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Please subscribe this channel and don’t forget to press the bell icon How long will it take more? Almost done See this picture Hey! Bilajit bro, please roll a joint. Wait A stupid moon will rise in the sky
(famous dialogue of a famous singer) How many more nights will I spend alone You’re not alone at all (Smoking is injurious to health) I’m always there for you Gossiping I’m definitely getting laid tonight Listen is everything okay or not? Otherwise I’ll rip your balls off Hey bro see this stupid jackass What happened bro, who made you this? why man..? Lack of production hey Don’t irritate please leave me alone Areh! Listen nah leave Listen now All your parents are here What happened? Mah Life, Mah rulez What do mean by that? leave me now, have to work have to go now Listen, as you study along with me, that’s why you got the job of my sister’s wedding So let me do it Please come with me Areh.. what are you doing? where are you taking me? Areh why are you taking me to washroom? Someone will surely come please leave me Why are you getting worried? I can make you melt like an ice cream What are you upto? Leave Leave (mourns) Daughter You have been trapped by the “God of Thunder”

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