How I Photograph Weddings as a Street Photographer – Tony Ray Jones Shooting Approach

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  • Another example by Kevin of quality over quantity. Making videos only for giving practical and immensely useful advice. Thanks you! Btw, any plans of coming over to India?

  • Love the whole doco style wedding shoot. Been involved in 3 weddings of friends and the 1st was interesting. My friend, a pro, had tasked me with doing the photojourno thing. Shooting bridal prep taught me a lesson re : gear. My colleagues shot with large dslr's and every time they went to shoot people would stop what they were doing and smile/pose! Whereas with my XE-1 I was largely ignored and therefore got the more spontaneous pics….lesson: learned….go small 😉 Oh and the way you weaved "Wales" and "winning" in a single sentence! :-O

  • Kevin, are you always using the flip screen when not bringing the camera to the eye? Thankyou for such informative and inspiring videos!

  • Thanks, mate. Your work has been an inspiration for me and many other wedding photographers. Keep it up!

  • One of your best videos, one of the best photography videos on YouTube ever, period. Thank you for sharing.

  • Great video Kevin.I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. whether you are the best photographer in the world or not but certainly you are a wonderful photographer.

  • Kevin, as if it weren’t enough that I almost always pick up a tip or two from your videos, but I can always bank on feeling a bit up-lifted. Thanks and keep-um coming.

  • i'm using xt2 and want to ask what focus settings are you using for capturing street and wedding which is u need to capture moment that so fast. thank you sir

  • Great vid. So much food for thought.

  • If I can help it – I try not to do weddings lol

  • love the organic feel of your shots, every time I watch one of your videos it makes me put away my DSLRs and drag out my old X100 and X10 😂😂

  • Thanks Kevin – your best video ever in my opinion – Brilliant!! I’d be interested to know your average number of “Keepers” to images taken ratio and do you have a view on “an ideal” ? – thanks – Peter

  • Looking at the list, everything was clear except the last one: No middle distance , I was hoping for an explanation but I guess you didn't get that one either 😉
    Always refreshing watching your video's cause they are about Photography and not about gear, and those are getting rare nowadays.
    18:42 woman in the fog. Deep bow !!!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Greatvideo – Love your photography!

  • You mention freedom to shoot in public spaces, but the problem we face is the removal of permission to do so. What worries me is the the conduct of these YouTube ‘auditors ‘ who spend their time deliberately antagonising the police, security staff and anyone else who they have taken a dislike to, all in order to show that they know more about a section of the law than their target does. It won’t be long before someone pushes the matter far enough in Westminster to have a law made preventing us from engaging in street photography. I don’t know if you have seen any of their videoson YT, but do have a look if you ever get a spare 5 minutes and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Great video. Thanks! Btw what lenses do you like shooting with on weddings?

  • Hadn’t really considered doing street as a good training ground for wedding or family photography. My brain had automatically gone “you can’t do street Emily, ignore it” but actually you are right, it’s people watching and developing your obs skills that is important. Thanks for that Kev. Will try to get past my barrier and venture back out there again… scared but will give it another go. 😂

  • And also, if you shoot b&w.. can you later on change it back into color?..

  • By the way… how about destination workshops?! I love NY and have shot there a lot but having a workshop there would be awesome. I know that there are loads of local of photographers but didn’t know whether you’d consider getting enough interest from your “followers” here to get an NY 3/5 day workshop?

  • That's a top list from T R-J, I saw it in an exhibition in Liverpool a few years ago alongside Martin Parr's work. Always thought it was a useful document to keep a note of and very relevant to today's photography.

  • Another great video. Many thanks for the continued inspiration. Out of interest, do you ever get asked to take formal posed pictures as part of the package? Or is that something that gets taken off the menu right from the start. I can see a bride getting half way through the wedding…..”can you take a picture of me with the bridesmaids”. Do you tactfully decline? Or just humour them and delete it later?

  • Yet another great video Kevin! Thanks a lot for sharing your tips and encouraging us to go out and shoot. Your work is superb!

  • Another breath of fresh air Kevin ! This is what photography is about and in a brilliant , uncluttered way. Cheers !

  • I'm not a documentary wedding photographer by any means, but all the knees on my wedding suits are threadbare, so I must be doing something right 😀 Nice video Kevin, thanks for sharing.

  • amazing video and photos Kevin. Thank you for sharing it. Also the point at around 19:53 discussing boring/mundane scenes is something that I constantly battle with internally; it was great to hear your very valid and eye opening viewpoint.

  • "I'm here to capture these moments, not destroy them." So important.

  • Very inspiring! Thankyou for sharing this.

  • Thanks Kevin, just great!

  • Quality advice and great inspiration thank you! Really appreciate it 😁

  • What a great lesson on how to construct an informative, friendly talk on a subject by a professional with a distinctive individual style. Enjoyable all though. Thanks again for posting this, even as an old amateur found it so interesting how methods have evolved.

  • Very impressive explanation of your modus operandi Thank you Kevin

  • Super film Kevin and really interesting to hear how you shoot as always. The whys and hows behind pictures are always fascinating to me. "Don't over shoot" is such an important take away from this film.

  • Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts behind wedding shoots

  • Thanks for this, so many ideas i have learnt, thanks

  • Excellent tutorial sir. I very much appreciate your insight on capturing the moments. Thank you so much

  • Great instructive video. I would like to add that I prefer this photofilm to the others because it's slower with more time to appreciate each picture. Well done!

  • Amazing advice Kevin on this approach to wedding photography, keep the videos coming!

  • Thanks again – great video – very informative – will make a note of the rules/tips – really want to come to photography show but don't think will be able to – My biggest takeaway is using the tilt screen and shooting from the hip more so as not to disturb the scene – thanks again for all your great content.

  • COYBIG 😉

  • Thank you.

  • Great job thank you

  • It really does say something when you can enjoy looking at a strangers wedding photos.. Thanks mate 🙂

  • Thank you for that one picture, I'm not regretting my decision of buying used x-m1 a few weeks ago. Haven't got the time to get it outside and use it yet, but now I'm looking forward to using it.

  • Do you use silent/electronic shutter in the street and also at weddings to remain as incognito as possible?

  • Kevin, thank you so much for this information. You've actually inspired me to become a documentary wedding photographer. Love your videos keep it up.

  • Great tips! Do you feel like the xt2 is still a good camera for weddings? Also what about the 23/50 f2s? Ever use those anymore or should one save up and get the 1.4/1.2 versions? Thanks!!

  • Well, that was wonderful. Glad I stumbled on your channel.
    And great candid images. Subscribed. Cheers.

  • Kevin, This one of the most instructive YT videos I've seen that really goes to the heart of the matter- telling a story, framing, composition and a more documentary approach to wedding photography. I love your examples! Sorry, but I'm rooting for Ireland all the way from San Francisco.! G

  • I just love this ethos Kevin. It seems new kit is being thrown at us from every angle with pixel counts ramping up and higher specs being the paramount consideration at times. What about simply taking pictures with the kit we've got? All I can boast right now is an old original x100 with a firmware update and an Olympus em 10 MK 2 with a few nice lenses. I couldn't really afford anything more expensive. I'd love an x100F one day, but alas, not yet. A story. I attended friends wedding a couple of months ago – and just took my old x100 along, set for black and white jpeg. Using your whole approach, I took many shots that day. The couple were completely blown away by them because I caught the 'moments' the professional photographer might have missed when he was busy elsewhere. Everything on this video I completely agree with. It's great to be able to upgrade your kit every couple of years, but if you can't – just love the gear you've got and get good with it. People still 'wow' at your shots.

  • I took pics at a 50th wedding anniversary for some rellies with your philosophy in mind. A pale imitation compared to your work but I did manage at least 5 cracking photos. It blew them away so thanks for sharing your thoughts and your work.

  • Need to find a girlfriend and get married so you can take the pictures. Well actually I am already married but hope you understand what I mean.

  • Beautiful photos (as always), and very interesting comments. And let's hope this year Saint Patrick is on holidays this Saturday. 😉

  • Great video Kevin. Really interesting, love the slideshow at the end as well!

  • Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge Kevin! I'm so appreciative.

  • Great video Kevin. Will try and say hello to you at the Photography show. Fingers crossed that Wales win.

  • Love your work and these vlogs. Thank you for sharing.

  • Great video, thank you very much!

  • dam your photos are great. Very inspiring

  • You prove once again why you are one of the great You Tube creators teaching us the art of photography. Great stuff. Thanks.

  • This is prolly one of the best videos on Photography! Bar none!

  • I gained my LBIPP & LMPA in the early 1980s! I'm confident that your efforts at Wedding Photography would have been laughed out of the building! Snapshots at a Wedding is not Wedding Photography!

  • Another super inspiring video Kevin…. and Wales beat Ireland too. I'm an avid All Blacks fan so I think the world cup this year will be very interesting.

  • So you shoot RAW and view in black and white (to see the light)…. Will the image still be in color? I like the idea of viewing in b&w if possible while color capture images, usually both jpg and raw on my Canon dslr D70 and mirrorless M50.

  • Excellent Tutorial, Sir!
    Amazing shots.
    Thank you!

  • You Mentioned the X-M1. It was the Fuji camera that got me hooked on Fujifilm. I still have it and keep the 27mm "pancake" lens on it and keep it in my backpack.

  • What artist/song did you use for the slide show? Very informative, BTW. Thanks!

  • Wonderful video packed with great advice/tips !!! Thanks for sharing your insights.

  • Dude, I like your work so much!!! I'm stuck in life trying to photograph street but trying to pay the bills with weddings. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  • Kevin, thoroughly enjoyed this video, one of the best and most informative that i've seen in a long time. Thanks for posting and I love your work, regards!

  • great tips and inspiration. thanks for sharing. your talent and passion for photography are a motivation.

  • Hey Kevin, great stuff as per usual. I was just wondering where about's you source your music from? Thanks in advance

  • I loved watching this, photographing a wedding is recording family history, the images will be viewed many times over, some of the people in the images may well have passed away but remain intact in the bride and grooms memory.
    Thank you for this, it is my view that this IS how a wedding should be shot, people are not cardboard cut outs all wearing the same " Rabbit caught in the headlight " pose…you are talented.

  • Great video and great opinions .Have you by any chance uploaded any videos how you edit your color raw pictures? I've seen one video about the black & white raw edit in Lightroom and another with your jpeg settings ,but your edited color pictures have some really good character.

  • Very good video Kevin !

  • I am planning to go in for xt3 which lens should i go in for instead of kit lens??

  • Great video Kevin, simple yet effective advice 👍

  • Top notch Kevin, myself and a fellow photog are both admirers of your work and also use The Fuji system. Your style comes up with our regular coffee catch ups. The principles of story telling you talk about with wedding and street are bang on, and I even found myself using them for a surf life saving event recently. Cheers.

  • I have heavily relied on your videos and website for many pointers when it comes to shooting weddings. It also has been a huge help for me when shooting events. Thank you so much for all of your help. You could charge for all of your knowledge and it definitely would be well worth the price. But you have provided it to us all for free and I am truly grateful!! I can't thank of another photographer that has impacted me as much as you have. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • I'm doing my first wedding shoot next week with Fuji XT3, X-Pro2, 50mm F2, 16mm 1.4 and maybe Voigtländer 58mm 1.4 (if I can get my speedlight on a tripod installed in a corner and get some "official" portraits as well). I bought the Godox 350F and 685F especially because I though they were essential.
    But your video was a great inspiration, because this is the kind of photography I would like to do, street/reportage and it looks like I do have the tools to do it.

  • Thanks for the video….find and shoot pictures that rhyme…in any language.

  • Hi Kevin, can you recommend some good places to get music for wedding photography slideshows? Thanks

  • Brilliant. Love the wedding video. I rarely take images of people but when I do I like them to be of a documentary style. With this in mind I took my X-Pro2 to my nephew’s wedding in March. I applied everything I’d learned from your videos over the years and was delighted with the results. More importantly so were the bride and groom. All black and white of course and at times using an ISO of 12,800! I’ll never be a people shooter. I do landscapes. But I had a great time and captured some of the best images I’ve ever taken. Thank you Kevin.

  • One of your best videos ever ! – Tons of good advices, excellent insights – all accompanied by some of your great photos. Truly inspiring. Thank you !

  • Nice and informative as always Kevin!
    I would really like to see >how< you shoot. Ie how often change lenses, how do you move around etc. A video on that would be awesome.

    Keep it up!

  • Great video as always !!! You should do soon (please) a new video regarding how you setup your XT3 for a wedding day (street photography style ) !!! 😉

  • I wish i could dislike the 3 people who disliked this video. So many golden nuggets in this one.

  • Another superb video Kevin. I love to hear about others philosophy and approach. I was really interested to hear you shoot so few frames.
    The wedding at the end was superb, but a bit too fast for me. I'd prefer half it a third of the number in that time.
    Looking forward to your future vlogs!

  • What a great inspirational photographer you are. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great video and images. I love the way you shoot and it would be almost worth getting married again just so I could get you to record it. Enough said, I don't want to give the wife any ideas!

  • This story-telling approach is so much more interesting than what a lot of wedding photographers are doing and most of all, natural, authentic, real and with genuine emotion conveyed.

  • Love it! Your humility is SO refreshing in this age of influencers

  • This is gold. Thanks for putting this out there!

  • My only regret is that I can only give this one thumbs up.

  • What's sad is in states that have those consent rules never get the consent for their surveillance programs. You cant take a snapshot but they can track your every move.

  • Hi Kev, love your pictures! Don’t agree with your theory that we will have no pictures in the future of how life used to be. I was surprised to learn that more digital photos were taken (typically) in the last three days than were taken in the entire history of film. Everyone has a camera in their pocket and I’m sure history photos will be preserved and well documented for many years.

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