How To Be Comfortable On Camera

– In this video I’m
going to share with you five things that are gonna help you be a lot more comfortable on camera, and we’re starting right now. (upbeat rap music) What is going on? My name is Nick. Welcome to another video. If this is your first time here and you wanna get YouTube tips
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that subscribe button so you don’t miss anything. So you’re making videos for YouTube, you wanna make videos for YouTube. You’ve considered it at some point like, “Hey man I really wanna
make videos for YouTube.”, but for whatever reason you are struggling with being comfortable on camera or the idea of putting yourself on camera. So I’m gonna help you work through that so you can start making awesome videos and put yourself out there on YouTube. And real quick, let me know
down in the comments below what exactly is your struggle? Are you having trouble
getting in front of the camera in the first place? Or are you just trying to find a way to make it seem more normal
when you’re on camera? Trying to find a way to make it to where when you get in front of this lens that you feel good about it
instead of feeling uncomfortable and just not good. Number one, before you go
on camera do some exercises. Do some movements or something
to help relax your body. Even if you’re just gonna to
be standing here like this and you’re not going to be
doing much moving around at all, it’s still important
that you relax your body so that you’re loose so that you feel good when you get in front of the camera. ♫ I feel good na na na na na na na Number two, drink lots of water and practice using your voice before you hit the record
button on the camera. Okay the water for obvious reasons so that you don’t dry out and end up choking and
coughing all over the camera. By practicing using your
voice I mean practice talking maybe sing if you have to. ♫ La la la la la But seriously, using your voice maybe speaking a little bit
louder than you normally would or just practicing on
projecting your voice before you get in front of the camera, it’ll help you be a little bit less timid once you hit the record
button on your camera. Number three, remember
why you’re making videos in the first place. This might sound a little bit
out there but hear me out. We all make videos for a
bunch of different reasons but it’s important that
before you get in front of the camera that you dig
deep inside of yourself, so to speak, and remember why it is that you’re making for
YouTube in the first place. Do you have a message that
you’re trying to get out there? Do you want to put yourself
out in front of the world? Are you trying to share
your art, your skill set, the things that you know? Are you trying to generate leads? Are you trying to get more
traffic to your website? Are you trying to get
people on an email list? Are you trying to do things in general that are going to improve
your financial situation? Whatever the reason is dig down deep find that reason before you
get in front of the camera so that you can remind yourself so you can get fired up a little bit and remind yourself why it is that you’re making videos
in the first place. As a side tip remembering that why can also really come in handy
to help push you through and keep everything going
when your subscriber rate isn’t going as good, or things just aren’t working
out as you want ’em to yet. That remembering why can
make a huge difference in how you approach
everything that you’re doing on YouTube and off. Number four, be confident in
what it is that you’re doing. What I mean by that is this, be confident in the fact
that you’re making progress, be confident in the fact
that you’re standing in front of the camera in the first place, If that’s something that you wanna do, be confident that you’re
watching videos like this and others like it because
you’re honing your craft. Just like if you’re
learning any other skill, if you’re learning to play basketball, if you’re learning to play piano, anything else that you’re doing you’re going to have to spend some time learning how to do it. Whatever skill it is that
you’re trying to learn there’s a progress that you have to take. There’s steps that you have to take that make you better and better at what it is that you do. We all learn new stuff every single day. Be confident in what
it is that you’re doing and the progress that you’re making and the steps that you’re taking, that there’s a lot of people
that wanna make YouTube videos but they’re sitting on their couch saying, “Hey, I wanna make YouTube videos.”, but they’re not doing anything about it. You are. If there is nothing else
to be confident about when you’re making your videos, which there is, but if there isn’t, then just rely on that, the
fact that you are doing it. You’re standing in front of
your camera, you’re trying. You’re putting that effort out. You’re doing what you
can to get the results that you wanna get. You’re going after it. You’re not sitting there waiting for it. It’s also important to understand that because you’re in
the learning process, I mean we’re all in the learning process, that you should also give yourself a break from time to time, you know? Try to make everything as good as you can but don’t take it so seriously that it’s paralyzing you
in front of the camera or that it’s keeping
you from making videos which is gonna give you the progress or the results that you’re after. As a matter of fact, I’m going to go ahead and
share something with you. 10 years ago, a little
over 10 years ago now, I wanted to make a travel podcast. I thought, hey, I’m getting
ready to move to Thailand, and I’ve got this big
adventure in front of me and it would be really cool
to make a travel podcast. And I was gonna do it with video because I wasn’t familiar
with YouTube at the time. I also knew 0% about producing videos, about making anything
look cool, about framing. I didn’t know anything
except that I needed to stand somewhere in the middle of the frame. This is a part of that video. I just left the meteor crater
here in Winslow, Arizona. Awesome experience. The drive here was beautiful. The crater itself is amazing. You have to check it out
if you get the chance to. That’s it. Crazy right? Ahh, my youth. But as you can see a lot
of progress has been made because of number five, which is practice. Practicing making videos
as much as you possibly can is the most important
thing that you can do. It’s the only way that you’re
gonna build real confidence in front of the camera
and learn to do everything that you are intimidated
about doing right now. So as soon as you can grab your camera, get in front of it and start
practicing making videos. And you know what, go
ahead and record ’em. Go ahead and actually edit your videos that you practice with. You might end up using
that content in the future or after it’s edited you
might say to yourself, “Wow, that’s actually not too bad after I edited it all together.” Because when you watch a
raw video that’s not edited sometimes it can be a
little bit uncomfortable because things aren’t cut
tight and things like that. So practice editing your videos as well and that might make you a
little bit more comfortable too. The funny thing about practice videos is the video that you’re watching right now is actually a practice video because I’m practicing for
a different type of video that I’m wanting to put out to see how you guys respond to it. So I’m actually just making
a practice video here and I’m going to release this, I decided here at the end of this video, so that I can see how you guys take it. To be honest with ya I’m curious to see if you can even tell the difference in what it is that I’m doing. But anyway, if you enjoyed
this video remember to go ahead and tickle that thumbs up button. Oh goochie goochie goochie. And if you’re not already subscribed make sure to hit the subscribe
button somewhere on this page so you can get more YouTube tips and video tips in the future. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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  • Excellent! Once I just ripped off the bandaid and made my first video, it wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined.

  • The idea of creating a family vlog was my wife's. My struggle is getting her to actually take part. We sat down and watched numerous videos of family vloggers and she said "We can do that." Two weeks and one real family video later and she is camera shy. Which is weird because she's Filipina and they love selfies and homemade video. They are the kings of facebook and texting. Maybe with practice she'll come around.

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  • My very first video, I did read off script and yes, it sounded scripted. Ugh! I just kept doing it, until all I needed was bullet points. My first video, I did about 15 to 20 takes, literally! You won't go anywhere until you practice, practice, practice. Now I feel comfortable and realize I can edit if I make a mistake. In fact, I think I might keep some of the first videos to do outtakes, because it is really funny to hear me talking to myself "oh geez, that sucked, take 5!" My expression of disgust is actually pretty funny too!

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  • awesome thank you

  • Your videos are so helpful. I now have 170 subscribers (my channel is two months old) that might not sound like a lot but to me it’s fantastic and it’s all thanks to people like you who fill me with positivity and encouragement. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

  • My problem is confidence in front of the camera; and I always sound nervous and I engaging. Also, the fear of judgement from the people around me, for wanting to make YouTube videos. Anxiety and nervousness are huge character traits I have, and I don’t frequently overcome them

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  • * Hi Nick!

    #1| I think, I don’t look good
    #2| My kids tell me there are lunatics out there who don’t like some YouTubers and go after them
    #3| As a Muslim brought up in US with Indian relations and religious perspective of putting on a hijab for the camera would be hypocritical but then not putting it on would be the talk of the town and facing disobedience to the Almighty Lord after death.

    LOL, so what’s the big deal if you aren’t wearing a hijab now vs not wearing one on the YouTube channel? Well, that’s simple. The videos are here to stay for who knows how ever long. That’s why your actions are very important, the good and the bad, because they will continue to follow you even after you are dead!

    If you teach something to someone that will be of benefit to mankind in anyway it will be good for you and if you teach them something evil and/or destructive then that it will be bad for you until the Day of Resurrection for they are being added to your account, just like a bank account, checks and balances. This is what makes me so hesitant in getting in front of the camera.

    I joined this YouTube community to make friends, not to make money, but I definitely wouldn’t complain if I ever get there!
    Life in itself is hard, it’s not easy!

  • I'm going to a new school, and I don't want anyone to find out my YouTube channel so you know, but first I will watch this video

  • I have a job where I talk to strangers all the time in order to save their life. For some reason when the camera comes on and it is me and imaginary people that aren't in the room it seems awkward. I want to make an awesome promo video for people not subscribed to my channel, but I don't know where to begin, what to say or how to act.

  • The hardest part is beeing from Sweden and to talk English in my videos. It's not difficult to do, the hard part is that I feel selfconcious about other Swedes watching it thinking that I suck. I don't want people in my hometown or anyone I know watching my videos 🙈 I try to hide my channel from them and everytime I record a video I feel nervous about who may see it 🤪😵

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  • You are more confident now than your old videos.

  • My biggest struggle is scripting, sticking to the script, remembering the script, being articulate.

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