How to PHOTOGRAPH SILHOUETTE SUNSET PHOTOS. Elephant and Buffalo. Wildlife Photography. Botswana.

Hi! This is Sabine from Pangolin Photo Safaris. Do you see that nice elephant right behind me? I will show you our to get a nice
silhouette shot of him against the sun. So, what we need to do here is, we need to under-expose so as to not burn the highlights. We don’t need to see any
detail on the elephant. It’s all about just getting a black outline, and what we
need is the elephant – he is standing nicely sideways right now – so he’s
distinguishable as an elephant. The really cool thing is that the elephant throwing up the dust. We’ll just have to arrange the boat just a little bit backwards again, so we can get the orange behind him. That is really essential. Preferably, if
you can still have a shutter speed of at least 1/1600 to 1/2000 – to freeze whenever he’s kicking up the dust – will be great. Okay, so our elephant has unfortunately has left us. That happens in wildlife, so we just look out for another subject. There is a
buffalo right there under the sun. I’m usually not a big fan of buffalos. I find
them a bit boring, but if you can get a silhouette shot of them, or sometimes a
backlit shot, that is really cool. So I’m hoping he’s going to lift his head up at
some stage, because at the moment, he is just a black blotch in the grass. I’m
waiting for the moment when he’s lifting that head up against the sky, and then we
can get a nice rim light effect, and a silhouette of him. Focussing into the
light is often very challenging. That is why I like to use back button focus,
which means once I have locked on focus on my Buffalo – I can just lift my finger off
the back button – and the focus will stay right in place. The Buffalo is not moving
around too much, so I don’t need to worry about getting focus again. If you don’t
like to shoot back button, another recommendation could be switching to
manual focus. Dial in the focus and then just leave it and keep on clicking. We’ve just rearranged the boat another time, because our Buffalo keeps on moving. Let’s see if he’s gonna play along? There is beautiful rim light all around
him right now. Yeah! Definitely happy with that! Thanks for watching. I hope you had a
nice evening like we had. Don’t forget to subscribe, and hit the bell button for
all our new videos that come out. Have a nice evening. Bye…

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