Hard Truths: Prize-Winning Photography from The New York Times

Hard Truths is something that we have
exhibited all over Europe and this exhibit showcases some deeply revealing
images. The University of Melbourne was really interested in it and we were able
to just progress that conversation and bring it to life. One of the main
challenges with this exhibition was figuring out how to adapt it to a
unconventional setting. It’s not a dedicated gallery space so it was
thinking about how to give these photographs an appropriate presentation.
You’ve got images from the crises in Venezuela, in Iran, in Iraq, in Cuba, and
there are some stunning images from Australia as well. Being able to exhibit
the work in a forum like a university in Melbourne I think is a great platform
for people who be able to engage with the work and see a full set of pictures –
photo essays if you like – and get that deeper understanding of what the
photographer’s experienced and the worlds that they have encountered and
the stories they told. It just was very impressive in terms of the skill of
capturing a singular moment and a certain story in a certain space in an
age where we’re so saturated with media I think that still really registers with
people that quality photography. It’s an incredible experience to be here as a
former student and to see people wandering through the Atrium they’re
coming and going from lectures from classes and it’s really exciting to
watch students engage with this exhibit.

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