How to Install Nest Cam Outdoor HD Security Camera & Review!

Now for the best part, the actual footage The Nest Cam can record up to Full HD If your wifi signal isn’t as good then you can either decrease the quality or set it to automatic and it’ll adjust the resolution accordingly the microphone has a percentage bar by default is set to 70% which is what your hearing at the moment we’ve increased the microphone sensitivity to 100% so you should be able to hear more of me aswell as the surrounding ambient noise aswell the Nest Cam itself is about half way up my 1st floor so about 14 ft off the ground and looks pretty good from where i’m standing zooming in here and you should be able to see more detail and you can set it so moving forwards all future recordings are taken at this particular digital zoom length switching to night vision its now using the 8 infrared high powered LED’s to produce this black & white image only lets fully zoom out here so considering its pitch dark here it does a pretty good job there we have it guys this is the Outdoor Nest Cam please let me know in the comments section down below what you think about the Audio / Video quality im really happy with it and its exceeded my expectations, it can actually do more than what I thought it could do so a thumbs up from me please Like Subscribe & tag along on Social Media @INAMGHAFOOR thanks for watching have a wicked day and I’ll see you next time

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