Yeah, what ya think? Regina, Regina come over here. I want ya to admire these
beautiful flowers over here. – [Regina] Oh, okay. – [Chad] Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you see these flowers over here. That’s where the camera is. Why don’t you come take
a smell of these flowers? A smell of the flowers,
if you know what I mean. – Smell. – Smell those flowers. I hope they don’t trigger any allergies. The beautiful flowers, Regina. – Oh, they’re so beautiful. – Daniel and I brought
them for you and Vy. – Oh my gosh. I love smelling flowers. – Smell them, yeah. (sniffs) oh I think I’m getting an
allergic reaction right now. – For reals? – Ah choo! – Oh, no. Great job, Regina, that
took out that camera, now we gotta take out
the other cameras inside. In my backpack I have the V.I.D. device. It will record an image
of us doing something and then it’ll loop it over and over. PZ9 will think that we’re
just doing that one thing. – Yeah, so whatever in
the next challenge is, we’ll just put the V.I.D. on the cameras and then we’ll save Daniel. – Yes, perfect. – Okay, let’s go.
– Let’s go. Okay we did it. – Yes we completed it. – Yeah, let Daniel go now. – Yeah, it was under 30 seconds. We did it fair and square. – Okay you completed the
challenge fair and square. But Regina, oh my gosh, could you even call that a ninja move. What the heck was that? (laughs) Next challenge, I think
Chad is pretty good at it. It’s Fortnite dance battle. – Fortnite dance challenge. – Yeah.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good idea, Fornite dance,
I love Fortnite dances. – Yes.
– Let’s go ahead and do that. – Lets do the thing. – All right you ready Regina? – I’m ready. – Let’s do it. Regina, Regina, come here real quick. I’m just gonna go ahead and put that right there and we’re good. All right let’s do that
Fortnite, Fortnite. – [Regina] Okay let’s do it. – All right we are ready
for the Fortnite dance. – Yes, what’s the first dance? – First one. – First dance is the Slitherin’. – Oh Slitherin’. – [Both] Three, two, one, go. – Oh my gosh, we’re so in sync. – Wow we’re doing it and PZ9
you gotta be happy with this. – Yeah.
– This is great. That was like perfectly in sync. – We did it. – You can’t get more perfect than that. – I know. – We never have done that
move ever in our lives. Were just natural as uh uh uh. – So what you think PZ9? – Yeah? – I’m so impresses, that was so much fun, but it was awful. (laughs) – What, do ya, awful? – That was the best dance
I’ve ever seen in my life. – You know I think the both of you should join a women’s dance team. (laughs) – Its okay if he has flexible hips. – Yeah, man, let’s just move
on to the next dance, okay? – Yeah. – Next one is the Hype, yeah. – All right three, two, one.
– Three, two, one. – We’re doing good. – Yeah, yeah. – [Both] Yeah, yeah. – Yeah that was good.
– Whoa. – Take that PZ9. – What’s up with that? – You all look so unorthodox and cringy. – This guy’s impossible to please. – I know, I wanna see you dance PZ9. – Yeah, no artistic taste. Time to show him our
true skill, our V.I.D.– I mean our V.I.P. skill.
– Oh, yes. – Very important person skills. Let me just push a little
button there, here we go. And let’s do it. – Okay. – What is next? – The Floss. (laughs) – Okay, the Floss. – Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. – Oh, yeah. – Yeah, beat this PZ9. – This is like a real good. – You can’t beat this. – Can’t beat this.
– Whoa. – Yeah!
– Whoa! – Wait, let’s take a look, take a look. – He doesn’t see us. – He thinks we’re still
flossing, right now. – Wait, so them the V.I.D.. – Yeah, check this out guys. – Oh, yeah. – Yeah PZ9 thinks we’re still dancing. He’s gonna think we’re doing
the Floss all night long. Let’s catch back up with Vy. – Daniel, we’re coming to save you, boy. – Let’s go, come on
Regina, into the delorean. – [Regina] Let’s go. – Here we go, here we go. All right get in. – [Regina] Okay, here we go. Whoa! – All right let’s go. – [Both] Whoa! – Hold on Daniel, we’re coming for ya. – [Both] Whoa! (intense music) – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(glitch sounds) – Yeah. Yeah. – [PZ9] What’s happening? I can’t see you guys anymore. Did they try to trick me? The spy ninjas! (screams) (intense music)

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