HTC 10 vs Galaxy S7 video camera test – Best camera for vlogging?

Today I’m going to be testing out two powerful
flagship smart phones: the HTC 10 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. We’re going to start off
by filming in 4K, drop down to 1080p, and then finish off with the front facing cameras
and slow motion. I have them both set up in this little rig to keep them both equally
stabilized while I am filming. Let’s get started! So right now I’m filming in 4K resolution
at 30 frames a second on each camera. Things to look out for are the image stabilization
as well as the color quality. Both cameras have the IOS image stabilizing active right
now at 4K. So the image should be relatively stable as I’m walking. Cell phones usually
have a pretty hard time finding definitions in clouds so we’re going to go up to the
sky here and drop it back down to the ground. Back up to the sky again. Still recording
in 4K. I’ll have a poll question at the end of this video so you can answer and tell
me which one you think looks better. Remember, every screen is a little bit different so
watching this video on an iPhone will be different than watching this video on a Samsung. One
has an LCD display, the other one has an AMOLED display, which displays the colors a little
bit differently. So now I’m filming in 1080p walking down this trail. Both cameras still
have the OIS image stabilizing but the Samsung Galaxy S7 also has something called EIS which
is electronic image stabilization on top of the OIS, which is the optical image stabilization.
So it should be a lot more stable than the HTC 10, but it might also have more of a warped
stabilizing effect which distorts the image a little bit from that electronic image stabilizing.
So now we’re filming with the front facing cameras. There are some differences between
the two. The Samsung Galaxy S7 can film in Quad HD so the image is going to be a little
bit bigger than the HTC 10, but the HTC 10 has something called OIS image stabilizing
on the front facing camera which is a world first for a Smartphone. It’s the first Smartphone
in the world that has the optical image stabilization on the front facing camera. So the image is
going to be more stable than it is on the Galaxy S7, theoretically, if the specks work
out like they’re supposed to. So as I’m walking pay attention to the color quality
and the image stabilizing on each camera. And since I have you here let me rant for
just one quick second. The HTC 10 has something called high-res audio, but when you turn on
this high-res audio it actually changed what format the video was being recorded in. It
will drop the file as a .MKV file which is fine, it will play great on your phone and
on your computer, but if you ever plan on editing it in Adobe Premier or any other software
that edits video it’s going to struggle considerably. Adobe Premier won’t even accept
that file format. So if you’re a vlogger and you’re planning on using this awesome
OIS image stabilizing front facing camera, make sure that your high-res audio is turned
off. That will make it so that the phone will output in a MP4 instead of the .MKV and you’ll
be able to use your footage. I’ll do a little walking with the front facing camera. So I
switched back to ultra high definition; this is 4K footage. You can also make the video
full screen so you can see a little better. Do some close up shots of these rocks; still
in 4K. Check out the image color and the image detail. So for the slow motion both phones
are actually going to be in 720p. The HTC 10 will be filming in 120 frames per second.
The Galaxy S7 Edge will be filming in 240 frames per second. So there are twice as many
frames on the Galaxy to work with. So the slow motion will be twice as slow and twice
as cool. The Galaxy S7 definitely wins in the slow motion department. So I’m going
to include a poll question right here in the corner. Which phone do you think did better
in this test? There are so many variables when it comes to Smartphone cameras, but you
have to pick. And then leave down in the comments below why you think that phone did better.
I did durability tests on both the HTC 10 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. I will link both those
videos here so you can watch those if you’re interested. Thanks a ton for watching. Hope
to see you around.

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