How To Make Money As A Travel Photographer

a lot of people love photography and a
lot of people love to travel if you like both of those then you’ll really like to
follow this guy who travels and takes photos for a living his name is brendan
van song and this is his youtube channel it’s a really good vlog because he talks
about his income tells you where he’s going
tells you about the good things and the bad things you can really get a feel of
exactly what he does I’ll show you his portfolio I’ll also show you some of his
income reports and where he gets the different money from he gives advice
where to start and I’ll just go through that and I’ll give my advice because
I’ve been traveling a long time now and also doing photography and I’ll just add
a little bit to that so let’s start with his portfolios and I’ll put a link to
all of these below on YouTube he’s got a vlog and he talks about things like here
how much he spends and how much he earns also the different countries he just
goes to so many different countries here iwe’ve got the Philippines Namibia PI in
Thailand Patagonia I know he went to Iceland then here Glasgow and then
there’s one Austria as well so he talks about the different places and shows you
how he takes photographs in them and then also some things here some mistakes
and what to do on a rainy day things like that so lots of different advice on
his Instagram channel you can see some samples of his photographs and I would
say that his style is quite a bit with water and long exposures you can see
here that these pictures have got water flow and because of the long exposure it
looks like a smooth flow so I think that’s pretty much his style in a lot of
these he also tries to go for that golden hour in the morning and in the
evening to get more of a warm temperature with his photographs
he’s got a blog as well and in that he gives lots of advice and also shows more
about his pictures and gives some more information about how he shot them one
of the great things is he does give his income reports you can see the different
ways he actually gets income in eight different ways he calls it an octopus so
you’ve got editorial commercial then assignments stock photography social
media his blog and his vlog and then also a little bit from affiliate
marketing so he explains the different ways he gets it I think two of them
stand out that the summer months he gets a lot of assignments and he charges $400
a day for those and also he has started getting a lot more money from social you
can’t see in this month but then in a couple of months later than this video
he got four thousand dollars for that month from social media so he said
that’s gradually going up his income really goes up and down a lot one month
I remember he got $15,000 and another month was almost nothing and it seems if
I average out the ones that I’ve seen maybe he gets around $6,000 a month so
it’s still pretty good but he’s been doing this quite a while but if you
learn from his mistakes then hopefully you could make good income on it so he
talks about his advice on how to start the first thing he says is start near
your home where you can take some photos and you’re not spending too much money
get good at it and use microstock which is my advice as well you can get to
learn and earn a little bit of income from microstock when you start once you
start to travel his advice is go to the cheap photogenic countries like in
Southeast Asia and South America and he recommends a few including the
Philippines which I think I’d recommend as well because you’ve got some really
beautiful islands one thing he mentioned in the past
was to go to conventions where you can actually get clients and he’s got one
regular client that he gets about $1,000 a month from so it seems like good
advice if I add my advice to his advice I would say pace yourself he goes off to
so many different countries but that can get expensive you can really pay a lot
of money by traveling my experience in traveling is if you stay somewhere a
month you get a much better deal on your accommodation it can be 1/2 or 1/3 and
also one of the big expenses is flights and just other forms of travel and if
you keep going from one country to another that really can soon add up and
you also even cut down on things like food because the longer you stay
somewhere you find cheap places to buy food as well as doing travel photography
if you’re staying in one place for a long time you can just set up a table in
the shade somewhere and do a bit of tabletop photography and you can also
find a model and do a bit of model photography because if you’re just going
for the golden hours in the morning and the evening then you’ve got a lot of the
day wasted and you could be using that to take extra photos I think at the
beginning it’s a matter of getting a lot of photos out there on microstock and
get a bit of income so that you’re actually earning as much as you’re
spending and then you can travel more

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