Hidden camera dairy calf investigation

These calves were born only a few days ago. They are just beginning to express their own unique personalities. Like us, some of them are inquisitive, some
of them are social, some are shy. They were born, for one reason: To keep their mothers producing milk. But now, the dairy industry has no use for them. Their story is one that few people know, and one even fewer have seen. Over three visits to the Riverside Meats abattoir, in Victoria, investigators documented the fate that awaits most calves
who are born into the dairy industry. Dairy calves can be separated from their mothers on their first day of life. As early as their fifth day, they are
loaded onto trucks and sent to slaughter. From this ramp the calves are herded into the slaughter chute. It’s illegal to use electric prods on such young animals. Yet, in this abattoir they were used routinely, including on calves’ faces. Calves are forced up the slaughter chute and
into the restraint rollers before being killed. Workers shoved, prodded and pulled calves by their tails
to move them up the chute. This weak calf was left lying in the corner
of the slaughter room for 24 minutes before he was tossed into the restraint rollers for slaughter. Other injured and dying calves were dragged, dropped and thrown, before being killed. This abattoir is not unique. Each year across Australia, over 700,000 dairy calves are
slaughtered as ‘waste products’ of the dairy industry. Their fate is the result of demand for their mothers’ milk. But, the choices we make can help end this. By reducing the demand for dairy, you can help prevent more
calves from being born into this system of suffering. Their fate is in our hands.

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  • This is not because of them we enhance these market by purchasing dairy product

  • The only way to rid of from these types of problems via only spirituality

  • I still won't stop consuming dairy.

  • I feel so sad when i see animals are tortured like that human really horibl

  • In India it is considered cool by liberals to crave beef because the hindus are considered right wingers.

  • Talk to AOC. We have to eat them before they fart.

  • I thought they were sold off?

  • Sometimes I wonder if these videos are staged. I doubt that somebody in this country would let a calf go to waste and abandon it on the side of a road. If there was something wrong with it, it would be turned into food. Ive seen many videos that abuse animals just for the advertising hits and monetary value it could be for the video creator.

  • No need to cry or feel sorry. Why? This is the result of what we did in the past – we bought and consume meat meat and dairy products IN THE PAST! That's how powerful Domino Effect is! STOP buying meat and dairy products and these nasty acts of horrible humans shall come to an end!

  • This is actually disgusting I had no clue this happened in the dairy industry I am repulsed😖

  • No more DAIRY for us

  • It shows cruelty is prevalent around the world. It is a man thing to abuse these animals. The brave hunter abusing his catch before he kills it. Mankind does not really deserve life. They are the lowest level of life. Animals kill their prey and eat it. Man abuses it then kills it. I hate slaughter today. They have to die to feed people but they do not need abused and hurt to do it.

  • 😢😢😢😢

  • May those farmers in the video burn in hell🔥. I am sorry My beautiful angels, demons are ruling our planet today and i do not know why😭💔☹️🐮❤️Gods angels Will be welcoming you at the ports of heaven🌈.

  • Oh lord these disgusting ppl.

  • The workers are heartless and cruel beyond description but we (at least those among us) who consume this milk are equally responsible. I will have to make up my mind to stop using diary products.

  • We have to do something we can't have humans treat them like this 😡

  • Please take some action please

  • This humans just go n dei n I pray to God this human just dei tonight n get sooooo much pain that not even on hell they get place to stay 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • And that's why I'm a vegan

  • please please please go vegan . I beg everyone to save all these poor animals from suffering . they don’t deserve it

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dit is dierenmishandeling niet goed waarom moeten die kalfjes nu al dood laat ze leven

  • This is not normel

  • If i am an adult i will start a farm but i will buy 2 mother cows with they Calfs .. the calfs can drink milk of they mothers. BUT THIS THIS IS ABUSE!

  • No wonder most of west is on anti depressants and drugs ..

  • Why they have to wait 5 days for killing them? One should not eat meat anymore and try not to drink milk

  • i cant believe this is whats been behind all of the ice cream, pancakes, and glasses of milk i’ve had at breakfast. this wrenches my heart and i’m going to try to cut dairy from my diet entirely.

  • These people need to suffer!! 😭 HOW COULD THEY DO SUCH A THING 😭 😭 😢 😭 THE POOR BABYS 😔

  • Why no 1 is not talkin any serious action

  • 😭🖕😿😢🤬😡

  • I’m crying how can people be so evil

  • Siete dei veri bastardi figli di buona donna spero con tutto il cuore che capiti anche a a voi per quello che state facendo

  • This is heart breaking to watch and it’s Terible that ppl don’t know what they do to the cows to get the milk and meat. It’s also heart breaking to see how they treat these animals and that they like to abuse them! This is sucking and cruel what they do and I want to go vegan for this 😭😭😭😭💕💔💔💔💔

  • I got a beef jerky ad before watching this video

  • I hope these people that was in the video hurting the poor calf’s die in hell slowly this made me soooooo mad like reallly mad I just wanna go there and punch these people.

  • If I get a chance to off these Monsters in human skin
    I will do it thousand times

  • How cruel….! Pl God have mercy on the poor souls

  • Those poor babies I absolutely despise humans people who slaughter animals should be slaughtered themselves treating them poor little babies like they are nothing. They have feelings they would have been petrified grieving for there mothers I hope justice is served to those that do this absolutely appalling .

  • Oh god this is horrific, these poor beautiful creatures 😭😭

  • If you still think this is ridiculous it's not true then you yourself visit a dairy farm. How would you feel if you were separated from your mother?? If you think this is ridiculous then you would like being seperated from your mothers.

  • Too beautiful small cows

  • Madarchutt harami kutte ki maut maroge


  • It's happening everywhere, karma will kill all humans and take revenge.

  • God made human race Superior to all species not to perform such cruel and filthy activity……..
    Do what u want to do bloddies god will judge ur act and give u what u bloody bullshits deserve.
    Pretend urself in place of poor animals then u will understand the pain of being slaughtered just by none of ur fault

  • They should be like this

  • How is this still possible

  • that meat works is unique and clearly does not treat its animals right but this is not the farmers fault it is the workers here and they need to make sure the calves are slaughter in a humane way the farmers expect their animals to be treated properly and not like this just remember that when dairy farmers and my industry beef they are sent for slaughter but not in such a way that these people are doing it.

  • Go vegan!!!

  • I am in tears to see this people . How could they do this

  • What would happen to the FOOD CHAIN.

  • Those who work there are pathological killers!!!

  • I hate and shame of being humans….I will pray to God just destroy this human species from Earth and make new faithful and beautiful species who will not hurt anyone

  • Most people are already stop buying or supporting dairy products but we have to do something to stop this as soonest not to wait until the last human to stop buying or supporting!

  • I hate people who kill animals im going to have my own Fame and adopt all of the baby animals and thare moms

  • 😭😭😭

  • When I saw that son of a bitch THROW that calf in the machine I wanted to break my phone. I was wishing to God to let me be there to save them from this place. The WAY they were hurting them was too much to bear. Please tell me they were busted and shut down. Does anyone know?? This is gonna bother me for a LONG, LOOOOONG time… I'm going Vegan starting today. No living being should be treated like that 😢 God I hate humans.

  • Undercover video evidence does not lie. It's clear the industry employs people with little education.

  • Its elegal to kill us humans. Why poor animals?

  • Human is cruel

  • Disgusting

  • Ah so its Australia well we know that …They very happy torturing animals…

  • Sooooo sweet😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • I’m not gonna support theses farms or animal testing the more we buy they will keep doing it end the violence but not buying from them this is why I got cruelty free makeup and doing search on vegan foods I can change my life by eating healthier

  • I love these beautiful creatures how can humans be so cruel.

  • You like Beef and Milk? DEAL WITH IT. THAT is reality. Do YOU want to pay three times what you do for the product? EFFICIENCY is a MUST then. I'M Cryin too… All the Veal cutlet gone to waste.

  • I want to do something 😭

  • Humans are the wildest animal they just cow………

  • It’s a tough business, people have to eat too. Either we live or the animals do. Overpopulation is incrementing these activities.

  • I am Hindu and I am pure vegetarian.please stop it.

  • This all happenes because of non- vegetarians….Please stop eating meat…Pork…Beef…Chicken…And animals….You have two hands and one minds to grow your own food….Learn from India…Where 45% population is vegetarian

  • That idiot should be boiled in hot oil ,raskel

  • This is discusting

  • Shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my god.

  • No words for this horror

  • What a pityful sight. Innocent calfs being hurt. Its like hurting a new born baby. Plse stop this cruelty.

  • Thanks For The Video Iam Ashamed To Be A Human For 40 Years I Fought For The Human Race ,For What So They Can Abuse The Animals 😡😠🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Unfortunately A Small Percentage of Humans Really Care For The Animals Nuke Earth.

  • It's funny how you can tell from the kind of things they say that people who slander the Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyle are just brushing the sickening treatment of animals and the insane unsustainability of animal agriculture straight under the rug, they are ignoring a massive problem just to absolve themselves of guilt and keep a clear conscience. Either that or they are just pure hedonists who think anything is morally and ethically acceptable as long as they enjoy it. Anthropocentrism is a mental cancer.

  • मांस खाने वालों की माँ का भोसना

  • Useless people

  • Let's be vegetarians

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  • Shame On Australia Get Your Act Together Pay Back Is A B,,, And Is Just Around The Corner.😁🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 Good Luck.

  • Not all dairy farms are like this these farmers here are just sad bastirds.

  • Actually they are not culprits we are the people (consumers) who provoking them to do this kind of job..this is not all about the cow from worms to elephants all animals are killed by us… guys who pretending here to be sad for them it's my humble request to do not use any kind of stuff made out of animals so they can contribute a little kindness for them

  • They are devils! How could a mentally healthy person commit this crime and cursing those innocent babies with those foul words!😢

  • Who cares about calves😒 lets eat hamburger!

  • The biggest terrorist is the human

  • very cruel.are they not children of GOD?

  • Poor calf😢😢😢😢😭😭

  • They will repay in earth in hell too.

  • Plz help and stop this cruelty

  • Hate humans 😥😣😭

  • Not true you don,t know anything

  • Capitalism is cruel on animals too.

  • I hate these heartless people who don't understand others pain

  • My god very poor animals

  • Omg they look like children

  • When he said their mothers milk the baby cow licked it's lips.

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