Huawei Ascend W1 Review + Camera Samples

Welcome to a new video of
. Today we’re going to present you the review
of the Huawei Ascend W1. This is the first Windows Phone brought by
Huawei. Huawei is new to the Belgian market. When we turn on the device we see the unlock
screen. We’ll swipe to the top of the screen to unlock
it. Than we jump to the Windows Phone interface. There isn’t much to say about this, we’ve already discussed the interface in our HTC 8X review. And of course it’s stays the same operating system. The manufacturers can’t change the looks like they do with Android skins. So maybe we can discuss the smartphone itself first. The used materials feel very decent and you won’t see a lot of finger prints on it. Probably you will see some “rings” when you have some greasy or wet fingers but it will disappear immediately. This is a plus compared to other smartphones. I think it’s a nice design. The back also feels soft like we have seen
before by HTC devices. A disadvantage could be that the lens of the camera protrudes the surface a bit and this could maybe cause some scratches. Here we have also the LED flash. The quality of the buttons is very well. They don’t feel cheap and it’s easy to push them. There’s also shutter button for the camera. We’ll show how this one works.
We’ll launch the camera. Which also produces some good pictures.
It’s also possible to take pictures quickly after each other. These points are worked out very well. The device features a 1.2 Ghz dual core processor which is fast enough for this device. The resolution is 800×480 pixels which is maybe a bit lower than the high end market which is represented by 1080p and 720p devices
but for a 4″ display it does quite well. Maybe you could compare it with my own Galaxy SII. Both devices are about the same size and the resolution is the same. There’s only a price difference, the SII costs about €300 and the Huawei W1 comes in at about €199 which is also a very low price compared by its rivals like the 8S from HTC. This last one costs about €320 so that’s about €120 more. Another disadvantage is that there aren’t as much apps as on Android on Windows Phone. Which is also a bit disappointment because we expected some progress. Especially after our last test of the platform on the HTC 8X. Some really necessary apps (for Belgium) aren’t available yet. There is already a substitute planner for the bus but it doesn’t contain the expected information, it only supports Connexion in The Netherlands and not “De Lijn”. Further we like the quality of the device but our conclusion is that there aren’t enough apps on Windows Phone yet. Of course that is not a disadvantage for the
device itself. It’s very good, has a nice design, good display and for the price of
€199 it’s the best value you can get. Further we can’t say really more so this was
our review of the Huawei Ascend W1. We enjoyed to try something new from a Chinese manufacturer and we hope you know what to buy now. Thanks for watching and see you later! Bye

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