How I Take Photos Of Myself // Self Portrait Photography

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over there on Fiverr. Today’s been a bit of a weird day for me. It’s Thursday, which is usually the day that I film my videos on. But I just have had no motivation to film any of the videos
I already have planned. So I did what any
reasonable person would do. I asked on Twitter and Instagram what you guys wanted me to
make a video about today. And one of them really caught my eye so we’re gonna go on a little adventure. (gentle upbeat music) I’m gonna show you guys how
I shoot photos of myself. (gentle upbeat music) Much better. One of the reasons that
I bought my first camera was because I wanted to
get better photos of myself to post on social media. You quickly realize that when
you’re the one with the camera you actually end up taking
photos of other people way more than you end up
getting good photos of yourself. So along the way, I figured
out a way that works for me to take more photos of me. Hopefully this way is helpful for you. But there are a couple other ways that I’ll try to explain as I go. The way that I’ve found easiest
to take photos of myself will work with most modern cameras. And that’s to connect your camera to an app in your cell phone. Like I said, as long as you’ve
got a fairly modern camera, most of these companies are
now making some kind of an app that will connect to your camera and allow you to monitor
what you’re seeing and take the photo from your phone. That being said, most of the apps that I’ve used to try and do this are not exactly user friendly. There might be a little bit of
fighting to get it connected. You might lose some functionality
that you normally have when you’re taking photos. It’s all a bit of a game of give and take. Here’s what we’re gonna
be shooting on today. Now first things first. We’re gonna need a tripod. And that should be pretty obvious. Because if you’re not
holding the camera, who is? In this specific case,
I’m using my older tripod ’cause I’m currently using
my new one to film this. Obviously we’re gonna need the camera. I’ve got the a73 here. I guess I can take this off because I am no longer vlogging with it. I’ve switched over to the a6400 for video. So we’ve got the a73. And we’re gonna be trying out the Viltrox 85 millimeter F1.8. I have tried this on my a6500, but I haven’t tried it since
I bought a full-frame camera. Slap this guy on the tripod
and we’re ready to go. (gentle upbeat music) So first and foremost, I
like to just set up my shot and make sure that I like it. Obviously there’s some people
walking through it right now. But, that’s okay. It’s feelin’ pretty good. Maybe we could move to the left and get this centered up
a little better, though. That’s better. So this is gonna be a little
bit different on every camera. And the first way, like I said,
is to connect to the phones. So in the Sony cameras,
we’re gonna go into the menu. We’re gonna go up to the top, go over to the little world thing, and go Control with Smartphone. Turn that on. And hit connection. Now because I had previously
been connected to this phone, it automatically connected again. But there will be some
kind of a Wi-Fi password or QR code that you can scan or you can use the NFC I believe
it’s called and scan that. There’ll be a bunch of different
ways that you can connect. Like I said, in this case, because I was previously
connected, it knew to reconnect. So, as you can see here,
I’ve got mirroring displays. Interesting how different
the color is in each of them. So now that I’m connected, I’m
gonna keep an eye on my phone and I’m gonna go stand in front. So the first round is
generally just me checking to make sure that once
it gets focused on me that I still like the
composition and everything. In this case, I do think
it’s lookin’ pretty good. I like that you can still see
a little bit of the bridge. All though, maybe F1.8
is a little too blurry in the background. Let’s try F2.8. I’m gonna have to, whoops. And then I’m gonna have to
crank up my ISO a little bit to get my exposure proper. Let’s go hang out back in front again. (camera clicking) There’s the F1.8 shot and the F2.8 shot. And generally, I’m pretty
happy with how that’s looking. So now it would just be
a matter of going out in front of the camera, trying
a bunch of different poses, holding a camera or something to give it more interest in the shot. This isn’t a particularly
interesting shot inherently. But I think it’s lookin’ pretty decent. And of course because we’re
all on Instagram nowadays, let’s flip that sideways
and do a couple more. One other thing to note
is that I personally like to shoot portraits at at
least 1/100 of a second, if not 1/125 or more. The reason for that is because all of the little tiny movements
that your model is making are going to affect
how sharp your shot is. So if you’re looking to
get sharper portraits, make sure you’re shooting at
a fast enough shutter speed. I am losin’ my light real fast. But before I get onto
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sponsoring this video. Now back to being vain and
taking photos of ourselves. Aw man, it’s startin’ to get dark. Let’s crank this up. I tried to catch golden hour, but it just went from,
like bright to dark. So, personally, I think
connecting to the app, even though it has its disadvantages and it can be a little
bit glitchy at times, is probably the easiest way for
me to take photos of myself. But there is an alternative
that I also recommend and that’s by using an interval timer. Now again, this might be something that’s built into your camera. The newer Sony cameras
all have interval timers. The old ones had the PlayMemories app where you could get an interval timer. But you can also buy one
to plug into your camera. I will leave a link in the description and you can go find one from there. So let me see if I can show
you how to make that happen. Now again, this might be
different on your camera. But I’ll show you, it’s in the first menu on the fourth page. We’re gonna go to Interval
Shooting Function, we’re gonna go to Interval
Shooting, turn it on. We’re gonna take one every, let’s say, yeah three
seconds should be okay. We’re gonna wait for 10
seconds to get in place. The Number of Shots
we’re gonna take is 10. Now one of the catches with
interval shooting is that, depending on what your camera is, it’s going to be different as far as how the auto-focus works. In this case, I’ve never had good luck
getting the interval shooter to auto-focus in between shots. So what I’m gonna have to do this time is actually set a manual focus point and just try and stick with it. Now especially at F1.8, this
is gonna be a little difficult. But what I’m gonna do
is go set my backpack out where I’m gonna stand
and then focus on that. Focus on that and then I’m
gonna flip into manual focus and tilt it back up. Now I’m gonna say a little
prayer and go stand where I was. These are super moody, mostly because it’s starting
to get so dark out here that I’m actually getting underexposed. And all I did here was moved
back and forth a little bit so that I had some variance just in case the focus
was off a little bit. Hopefully at least one
of them was in focus. Oh look, I went way too
far forward on that one. But I think that one looks pretty cool. So, if you’ve seen photos
of me up on my Instagram, that’s probably how they were taken. It’s not an easy process. And it’s definitely not foolproof. And sometimes it just doesn’t work out. But it’s a lot of fun,
it’s quite challenging. And if that kind of
thing just isn’t for you, then I would just say
go shooting with friends and have them take photos of you. Thank you do donny_ducktails who was the one that suggested this. I know a couple other
people have suggested it in the past before. But when I reached out today,
he was the one who said it. And thanks to Fiverr for
sponsoring this video. Again, the link is in the description if you wanna go check
out my curated store. As always, I wanna hear from you. Is there a different way that
you shoot photos of yourself? Let me know in the comments
and on your way down there make sure to hit that
like and subscribe button. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time. Holy crap, it’s getting
so cold out here. (laughs) This is fall in Edmonton,
it’ll be winter in a week. (gentle upbeat music)

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