How-to RACE ANY RC Drone or Car w/ Tiny FPV Camera & VR Goggles!!

[Vr]. And [FPV] are huge right now and the ideas and possibilities are almost limitless so today I’ll be showing you how to FPV just about anything hey guys [I’m] [ben] from authentic and you might have seen my previous drone videos talking a lot about FPV today, basically [I] want to show you how to semi Affordable turn that RC car or drone paper airplane rumba or whatever into an awesome FPV driving or flying? Experience first off we start with the cameras and there’s a ton of different models out there huge Thanks to bein good for supplying all the FPV gear today I’ll give you all the links down [in] the video description Here are three different tiny little? FPV cams with the video transmitter already built in the NCO one model it has [600] [TVL] 120 degree field of view and both the wide voltage input with a boost module and Diy Connectors this might be what you’re looking for but possibly for those more complex? Projects next is the ef oh one model [810] [Vl] 150 degree Field of view and a raw wire that will need soldering or an adapter This could be good if [you] were building the tiny [loop] or [play] [Nano] Qx racing quad I showed you up here last is my favorite though that exo one it’s 600 [TVL] and 120 degree field of view which I wish was a bit wider like the previous model But it’s the most ready out of the box perfect for beginners like myself [I] like that it has bright, led display to easily show my channel and frequency selected the table you see attached is that ultra-Micro plug which fits those very popular and cheap mini Lipo batteries They’re all 5.8 gigahertz 25 Milliwatts for each channel and in my testing and video transmission distance is minimum around 225 feet the only other thing you need is the FPV goggles or monitor something to receive that video transmission fee a couple different models I was able to play with first is the [en] LCD 7-inch monitor It’s small lightweight screen resolution of 800 by 480 Built-in Sunshade Built-in battery lasting about [3] to [4] hours on a full [charge] and even a built-in DVR This way you can easily pop in your microsd Card and record your FPV footage its dual receiver for best reception one Key auto Searching meaning they’ll auto find that transmitter channel for you and overall a nice build as major bonus that has the standard tripod pole for easy mounting an FPV monitor is great for flying line of sight and FPV this way you can easily glance back and forth or maybe you’re sharing the flying experience with your friends if You want a more immersive flying experience as if you’re actually in the pilot’s seat, then [I’d] recommend going with some goggles one model I have is the [Evie] 800. They’re a bit cheaper. They have a 5 inch, LCD screen with a resolution of 800 by 480 Same thing built in battery auto Frequency searches one downside it does not have [that] built-in DVR for recording your footage so keep that in mind On the upside though it has a really cool break apart design meaning you can easily convert these goggles [into] a monitor So your friends can watch the action too, lastly here are the [Vr] V2 goggles they have dual receivers [-] for a strong and consistent signal its batteries external So not as seamless design, but it’s placed at the rear of your head to help for counterbalance of weight plus You can swap out for spare batteries while you’re on the go if other big features a built-in DVR for recording your videos Unfortunately, it doesn’t break apart to convert into an open monitor design just goggles here Overall [I] mounted these cameras to all different toys around my home, and it’s really fun racing around driving or flying FPV Head-To-Head races are super fun [-] I’ll give you the links to all the different [models] and products down below so you can check out current pricing especially since banggood is always running different promo sales Let me know in the comments. What kind of RC toys? You would want to race around Via FPV now be sure you hit the subscribe And [bail] icon to stay notified of all future videos and until next time let’s live awesome

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