How to Price Your Photography Business (Packages & Sessions) | Tips From A Professional Photographer

Hey guys. My name is Donovan Wagner and today we are
going to talk a little bit about pricing your photography when you’re first starting out. So you guys have gone and done your free shoots,
you’ve built your portfolio and you’re ready to start charging your clients. So the first thing you need to consider, and
most people are guilty of this, is undercharging is doing my harm than good. So when you market yourself as a professional
photographer and you are out there charging less than every other photographer in your
area then you’re really devaluing the whole industry, so it’s not good for yourself as
well as other photographers. Keep that in mind and also undercharging,
you’re just losing potential income you could’ve made. The second thing you need to consider when
pricing your work is do your research, what are other people charging in the area? What are other people charging for the same
style of photography you are providing and use that as a benchmark and just price your
work accordingly. Third tip is: separating yourself from your
price points. If you’re willing to $500 for a photoshoot
and Lululemon is willing to pay $50,000 for that photoshoot, those are two very different
things. So just separate yourself from what you’re
personally willing to pay for something because clients are often willing to pay a lot more. That’s important when you’re pricing your
work. Keep those three things in mind when you’re
starting out. Hope this helped and if you have any other
questions, put a comment below.We’ll reach out as soon as we can. Thanks for watching.

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