hello folks welcome back to another video today we are talking about how to make money online with ography let’s get right into it but first intro I’m doing this video because I wish someone had told me this when I was starting making content there are several ways to make money with photography but today I will talk about just one of them stop footage what is it it is basically a database to where you send your photos and someone or some company goes and buys them they can be used in publicity websites etc there’s many websites where you can do this but today I will just talk about one of them which is Shutterstock so open up your computer this is very simple to use so anyone can use it so we just come here where it says upload images to upload an image of course right you click and select move to the files you can select more than one in this case I will just select this photo for example alright sit open you just wait a few seconds and it’s done you click Next alright so here it appears to submit very nothing yet the photo is being uploaded bending it’s what it’s where your father wish will show up after you submit in the reviews I have seven in this case it’s the last seven photos I submit it is here in the states in this approved data and the description of the forum right so you can see it’s all been approved yeah of our photo is here already you see there the one you can’t come here here is the photo you click and here you will choose if is a photo or illustration if it’s commercial or editorial editorial is like when you have someone or some brands on your forum like imagine that I’m taking a picture of my sneakers it has a brand so I will put here editorial rights so here you can put the description close up yeah that fits better close up of a plant with blurred background here is the category you can choose in these case backgrounds and textures you’ll also have nature so it’s up to you I will choose on the first category backgrounds in textures and category true I will choose nature yes so if you have someone or some brand or whatever even if it is you you can’t post the image because you have you have to have machine it goes oops so you have here it releases you just download a release form you print it you cite it and you come here to the + and a – or upload a new release right here you have the suggestions of the of keywords a crowd nature wild wild green close-up macro outdoor oh I don’t know anything just put anything you can remember all right it will be the key to the person who’s buying find your image and not someone else image so this is the simple parts actually the keywords you use in the description has to be very clear and then you submit once you submit I’m not going to submit it because I will already have this image on my accounts of shutterstock but also submit it will appear here in pending and once they approve or reject your image it will appear here in review right so let’s get back to the yes in here even the unpaid earnings in this case I have 50 cents all right how can you get paid you can I’m here where it says your main account settings you just scroll down right yeah here the payment method you can choose all right you have check by mail by post mail pioneered by Paul or Skrill in my case I use PayPal you just put your payout email right in the case of people the others use another thing the minimum payouts I will set in 250 and safe settings at the end of every month if you get those 15 euros you get paid automatically to your PayPal account or wherever you’re using alright so yeah that’s it it’s very simple it’s done so now all you have to do is right to sell some farlows and get your money on PayPal account the good thing about this is that you don’t have to be a professional because any file can be sold just upload any photo you think it’s good to sell and you see you will see money coming in no time link for sure stock is down there in the description so we tell link and start making money with photography and that’s it for today guys I hope you enjoyed this video hit that like button if you liked it subscribe if you aren’t already and see you next video bye [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music]

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