How to Work With Videographers at Weddings

in today’s video I’m going to be talking
about working alongside videographers on a wedding day. so how as photographers
can we work alongside videographers so that we produce incredible photographs
but they also get amazing video well? I’m going to be giving you five tips! the
first tip that I have for you is to contact the videographer that you know
you’ll be working with prior to the wedding day introduce yourself
make sure you get to know their work a little bit and their style and try to
remember their name this is really important because my second tip for you
is to address these videographers by name the best way you can really make a
personal connection with someone is to remember their name this is going to
make such an impact on them and really make them feel respected and like your
friends if you say their name every time you’re talking to them the third tip I
have for you is to be super respectful and always ask if you can hop in and get
shots if they’re with the couple so if they’re with the bride and groom getting
some images I’m always going to ask is it okay if I stand here and lie in your
shots that kind of thing because I think it’s really respectful and I think
naturally they’re going to reciprocate and say the same for me they’re gonna
say am i good for you am I in your shot it’s just a reminder that you’re on the
same team you both want to deliver incredible work for your couple and it
puts you on the same side next I want you to start addressing problems
together so when you get into a room and it’s really cramped or it’s dark or
there’s mixed lighting with tungsten and natural light start to address these
problems together maybe you can ask them what are you thinking for lighting
solutions when you start this dialogue it puts you back on the same team but it
also makes them aware of the problems you’re solving because that’s
photographers we do have a little bit of a different delivery than a video of
course and they have different needs than us when you’re addressing problems
together as a creative team you will better understand what they are going to
be doing to come back some weird lighting or maybe what kind of lenses
they’re going to be using so that you won’t be in there shot and that you can
also work with what they’re doing so if they’re gonna be popping a video light
maybe you don’t need to put on your Flash and so on so communicate and start
to problem-solve together because the lighting scenarios and the couple and
the day and the it affects you both at the end of the
day while photo and video are completely different they are super complementary
and are equally important so as photographers we really need to
give videographers the space and respect so that we can collaborate together and
make the best possible products for our clients I know that on a couples
anniversary they’re going to be looking at your photographs but they’re also
going to be rewatching their wedding film so you want those to work together
and not conflict so it’s in my best interest that a couple get amazing video
just as much as they can get amazing photographs so I’m gonna do everything
in my power to make sure that that video comes out amazing my question for you is
do you have any tips or tactics for working well alongside videographers or
photographers and if you are somebody who offers both photo and video leave me
your best tips I think we can all learn and grow in this area so leave them in
the comments section give the video thumbs up and I’ll see you guys next
week bye guys

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  • How do you work well with video teams at weddings?! Leave me your tips! 🙂

  • Hi Joy!!

    So my husband and I both offer photo and video packages. He shots the video and I do the photographing. Although it wasn’t easy at first to work together he reminds me that when I’m done with my shot to turn to him and ask him if he got it before moving on. I wasn’t doing that at first and he would get irritated with me. I’ve learned that videographers absolutely deserve respect and to be treated just as importantly as we are. So, constant communication has worked for us! Plus…if I ever have any technical difficulties he’s always there to step in and save the day. Yay! Love your video xo

  • I wish I could add something, but you nailed this on the head. Great advice!

  • Videographers are amazing! I offer both photo and video, but I love working with videographers and seeing how they work. The most important piece of advice is to work WITH them, make sure you aren't interfering with them and appreciate the different styles. For me, it's important that when I shoot photo and video together, we get different angles so they aren't totally the same.

  • Great tips. I haven’t had the opportunity to work with many videographers but these are great suggestions to keep in the back of your mind.

  • I get a lot of questions to film weddings as well, but it's not my thing. And I can't take pics and film at the same time. If you have a second 'shooter' that makes movies, you have to pay him as well, so the couple will be charged more, which they didn't calculate …

  • Hello😊 Can you please add French subtitles on your videos ? Please 🌹

  • Love this!!! Where do you get your adorable floral tops! I’m obsessed!

  • As a wedding videographer of 10 years, thanks for making this video. I recently had a photographer pull their contract out of their pocket that stated they “have creative control over the videographer.” I explained to them that we are a team. We’re in this together and playing then ego game won’t get either of us anywhere and the clients deserve better.

  • I wish most photographers watched this. I'm a full-time wedding videographer and only a quarter, yes, 25 percent, of photographers want to gameplan. Most assert that they are to get the best angles and run the show — and we are just "video."

    I've gotten to the point where I've almost given up- – reaching out to photographers hasn't worked.

    Most have an air of superiority — that seem to regard video as so much less important that they won't see the need to follow any of this advice

    — a videographer who has filmed 125 weddings in three years

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