How To Install The Facebook Pixel on Your Woocommerce Store

Hey, Chuck Sharpsteen here from Enlightened
Marketing and in this video I’m going to show you how to install the Facebook Pixel in your
Woocommerce WordPress store. So, I’m here on the dashboard of WordPress
here. What we need to do is install a plugin called
PixelYourSite, so from here go you “Plugins” on the left and then go to “Add New.” And then over here on the right where it says
“Search Plugins” we’re going to type in “pixelyoursite” all one word. And we’re looking for this plugin right here,
“Facebook Pixel by PixelYourSite.” Go ahead and click “Install Now.” Once it says “Installed” then this Activate
button will pop up. Go ahead and click “Activate.” And then once that’s activated you’re going
to see this PixelYourSite icon in the menu on the left here. Go ahead and click that. All we really need to do is add your Pixel
Id here from your Facebook Ads account, so from here, go to your Facebook Ads account. I’m going to go ahead and go to mine. This is a new one so I have no ads. I’m going to close this. And from here you want to click on the hamburger
menu up here. And then if you don’t see “Pixels” here, go
ahead and hover over “All Tools” and then click on “Pixels” under “Assets” here. And if this is your first time doing this
you may see a screen that looks like this. Go ahead an click “Create a Pixel” and it’s
going to take you to another screen that looks like this. Go ahead and just click “Copy and Past the
Code.” You don’t need to worry about this, just scroll
down and click “Close.” You want to end up here. We really need this code right here. You could also end up on this screen and if
that’s the case just click on whatever your pixel name is and it will bring you here. So from here we just need to grab this “Pixel
ID.” I’m going to go ahead and click on that and
select it and copy that. And then go back to your WordPress site and
then paste that code into that box there. Now from here that’s really all you need to
do, just make sure that “Activate Plugin General Settings” is checked and then click “Save
Settings.” And then usually that’s all you need to do,
but go ahead and go to the “Woocommerce Setup” tab here and then make sure this box is checked,
“Enable Facebook Dynamic Product Ads” and then you want to make sure the “View Content”
is checked here, that “AddToCart”is checked here, “InitiateCheckout” and “PurchaseEvents”
are checked. And then you want to scroll all the way down,
make sure “Activate WooCommerce Pixel Settings” are checked and then you can go ahead and
save that as well. And then that’s it. Once you have all that you have the Facebook
Pixel installed on your Woocommerce store and you’ll start tracking your visitors and
data from your store. So, if you want to find out more about what
you can do with Facebook ads on your E-Commerce store we do have a webinar coming up on the
Easy 3-Step Process to Getting More Sales in Facebook. If you’re watching this on YouTube you should
see a button pop up here on the top right, right about now. You can also click the link in the description
and it will take you to the registration page for our webinar. So I hope you got value out of this video. Again, I’m Chuck Sharpsteen with Enlightened
Marketing. Take care.

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  • Thanks for sharing this info. For a WordPress/Woocommerce site, what's the benefit of doing it your way, versus using the "Use an Integration or Tag Manager" option? I used the integration, and it seems to be working fine. I'm wanting to make sure I haven't overlooked any benefits associated with doing it manually vs integration.

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  • Quick, simple, and awesome.

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