How To Theme your Android like Pixel 4 – Without Root

What’s up guys Vivaswanth here recently Google
launched the new Pixel 4 unfortunately it is not coming to India but you can get the
stock android look of pixel 4 without root, so let’s get started As always all the direct download links are
in the description download below do check them out 1st thing you have to change the theme of
your system launcher, so you need to install the CPL launcher there are other alternatives
but in my opinion this is stable and you can get the direct stock android look, without
changing the settings in the app! The Next thing is to change the icon pack
here we are using the pixel icon pack so install it and open the launcher settings select theme
and change the icon pack to pixel icon & the icons looks nearly similar to pixel 4 icons The aesthetics of the pixel 4 are those wallpapers,
so you have to download google wallpapers from the playstore and one more thing is you
have to download another apk which is link down below you can easily download and install
it, now open google wallpapers and select the live wallpapers from here you can easily
apply the live wallpapers for your home screen btw guys the wallpapers looks really unique Next is the stock notification panel, to get
this stock android look we used the power shade just download the app and allow all
the permissions to get theme like pixel 4 and in the app itself, it has cool customisations
options like changing the shape of the icons, colours etc etc yeah so guys you can get the
pixel 4 theme or look without root on your smartphone So that’s it for this video , I request you
guys to Like, Share & subscribe to channel help me to reach 500 subscribers by the end
of this year, thanks for watching and ill see you in the next one…

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