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http://www.camerasdirect.com.au/camera-lens-filters/circular-polariser-filters/hoya-circular-polarising-filters/hoya-hd-circular-polariser-filters Hello Photographers, Tom here from Cameras Direct with another Hoya filter review. Today we’re going to have a look at the whole Hoya HD circular polarizer range. Circular polarizers as you probably already know help reduce or remove reflections increase color
saturation and give you darker bluer skies. They are a favorite of landscape photographers, street photographers and travel photographers. The Hoya HD range of filters means
that you are buying the best filter on the market. Basically every piece of
glass has 8 coatings on either side and it is chemically enhanced to make it
four times stronger than a normal filter glass. This means it is scratch resistant
water and oil repellent. The biggest feature of this Hoya HD filter is that normal polarizes at the maximum polarizing are two stops of light loss. This HD CPL is only 1.15 stops so that’s nearly a full stop of light less being lost. For polarization
with this filter that’s a massive plus for anybody who is hand holding their
camera to take photographs. You gain a full stop of light relief or almost a stop of relief so this is unique in that department. This feature alone makes it the best circular polarizer that you can buy. So if you have Canon L Series glass or
high quality glass / lenses on your camera the best polarizer you can use is the
Hoya HD Circular Polarising Filter. Cameras Direct is #Hoya Australia’s authorised stockist.

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  • I am a car guy .. does it works good on that shot !
    I needed more saturated car colours ?

  • I called HOYA customer service 800 number. The HOYA rep told me that "HD" doesn't stand for "Hi-Def" . it means that the lens frame is hard. (but aren't all frames "hard"..?). I think they put the work HD on the package to make photographer's think they will get Hi-Def video or photos.. I think it is misleading advertising. The HOYA rep confirmed this fact.

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