How to – Operate the Camera

operate the camera this is the Paralenz Dive Camera+ and here are the basic functions it only has two buttons both of them magnetic the activation switch and the selector ring by turning the selector ring you
choose between the different modes The icon aligned with the logo plate is the
one selected you have on/off video snap record custom and camera settings did you notice the vibrations? they make it possible to operate the camera
without even looking the activation switch controls the currently selected
mode to use it pull it towards the logo plate to turn the camera on rotate the
selector ring to the on/off icon and hold the activation switch until you
feel the camera vibrate when powered on the camera will display battery level available space on sdcard status of white balance and DCC to record video
rotate to video the camera vibrates once and on the display you see resolution
and frame rate to start filming hold the activation switch and a vibration
confirms it has started to stop filming hold the activation switch again we have
combined picture taking and the recording of video clips in one easy
function to use it rotate to snap record the camera confirms by vibrating twice to take a picture hold the activation switch once to record video simply hold
the switch when you let go the recording stops turn to custom mode and you get three vibrations here you can assign a video
setting slow-motion time lapse or photo burst it is operated in the same way as
video final mode is settings you will get four vibrations and access to all
settings of the camera to turn the camera off rotate to the on/off icon and
hold the activation switch goodbye

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