How to Photograph a Shirt on a Ghost Mannequin

We’re gonna have a look at styling a
shirt on a mannequin. This is a fairly simple process but there are
a few key things to look out for. With this we would like to see the back
of the neck so I can remove these two pieces. What I’m gonna do is start buttoning, and I’m
gonna leave the top one open because it’s quite a casual shirt. I’m gonna button evenly
all the way down even out the arms. Bring the shirt out front, tuck the sleave behind, what that does is just
reduces the creasing in that area. I might just add a little pin down here as
well just to keep this fastened. I wanna do the pin from behind just to keep it out of sight so we’re
not getting it in our final picture. I’m going to to make sure that
these cuffs stay out. I could add a little bit of tissue paper and
stuff them we could have them straight like this or we could fold them up like
this to show with more detail. Now to me it looks a little wide so
I’m gonna spin him around and I’m going to add a couple of clips – now when
you’re clipping it’s very important to stay symmetrical. Pull evenly, don’t pull too tight, that can change the
shape of the garment and add more creases. If we just fold gently here in the middle
of the shirt, add the clip. I’m gonna work my way down a little bit
further now add another clip Let’s have a look. It’s pulling in a little bit on this
side so I’m just going to loosen the clip on the back is just pull the
fabric out – looks good! We’er gonna do exactly the same process on the
back so we’re just going to rotate around Hopefully these clips haven’t added too much creasing
into the shirt but we may need to re- steam if they have. It’s looking a little bit wide now. Again I’m gonna turn it around, and exactly the same process
I’m just gonna pull in a little bit, clip, and down low as well. It’s a little more even now. Again, just tucking those creases in the side. Just going to bring that collar out a little bit,
and there’s our back shot. So some things to remember when photographing
a shirt on a mannequin. Make sure that you pin and
clip nice and evenly, don’t over tighten it to create creases
around front or back. Watch out for the area between
the arm and the body, you can tuck a lot of excess fabric in there
and get rid of some creases. Look out for the details
like the collar and cuffs with these With these hints in mind you should
come away with a really nice picture.

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